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Alexenia Dimitrova

I am experienced fixer, location manager, researcher and translator. I have worked with Financial Times, BBC, Chanel 4, Yesterday Chanel (UK), NBC (USA), SBS and 9 News (Australia), Endemol (Germany), Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) and Dagbladet (Norway), Swedish National TV (SVT), KRO, BNN and RDF (Netherlands), YLE (Finland), ORF (Austria), Bullseye, Dragonfly, Twofour, Moon Studio (UK),  Purple Monkey, New Delhi TV (India), HGTV, Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP), Global Integrity (USA), International Consortium of Investigative Journalists - ICIJ (USA), Bureau for Investigative Journalism (UK).
I also have worked with a number of independent professionals from Japan, USA, Greece.

Mmember of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalism (ICIJ).

I have background of an investigative journalist with more than 20 years of work on investigative matters such as background research, establishing beneficial ownership, money laundering and corruption investigations. I can assist, inter alia, with public records retrieval, interviews and linking the dots in various investigations.

Based in Sofia but have developed a network of trusted contacts at various levels throughout Bulgaria over the years which helps finding necessary information and get necessarily permits for filming.

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Fact Checking

An young man from the Netherlands was looking for his birth mother in Bulgaria...


A German crew investigated in Ukraine and in Bulgaria how the tissue banks work and how these banks satisfy the international needs.



Derk Bold from Spoorloos, Holland came to Bulgaria to film an episode in which we helped a young Dutch man to find his birth mother in Bulgaria. We filmed Sofia, Varna and Dobrich



In this episod of House Hunters International a couple which found a job in Bulgaria started looking for a flat to rent


The Australian rock star and activist John Butler was searching for his heritage hoping to find poets, musicians and revolutionaries. In “Who Do You Think You Are?” he followed his Bulgarian ancestry to the mountain town of Koprivshtitsa and to an ancestor caught up in a violent revolt, central to the birth of a nation. I researched his Bulgarian roots 200 years back and asssited the crew during the shoot of that episode in Bulgaria.


A crew from Swedish SVT came to Bulgaria to show how the extreemly expensive rose oil is produced


In the premiere episode of UKTV series a young woman is dumped in a remote location in Bulgaria with three of her friends - and she has to find her way back to reach her weding on time.



A crew from India filmed in the Old town of Plovdiv, Bulgaria, part of the series The Great Over Land Adventures for the Indian NDTV


An UK crew from RDF Television filmed in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria's most popular resort, two girls on their holidays for the BBC 3 series Sun, Sex, and Suspicious Parents



A crew from the USA filmed in Sofia for A Sony production.



I assisted my colleage Lena Scherman from the Swedish TV who researched how an eventual ban of tobacco producing in EU will touch the Bulgarian tobacco producers.



A crew from UK filmed an episode from "Food Unwrapped" (Chanel 4) in the Valley of Roses, Central Bulgaria.



A German TV crew filmed in Sofia an episode of their show which reunited long lost relatives.



Norwegian journalist Jan Espen Krise from NRK films in Sofia



A crew from Dragonfly (UK) filmed the series What Happens in Sunny Beach on the Black Sea in Bulgaria.



A crew from Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) filmed in Sofia Prison


I assisted my Norvegian colleague Jan Espen Kruse during the shoot of segment № 14 of the above link in Bulgaria.


Documentary series of Chanel 4 followed young Brits on holiday abroad, to see what really happens in the hedonistic party towns of Sunny Beach, away from parents and surrounded by temptation.


Interviews with convicted criminals in Bulgaria were part of Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting (OCCRP) Project. The videos are an extension of the Jail Crunch visualization and provide a personal window into how crime works in the region. In this case the interviewee is Jock Palfreeman, an Australian national that Bulgarian courts convicted to 20 years in prison on grounds of murder with hooligan intent and attempted murder. Having in his version of events stepped in to defend a Roma against a group of Neo-Nazis, Jock lays out the political reasons behind his prosecution.


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