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Alfredo Jaramillo

Buenos Aires, Argentina
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About Alfredo
I'm a journalist based in Buenos Aires with a solid background in news agency journalism. I currently work at REDD, an online platform for intelligence and data on emerging market corporates. Previously I worked as an editor for the international Spanish language service of the German news agency Deutsche Presse Agentur (dpa) until November 2018. Prior to that, between 2010 and 2016 I worked as a finance correspondent for the national news agency Télam. In 2015 I worked in Berlin for the Spanish news agency Efe. Former Reuters and IJP fellow, I have also contributed to some of the largest media outlets of my country (Infobae, La Nacion, Página/12, Perfil, Tiempo Argentino) and have reported from different destinations around the world such as Brazil, Germany, South Africa, Dubai, Singapore and Thailand. I'm fluent in English, German, and Portuguese.
German English Spanish
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Fact Checking

The brutal day-to-day in the Gaza Strip, according to a Palestinian journalist

01 Nov 2023  |  eldiarioar.com
Palestinian journalist Ahmad Al-Kabariti describes the dire situation in the Gaza Strip amidst constant Israeli Defense Forces bombings, with limited access to internet and basic necessities. The region is experiencing a humanitarian crisis with over 1.5 million Palestinians displaced, and skepticism about ceasefire efforts and humanitarian aid. The support for Hamas among the people has increased, seen as the only force capable of avenging the pain caused by Israel and negotiating the release of Palestinian prisoners. The article conveys the brutal reality of life in Gaza through Ahmad's personal experiences and opinions.

The uncomfortable novel in which characters disappear just after readers become attached

06 Oct 2022  |  infobae
El sueño de la vaca y el tatuador de camellos by Ezequiel Alemián is a novel that challenges conventional storytelling by making characters disappear just as readers grow attached. The narrative, centered around the character Notre Dame, explores themes of ambition, affirmation, and doubt. Alemián's prose is described as thought-provoking and demanding, requiring readers to question their perceptions of literature and life. The review highlights the novel's ability to evoke a sense of discomfort and introspection, making it a significant literary work.

The lithium boom is delayed

18 Apr 2022  |  elDiarioAR.com
Lithium has become a sought-after commodity due to its use in renewable energy storage and electric vehicles, with Argentina, Bolivia, and Chile forming a 'lithium triangle' holding significant reserves. Despite investment announcements from global companies, Argentina's lithium production is not yet booming, with only two operational projects and others in construction or advanced stages. The country's economic benefits from lithium, including export revenues and fiscal income, could increase as projects come online. The key to maximizing lithium's impact lies in industrializing the raw material and possibly requiring reinvestment of profits for local research.

Pressure on the exchange rate and lack of reserves, a risk front for private sector debt

31 Jan 2022  |  www.eldiarioar.com
The Argentine government is finalizing an economic program as part of an agreement with the IMF, while private companies strategize to manage significant debt maturities in 2022 amidst a lack of foreign currency and financial volatility. The Central Bank of Argentina reports that private external debt totaled over $78 billion as of September 30, 2021. Despite a slight annual decrease, the constant pressure on the exchange rate and lack of liquid reserves pose risks for the private sector. Key sectors in debt include manufacturing and mining. Experts suggest that the IMF agreement may not further constrain companies and could potentially improve external credit conditions.

Hantavirus and a trip to the town of fear: Epuyén, Chubut

23 Jan 2019  |  noticias.perfil.com
In the summer of 2019, the small town of Epuyén in Chubut, Argentina, faced a deadly hantavirus outbreak that paralyzed the community of 4,000 residents. The outbreak resulted in ten deaths among 28 positive cases, with a transmission event linked to a local birthday party. Survivors like Sebastián Valle, who lost his father and two sisters to the virus, and nurse María Nahuelquir criticized the slow response of health authorities. The town, now associated with fear and discrimination, struggles to recover its image as a tourist destination, with local businesses suffering from a lack of visitors.

Masks, fear, and economic crisis: this is how Epuyén, the town checked by hantavirus, lives today

11 Jan 2019  |  infobae
Epuyén, a small town in Argentina, is facing a lethal outbreak of hantavirus, which has claimed 9 lives since its first detection in late November. Despite the absence of visible quarantine measures, the community is in crisis, with residents wearing masks and using hand sanitizer as part of municipal orders to contain the spread. The outbreak, which may have originated from a 15-year-old's birthday party, has led to 86 people being isolated at home and 8 hospitalized, with 4 in intensive care. The local economy is severely affected, with tourism at a standstill. Authorities, while cautious, have not detected new cases within Epuyén for seven days, but the incubation period of the virus means it's too early to declare the outbreak over. The Ministry of Health advises against complacency, as the virus cannot be eradicated and must be managed like the flu.

Vaca Muerta: viaje al centro del petróleo (Revista Brando - Argentina)

Tras la firma del swap con China, buscan incrementar el comercio en yuanes

28 Oct 2015  |  www.telam.com.ar
El artículo discute el impacto del acuerdo de intercambio de monedas locales (swap) entre Argentina y China, valorado en 11.000 millones de dólares, en las operaciones de comercio entre ambos países. Se destaca el crecimiento del yuan como moneda internacional de pago y su apreciación frente al dólar. Miguel Zielonka del ICBC Argentina y Ernesto Fernandez Taboada de la Cámara Argentino-China comentan sobre las ventajas de realizar comercio bilateral en yuanes, incluyendo menores costos de transacción y estabilidad cambiaria. El ICBC, que adquirió Standard Bank, y HSBC están involucrados en la gestión de operaciones en yuanes. Además, se menciona el crecimiento del comercio en renminbi en Londres y Singapur, destacando la implementación de servicios de clearing y el aumento en el volumen de comercio y financiamiento en esta moneda.

La caída del euro profundiza las diferencias en la Unión Europea

28 Oct 2015  |  www.telam.com.ar
El artículo discute la caída del euro a su nivel más bajo en 12 años y cómo esto está afectando las relaciones entre los países de la Unión Europea. La depreciación del euro se atribuye a las políticas de estímulo monetario del Banco Central Europeo y la expectativa de un aumento de las tasas de interés en Estados Unidos por la Reserva Federal. Mientras la caída del euro podría mejorar la competitividad de la eurozona, también tiene un impacto negativo en las economías menos desarrolladas y aumenta la tensión en las negociaciones entre Grecia y sus acreedores. El artículo menciona las opiniones de varios funcionarios y analistas sobre la situación, incluyendo al ministro de Finanzas de Grecia y al comisario europeo de Asuntos Económicos y Financieros.

Snowden lamenta que Berlín no aceptara asilarlo por temor a la reacción de EEUU (Agencia Efe - España)

Banco Mundial, OCDE y OIT piden al G7 promover el empleo digno a nivel global (Agencia Efe - España)

A fake "D-day" for media outlets in Argentina (Thomson Reuters)

Ebola-affected countries seek to recover tourists

09 Mar 2015  |  www.lavanguardia.com
West African countries unaffected by Ebola, such as Gambia and Ghana, are actively marketing at the ITB Berlin tourism fair to overcome the regional tourism decline caused by the epidemic. Despite no reported cases, the perception of Ebola has impacted their tourism sectors. The economic toll of the epidemic includes a 12% loss in GDP for the region. The last Ebola patient in Liberia was recently discharged, signaling potential disease-free status for the country if no new cases arise. The ITB Berlin fair featured over 10,000 exhibitors and concluded its 49th edition, highlighting the tourism sector's significant contribution to global GDP and employment.

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