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Alexander Mutale

Lusaka, Zambia
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About Alexander
Alexander Mutale is an accomplished Zambian journalist with a keen eye on political and current affairs, particularly within Zambia and the broader Southern African region. With eight years of international reporting experience, he is fluent in English, German, and Bemba, which enhances his ability to engage with a diverse audience and sources. Since 2011, Mutale has been the Zambia correspondent for the Christian Science Monitor and contributed to the launch of its intelligence and research service, Monitor Global Outlook (MGO), in 2013. His tenure with MGO spanned two years, during which he provided in-depth analysis and reporting on key regional issues.

In addition to his work with the Christian Science Monitor, Mutale serves as the Zambia Correspondent for Financial Mail, South Africa's premier publication on investment, business, and socio-political trends. His bylines have also graced the pages of Foreign Policy (FP), where he has shared his insights on democracy, human rights, and post-colonial African politics. Mutale's reporting has shed light on pivotal moments such as the death of President Michael Sata and the political developments that followed, including the interim presidency of Guy Scott, and the challenges to democratic processes in Zambia.

Beyond journalism, Mutale is a resourceful fixer and facilitator for international reporters, editors, and business professionals seeking to work in Zambia. Since 2013, he has adeptly arranged visits and provided essential services such as on-the-ground correspondence, logistical support, security advice, translation, and local production. His commitment to competence, honesty, dedication, and teamwork makes him an invaluable asset to those looking to navigate and understand the complexities of Zambia's socio-political landscape.
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Zambia feels the coronavirus fallout

16 Apr 2020  |  businesslive.co.za
Residents of Lusaka, Zambia, including Mwewa Chitambala and journalist Kapulu Manjimela, express concerns about the potential spread of the coronavirus. Zambia has a relatively low number of confirmed cases, with 39 cases, five recoveries, and one death at the time of reporting. The cases in Lusaka are traced back to a cluster of people who traveled to Pakistan.

Food insecurity threatens Sadc region

10 Oct 2019  |  BusinessLIVE
Southern Africa has been severely impacted by the global climate crisis, leading to extreme weather patterns that have significantly affected agricultural production and food security. The Southern African Development Community (Sadc) reports that 9 million people in nine countries are severely food-insecure, with projections rising to 12 million by March. Overall, 41 million people are food-insecure in 13 of the 16 Sadc states, with Eswatini and Lesotho facing particularly severe challenges.

Will Africa’s biggest copper mine be up for sale?

07 Feb 2019  |  businesslive.co.za
Barrick Gold may sell Lumwana Copper Mines in Zambia's North-Western Province due to a mining tax impasse. Zambia's government increased mining royalties and introduced a new 10% royalty rate, prompting Barrick's announcement. First Quantum Minerals, another major miner in Zambia, is shifting its focus by transferring its Zambian chair to Panama and previously considered laying off 2,500 staff.

Zambians see red over Chinese investments

29 Nov 2018  |  businesslive.co.za
Zambia, known for its stability and hospitality, has attracted over 20,000 Chinese nationals who have invested approximately $5 billion in various sectors. Despite the historical openness, recent xenophobic riots in Kitwe were sparked by perceptions that Chinese economic involvement is detrimental to Zambians. The Zambian Ministry of Home Affairs provided investment figures, while the article also references past African leaders who found refuge in Zambia.

ZAMBIA: Bacteria on the march

18 Jan 2018  |  BusinessLIVE
South Africa and Zambia are dealing with bacterial diseases causing deaths and infections. Zambia postponed the reopening of educational institutions and banned church gatherings in Lusaka due to cholera. The government later allowed schools to reopen on January 23 and limited the ban to areas most affected by cholera. Business operations in Lusaka are impacted, with closures of shops, bars with restricted hours, and over 20 markets shut down, affecting many families' livelihoods. Chain stores like Pick n Pay and food outlets such as Hungry Lion have also seen branch closures.

‘Obama Is to America What Scott Is to Zambia’

02 Nov 2014  |  Foreign Policy
Guy Scott has been appointed as Zambia's acting president, becoming the first white leader since independence from Britain and the first in a democratic African country. Scott, a Zambian of British origin, will serve until a by-election is held within 90 days. Despite his popularity and political history, he cannot run for president due to a constitutional clause. Zambia's peaceful post-colonial transition and ethnic integration are highlighted as contrasts to neighboring Zimbabwe. The country's first leader, Kenneth Kaunda, is credited with fostering a non-racial society. Zambia has experienced political disputes but has maintained stability and growth. Scott's appointment has sparked discussions on racial politics, but Zambia's example offers hope for overcoming societal divisions in Africa.

Obama Is to America What Scott Is to Zambia

02 Nov 2014  |  Foreign Policy
Zambia's appointment of Guy Scott as acting president marks a significant moment in post-colonial African politics, highlighting the country's success in overcoming racial divisions. Scott, a white Zambian of British origin, succeeds the late President Michael Sata and will serve until a by-election is held. Despite constitutional limitations preventing him from running for president, Scott's appointment is seen as a testament to Zambia's non-racial society, a legacy of its first post-independence leader, Kenneth Kaunda. The article contrasts Zambia's political stability and integration with Zimbabwe's ongoing racial tensions and authoritarianism under Robert Mugabe. Zambia's peaceful struggle for independence and inclusive policies are credited for its stability and economic growth.

President Sata's death tests Zambia's history of peaceful political transition

29 Oct 2014  |  The Christian Science Monitor
Zambia is undergoing a leadership transition following the death of President Michael Sata in London. This is the second time a Zambian president has died in office within six years, the first being President Levy Mwananawasa in 2008. The country is expected to hold a presidential election by January 28, 2015, as per its constitution, which mandates a snap election within 90 days of a president's death. The vice president will serve as interim president until the election. Zambia's history of peaceful power transitions and its motto 'One Zambia, One Nation' are seen as stabilizing factors. The late President Sata was known for his direct approach and infrastructure development initiatives. His health had been declining, and his death was unexpected to many.

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