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Alejandro Vivancos

Brussel, Belgium
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About Alejandro
Alejandro Vivancos is a journalist based in Brussels, Belgium.
English Spanish French
Interview (Video / Broadcast) Research Investigative Journalism
Politics Current Affairs Technology

Artificial Intelligence: How does it transform our perception of History? Ideas about a revolution that already existed

19 Aug 2023  |  infobae.com
The article discusses the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on our understanding of history, particularly through the generation of images. It compares this to historical paintings by artists like Velázquez and Goya, which have shaped collective memory despite potential biases. The ease of creating AI-generated images raises concerns about their influence on historical perception and education. The article suggests that the proliferation of such images could lead to misinformation but also notes a growing public awareness and critical scrutiny of visual sources. It emphasizes the importance of fostering critical thinking in history education to combat misinformation and adapt to the challenges posed by AI.

26 Jun 2017  |  euronews
The article discusses the stories of chefs who were displaced by war and became refugees. Despite the hardships they faced, these chefs have found a way to reignite their passion for cooking. The narrative likely focuses on their journey from fleeing conflict zones to establishing themselves in new environments where they can practice their culinary skills. The article may also touch upon the challenges they encountered while adapting to new cultures and rebuilding their lives, as well as the role that cooking has played in providing them with a sense of normalcy and connection to their heritage.

06 Jul 2017  |  ctxt.es
Fabio de Masi, a German MEP from Die Linke, used his knowledge of the Panama Papers before the scandal broke to pose as a wealthy businessman to investigate Mossack Fonseca's tax evasion practices. He is optimistic about the fight against tax fraud, emphasizing the importance of fiscal justice in the context of modern capitalism and its extreme wealth accumulation. The European Parliament's investigation into the Panama Papers, of which De Masi is the vice president, aims to expose legal loopholes and recommend solutions, despite limitations in legislative power and cooperation from member states.

29 Jun 2017  |  euronews
The article discusses the state of cycling as a mode of transport in the European Union. It highlights the disparity in cycling practices across EU countries, with the Netherlands being notably bike-friendly, while other countries lag behind. The lack of infrastructure, safety concerns, and weather are cited as main deterrents. The article mentions infrastructure upgrades and technological innovations, such as London's cycle superhighways and the Netherlands' fast cycle routes. The growth of the electric bicycle market is contrasted with stagnant traditional bike sales. The European Cyclists’ Federation has drafted the EU Cycling Strategy with goals to increase cycling share and reduce casualties by 2030, and they are pushing for increased EU investment in cycling projects. The article also touches on challenges such as fiscal policy and the integration of cyclists with automated cars. The author, Alejandro Vivancos, includes a call to action for readers to share their experiences with cycling in their cities.

Interview with former ESA engineer Warwick Holmes, about his experience working on Rosetta mission.

26 Sep 2016  |  El País
The Rosetta spacecraft, after a journey of over 12 years and 8 billion kilometers, is concluding its mission. Australian engineer Warwick Holmes played a crucial role in building and testing the probe, which faced near failure three times. Issues included thermal control problems, a two-and-a-half-year hibernation period, and landing challenges on comet 67/P Churyumov-Gerasimenko. Despite these, the mission was a success, providing valuable insights into the chemical composition of the comet and the formation of the Solar System.

Dunja Mijatovic (OSCE): “La Policía no está para pegar a los periodistas, sino para protegerlos”

16 Jun 2014  |  elDiario.es
Dunja Mijatovic, the OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media, criticized police violence against journalists in Spain during the '29-M Check to the King' protest and other incidents. She emphasized that the police should protect rather than intimidate journalists. Mijatovic also commented on the lack of dialogue in press conferences without questions in Spain and criticized the Spanish Government's transparency law for not facilitating access to information. She highlighted the decline of press freedom globally, including the safety of journalists, internet freedoms, and treatment of digital journalists. Mijatovic called for governments, especially democratic ones, to set an example and support journalists in their work.

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