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Ali Dali

London, United Kingdom
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About Ali
Ali Dali is a journalist based in London, United Kingdom.
Feature Stories Content Writing Research
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The Crown Of Amalric

07 Jun 2023  |  ali-k-dali.medium.com
The article is a piece of historical fiction set in a picturesque Hellenic garden by the Adriatic Sea. It tells the story of Amalric, a young and vital Gothic warrior, who is approached by an elderly figure with a task. The elder reveals the location of the sacred burial tomb of Alaric, the Visigothic king, and his iron crown, which was lost to the Visigoths. The elder, who possesses arcane powers, foresees Amalric claiming the crown and establishing dominion over Roman lands. Amalric, skeptical yet intrigued, leads a band of warriors, including Herules, Gepids, and legionary deserters, to assault a Roman fortress and retrieve the crown. After a fierce battle and a descent into the depths of the tomb, Amalric finds the crown and is proclaimed the new leader, destined to lead the Visigoths to glory. The story ends with Amalric realizing that he will one day have to render service in return for the aid he received.

A brief visual demonstration of ballistic kettlebell techniques

At Espresso Vivace

11 Jul 2022  |  Medium
The article tells a story of two friends, Nogai and Nikolai, who find themselves in a Seattle coffee shop, Espresso Vivace, discussing the nuances of power and influence, likening themselves to chess pieces. Nogai, with his philosophical musings, and Nikolai, distracted by a woman and his own memories of military service, represent different responses to their circumstances. They meet Nora, who joins them and inadvertently reveals that their pilgrimage to Seattle, inspired by the TV show 'Frasier', was based on a misconception; the show was actually filmed in Los Angeles. The story highlights the characters' cultural backgrounds, personal histories, and the influence of media on their perceptions and decisions.

Can Animals Be Courageous

21 Apr 2021  |  Medium
The article by Ali Dali explores the philosophical question of whether animals can be courageous. It references the dialogue 'Laches' by Plato, where Socrates and two generals, Laches and Nicias, debate the nature of courage. Laches views courage as endurance, while Nicias argues it is a form of knowledge about what is right and wrong. Socrates challenges both views, leading to an inconclusive debate. The article suggests that traditional views, like those in Homer's Iliad, attribute courage to animals, but Nicias's argument, supported by modern philosopher John Weaver, implies that what may seem like courage could be fearlessness or foolhardiness due to a lack of understanding of consequences. The article concludes that the question remains open, with varying opinions on the capacity for courage in animals.

Deception in Twelfth Night

01 Jan 2020  |  Medium
The article analyzes a passage from Shakespeare's 'Twelfth Night', focusing on the themes of disguise, mistaken identity, and the use of iambic pentameter. It discusses how noble characters speak in verse, while lower-class characters use prose, reflecting social hierarchies. The article examines Viola's disguise as a man, which is central to the play's plot and themes. It suggests that Viola's male attire represents not just a change in clothing but an appropriation of male power. The article also touches on the historical context of Queen Elizabeth's reign and the play's commentary on gender and power dynamics. The use of the word 'usurped' is highlighted for its significance in the play and its resonance with contemporary audiences. The article concludes by discussing the play's ending, where the confusion caused by disguises is resolved, leading to the pairing of lovers and subverting the audience's expectations of a tragedy.

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