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Rimini, Italy

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alessandra catania

alessandra catania is a journalist based in Rimini, Italy.


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Find Your Italy is an Italian tour operator specialized in sustainable and green tours on off the beaten paths Italian destinations. Italy is non only Florence or Venice but much more. The idea of the start up is to promote Italy as a hidden gems full destination that tourists may enjoy with the help of local buddies. My work from 2014 until 2015 was to manage their social media and also produce some posts for the blog. The link is an example of that.

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Since 2014 I am the local admin of the Instagram community of my town, Forli-Cesena. The work, made on a voluntary basis, is to communicate through the photos posted on Instagram, the common life of these towns. Events, people, places, monuments, funny things and everything that can storytell this area. The role of the admin is also to promote contests with public or private societies or special events linked to the touristic promotion. We often work with Apt Emilia Romagna, the touristic board of the region.


The Hotel Athena is a 4 stars hotel based in Siena. I wrote their blog since 2014. The focus is on the town of Siena and surroundings. Things to do and see, events, undiscovered places, interesting histories, and all that can make a visitor choose Siena for a visit. My job is to do the editorial plan, write the blog posts and find the photos to complete the posts.


Trendy Life is a blog on Italian culture, lifestyle, design, fashion and travel. The blog is written in Italian. I was a contributor for two years for the travel, culture, wine and food sections. My work was to create the monthly editorial plan, write the posts and find the photographic material to complete the posts. The link shows all the posts I wrote.


A destination blog that discovers an off the beaten paths region of Italy, Emilia Romagna. Stories, places, people, traditions, food and wine of this gorgeous region that goes along the Via Emilia, the ancient street built by the romans. It's a personal storytelling project born in 2012 that focuses on the promotion of this region.

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