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Alessio Giussani

Athens, Greece
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About Alessio
Alessio Giussani is a journalist based between Athens, Greece, and Milan, Italy.
German Greek English
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A State of Disrepair: Democracy in the United Kingdom

04 Apr 2024  |  greeneuropeanjournal.eu
The article discusses the UK government's approach to Brexit and the health crisis, highlighting its shift towards authoritarianism and targeting of minority groups. It describes how Brexit has polarized British politics, with the Conservative Party adopting far-right policies to maintain its voter base. The government is accused of attacking Gypsy and Traveller communities, eroding migrant rights, and criminalizing protest. The article also touches on cronyism during the pandemic and the potential appointment of Paul Dacre, a former Daily Mail editor with a far-right stance, as head of the broadcast regulator Ofcom. The piece criticizes the government's voter suppression tactics and gerrymandering plans, and contrasts the UK's leadership with more progressive international figures. It concludes by advocating for a positive vision of democracy and equality, as promoted by the Greens and other organizations seeking constitutional reform and devolution.

Arrested for terrorism: The feminist play that scares Russia

08 May 2023  |  micromega.net
On May 4th in Russia, director Evgeniya Berkovich and playwright Svetlana Petriychuk were arrested and sentenced to two months of detention on charges of inciting terrorism through their award-winning play 'Finist, the Brave Falcon'. The play tells the true story of Russian women lured by ISIS militants online and their tragic outcomes in Syria. Despite the charges, the play is an investigation into male-female relationships and questions how these Russian women could find ideal men in ISIS militants rather than in their countrymen. Roman Silantyev's analysis, which links radical feminism to terrorism, is used to justify the arrests, but it is suggested that the real target is feminist activism in Russia against the war in Ukraine and the increasing militarization of society.

Pope Francis in Hungary legitimized Orbán's government

04 May 2023  |  micromega.net
Pope Francis's visit to Hungary has inadvertently provided legitimacy to Victor Orbán's illiberal and semi-authoritarian regime. The Pope praised Hungary's controversial constitution and expressed concerns over a 'fluid' Europe, aligning with nationalist sentiments. He also commended Hungary's pro-family policies, despite the country's recent anti-LGBTQ legislation. The Pope's words, consistent with his previous statements, signal a closeness to Orbán's policies, which has been celebrated by right-wing Italian media. The implications for the Catholic Church's stance in Italy and its impact on civil rights and freedoms are yet to be seen.

From Palermo, an appeal to all Italian citizens

04 May 2023  |  micromega.net
On the 78th anniversary of Italy's liberation from fascism, concerns are raised about the current right-wing government's actions, which are seen as a threat to democracy and the Constitution. The government, led by Giorgia Meloni, is criticized for its authoritarian tendencies, undermining social and economic rights, and for policies that could lead to increased inequality and reduced civil liberties. The article calls for democratic and progressive forces to unite in opposition to these changes and to defend the values enshrined in the Italian Constitution.

Greece, former Golden Dawn leader excluded from elections but the black wave remains

03 May 2023  |  micromega.net
The Greek far-right party Golden Dawn was declared a criminal organization, and its former leader Ilias Kasidiaris, who was sentenced to 13 years in prison, founded a new party, Greeks for the Fatherland, later renamed National Party - Greeks. Despite increasing support, the Supreme Court banned the party from the upcoming May 21 elections. Kasidiaris has remained politically active from prison, using YouTube to spread his message. The government's late actions against him and his party are seen as possibly motivated by electoral calculations. New Democracy has been criticized for its handling of far-right elements and is accused of fragmenting the National Party's base to prevent it from entering parliament. The main opposition party, SYRIZA, has accused the government of making Kasidiaris a martyr and setting a dangerous precedent.

Greek Wiretapping Scandal: A Legacy of Surveillance

27 Jan 2023  |  greeneuropeanjournal.eu
The article discusses the ongoing surveillance scandal in Greece, highlighting its historical context and current implications. Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis faced a no-confidence vote due to the wiretapping of journalists, politicians, and military figures. The scandal has roots in Greece's past military dictatorship, with state surveillance continuing despite the transition to democracy. The recent scandal, dubbed the 'Greek Watergate,' involves the illegal use of spyware like Predator and the wiretapping of individuals such as journalist Thanasis Koukakis and politician Nikos Androulakis. The article suggests that the Greek government's resistance to investigating the use of Predator and the increase in authorized wiretaps indicate a persistent surveillance culture. The European Union's inability to address the spyware issue effectively is also criticized. With general elections approaching, the scandal could influence Greek politics, although the public's focus on other issues like inflation may limit its impact.

Continuity in state surveillance: Greece's unending scandal

13 Jan 2023  |  eurozine.com
The article discusses the history and current state of surveillance in Greece, drawing parallels between the past and present. It begins with the story of Leonidas Kallivretakis, who in 1981 attempted to access his personal files from the time of the military dictatorship, and compares it to the 2020 case of journalist Thanasis Koukakis, who was surveilled while investigating banking scandals. The article details the destruction of millions of surveillance files in 1989 and the continuity of surveillance practices in Greece, even under democratic governments. It also covers the recent scandal involving the surveillance of politicians and journalists, including the use of the illegal spyware 'Predator'. The article highlights the involvement of the current Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis and his government in the scandal, the decline in press freedom, and the broader implications for democracy in Greece and the EU. It concludes by suggesting that Greece has an opportunity to address its surveillance past and present ahead of the upcoming general election.

Cautionary tales

28 Jun 2021  |  eurozine.com
The article discusses the challenges faced by journalists and writers in the era of authoritarian populism, focusing on the subtle forms of censorship and political pressure that restrict press freedom. György Kerényi, a journalist at Radio Free Europe Hungary, speaks about the difficulties of maintaining impartiality in journalism when political neutrality is compromised. Irina Borogan, a journalist and editor at agentura.ru, reflects on the challenges of reporting on Russia's secret service and the impact of having her media license withdrawn. Ece Temelkuran, a Turkish writer and journalist, criticizes the Western oversimplification of the experiences of journalists from authoritarian regimes. The article highlights the personal and professional struggles of these individuals and the importance of their stories in understanding the ease of authoritarian drifts worldwide.

Polycentric voices

24 Mar 2021  |  eurozine.com
The article discusses the geographical and socio-economic divide between the mountainous regions and the plains of Italy, as observed by politician Meuccio Ruini. Ruini's early 20th-century observations about the vulnerability of the Po Valley to flooding and the distinct characteristics of the Padania and Appenninia regions remain relevant. The article explores the concept of 'polycentrism' in Italy, emphasizing the need for policies that connect diverse regions and valorize their unique characteristics without further environmental damage. It also touches on European strategies for green infrastructure and the Eusalp initiative. The author argues for a new form of recognition between urban and mountainous areas, advocating for policies that respect the autonomy of mountain communities and promote mutual recognition and co-responsibility in legislative frameworks. The current urban-centric mindset is criticized for failing to recognize the moral capacity of mountainous areas and their inhabitants.

Gendered design

23 Dec 2020  |  eurozine.com
The article explores the transformation of domestic living spaces and their social implications, particularly in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. It discusses how the concept of home has expanded to include offices, schools, and other social spaces due to lockdowns and quarantines. The author delves into the historical evolution of living spaces, starting from the 19th century in Europe, with a focus on Estonia and the role of Baltic Germans. The article examines how gender roles and class distinctions have been reflected in the architecture and organization of homes. It also covers the impact of modernist movements on domestic life, the post-war housing trends in the Soviet Union, and the recent suburban sprawl that reinforces traditional gender roles. The article concludes by considering the emergence of housing for single individuals and the potential effects of the pandemic on privacy and gender dynamics within the home.

The tourism ‘revolution’ and its impact on Italian cities

21 Sep 2020  |  eurozine.com
The article discusses the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Italian cities, focusing on the decline in international tourism and its effects on local economies and urban populations. It highlights the phenomenon of 'Venexodus' in Venice, where the population has significantly decreased due to the conversion of neighborhood facilities into tourist shops. The article also critiques the role of Airbnb and similar platforms in exacerbating urban depopulation and gentrification, noting the shift from their original promise of decentralized tourism to contributing to mass tourism and rising rental costs. It addresses the social implications of platform capitalism, including workers' rights and the housing crisis, and mentions some government initiatives to counteract these issues. The article concludes by questioning the sustainability of current urban development models that prioritize tourism over inclusivity.

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