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Neuquen, Argentina

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Alfredo Jaramillo

Born in Neuquén (Argentina), currently working between my home city and Buenos Aires as an economic journalist for the national news agency - Télam. In 2015 I worked in Berlin as a foreign correspondent for the spanish news agency Efe. Former Reuters and IJP fellow, I have also contributed to many of the largest newspapers of my country (Página/12, Perfil, Tiempo Argentino) and have reported from different destinations around the world such as Brazil, Germany, South Africa, Dubai, Singapore and Thailand. My focus: finance, economy, energy, politics. I'm fluent in English and Portuguese and also proficient in German. Former TV correspondent.


Vaca Muerta: viaje al centro del petróleo (Revista Brando - Argentina)


Tras la firma del swap con China, buscan incrementar el comercio en yuanes (Agencia Télam - Argentina)


La caída del euro divide a los países que integran la Unión Europea (Agencia Télam - Argentina)


Snowden lamenta que Berlín no aceptara asilarlo por temor a la reacción de EEUU (Agencia Efe - España)


Banco Mundial, OCDE y OIT piden al G7 promover el empleo digno a nivel global (Agencia Efe - España)


Los países más afectados por el ébola buscan recuperar turistas tras la epidemia (Diario La Vanguardia - España)


A fake "D-day" for media outlets in Argentina (Thomson Reuters)


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