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Alhadi Hawari

Juba, South Sudan
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About Alhadi
Alhadi Hawari is a Senior Journalist based in Juba, South Sudan.

I’m a professional Journalist with more than thirteen years of experience.
I have worked with various media houses in Sudan and South Sudan for Television, newspapers and Radio.
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Traffic official asks motorists to drive responsibly during holidays

Oil production drops

03 Oct 2023  |  www.eyeradio.org
South Sudan's oil production has decreased by 20 percent, attributed to lack of investment, the COVID-19 pandemic, and labor strikes. The reduction from 165,000 to 156,000 barrels per day has significantly impacted the economy, which heavily relies on oil revenue. Despite substantial oil income, the Kiir administration faces criticism for corruption and mismanagement, with funds allegedly diverted to weapons and personal pockets. President Salva Kiir has urged the labor ministry to expedite salary payments for June and July.

Army command allots 350 military posts to SSPDF, SPLA

03 Oct 2023  |  www.eyeradio.org
The army headquarters in Bilpam has allocated 350 military positions among the SSPDF, SPLA-IO, and SSOA based on the power-sharing ratio from the 2018 peace agreement. SSPDF will receive 210 positions, SPLA-IO 105 positions, and SSOA 35 positions. This distribution includes various directorates and administrations within the national Army headquarters and the Ministry of Defense and Veteran Affairs. The allocation marks a significant step in the deployment of forces as outlined in the Security Arrangement of the peace agreement, which has seen slow implementation since the formation of the unity government three years ago.

NSS denies arresting popular musician Larson Angok

02 Oct 2023  |  www.eyeradio.org
The National Security Service (NSS) has denied allegations of arresting musician Larson Angok, stating that the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) was responsible. Angok, who was detained in Wau and reportedly transferred to Juba, has been active on social media, accusing the NSS of his arrest. The NSS has condemned these claims as misinformation and warned against defamation. Angok's arrest is speculated to be linked to his songs criticizing the SPLM leadership and government services, including the employment practices of President Salva Kiir and the lack of salaries for civil servants.

Stay out of politics, Gen Deng Wol warns army

27 Jun 2023  |  eyeradio.org
General Santino Deng Wol, the Chief of Defense Forces of South Sudan, instructed the army to avoid political involvement and focus on their duty to protect the nation's sovereignty. During a briefing at the Military headquarters in Bilpam, he outlined the allocation of 210 positions to SSPDF, 105 to SPLA-IO under Dr Riek Machar, and 35 to SSOA, adhering to the distribution of 60%, 30%, and 10% respectively. General Deng emphasized the importance of abstaining from politics and tribalism, reminding officers of the unity during the liberation struggle and the army's role in defending the country's borders and properties.

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Presidency urged to resolve Unity-Ruweng border dispute

26 Nov 2021  |  www.eyeradio.org
The Deputy Governor of Unity state has requested the presidency's intervention in the Unity-Ruweng border dispute, which has persisted since 2005. The Deputy Chief Administrator of Ruweng, Michael Jaw, accused people from Unity State of causing insecurity, citing a recent cattle raid. Unity State's Deputy Governor, Tor Tungwar, emphasized the need to address the border issue and suggested a forum for discussion among governors, deputy governors, and chief administrators.

SPLA-IO's Gen. Gatwech Dual declines new role, says still Chief of Staff

25 Jun 2021  |  eyeradio.org
General Simon Gatwech Dual, the SPLA-IO Chief of Staff, has rejected his appointment as Peace Advisor to the Presidency by President Salva Kiir, stating he will not come to Juba due to the absence of a unified force. Gatwech, who has been stationed in the Magenis area since the signing of the revitalized peace agreement in 2018, argues that the appointment is a lure and such positions do not exist in the peace deal. He emphasizes his commitment to the peace agreement and expresses concern over the fragility of the peace process and the status of his boss, Dr. Riek Machar, in Juba.

Kiir writes 'letter of disappointment' to governors

15 Apr 2021  |  www.eyeradio.org
President Salva Kiir has expressed disappointment with some state governors and their deputies in South Sudan for their poor cooperation and high trust deficit, negatively impacting state affairs management. He highlighted issues such as disagreements over appointments and government functions, particularly in Western Equatoria State and Western Bahr el Ghazal State. Kiir directed the governors to respect each other, comply with protocols, uphold governance procedures, and cooperate to implement the revitalized peace deal, which outlines a responsibility sharing ratio among the SPLM, SPLM/A-IO, SSOA, and OPP.

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