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La Paz, Bolivia

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Alexandra Melean

Alexandra Melean is a photographer, videographer and journalist based in La Paz, Bolivia.


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Cover for Bolivian Express Magazine: The Time Issue.


The Design Issue Editorial. "Good design can be sustainable and solve problems for communities. Fast-paced urban development in the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra led city planners to prepare for exponential growth by designing four concentric ‘rings’. Designer and architect Cameron Sinclair reminds us, ‘When you design, you either improve or you create a detriment to the community in which you’re designing.’ What will urban planners implement next?"


Made in Bolivia - Thinking Local. "Here in Bolivia, the point is not so much to buy fresh and organic vegetables, as it is to buy national wine from the local market, instead of contraband Argentinean wine smuggled over the border."


I produced, filmed and edited the footage for this short 2 minute behind the scenes wedding clip.

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