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Alessandra Bajec

Alessandra Bajec is a journalist based in Cairo since 2013. From 2010 to 2011, she lived Palestine where she made her first steps as a freelance journalist. She has experience in writing for print, online media along with some radio experience. Her work has appeared in UN's IRIN, Russia Today's, TeleSUR English website, Al-Ahram Weekly, CounterPunch, European Journalism Centre’s magazine among others. Well-versed in languages: Italian/French bilingual, fluent English, good Spanish, beginner Arabic. She is moving on to visual journalism next, planning to produce videos soon. With a special interest in the Middle East, access to a range of contacts, available to travel in the region and beyond.


A couple of months after President Al-Sisi took power in Egypt, rural poor are looking out for promises to develop the agricultural sector and support country's farmers


It is unclear whether ISIS will extend its foothold in Libya or stay a ‘transit station’


Five years since NATO-led intervention, Libya has descended into a noticeably worse position amid political chaos and a growing extremist threat


In spite of constitutional protection for freedoms of belief and expression, Egyptians are increasingly being charged with ‘contempt of religion’


Egypt's poor healthcare system means both medical workers and patients are trapped in a vicious circle of inefficiency, negligence and frustration

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