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About Ali
Ali khan is a journalist based in Paris, France.
worked in BBC
Irish Dutch
Interview (Video / Broadcast) News Gathering Fact Checking
Science & Environment Arts & Books Cultural

Neuralink Video Shows Patient Playing Chess Using Brain Implant

21 Mar 2024  |  The Morning News
Elon Musk’s Neuralink demonstrated a brain implant allowing a quadriplegic patient, Noland Arbaugh, to control a computer mouse and play chess. The implant, called Telepathy, involves inserting electrodes into the brain. Despite some issues, Arbaugh found the surgery easy and highlighted its life-changing benefits. Neuralink aims to translate brain signals into commands for external devices, potentially aiding conditions like ALS. Dr. Marco Baptista from the Reeve Foundation calls for more scientific reports to assess Neuralink’s impact.

Grab This Beautiful Flower Petal Apple Logo Wallpaper

19 Mar 2024  |  OS X Daily
Apple is set to open a new store in the Jing’an district of Shanghai, China, and has released a beautiful wallpaper featuring white and yellow flower petals in the shape of the Apple logo to celebrate. The wallpaper is available for various devices including Mac, iPhone, iPad, Windows PC, and Android. Additionally, Apple has released another wallpaper for a store opening in South Korea with a different graffiti style. The article encourages readers to download and enjoy the new wallpapers.

How to Remove “Promote with Blaze” from WordPress

09 Mar 2024  |  OS X Daily
The article provides a detailed guide on how to remove the 'Promote with Blaze' feature from WordPress. It explains that Blaze is a Jetpack feature for promoting posts, which some users may not want. The guide includes steps to disable Blaze through the WordPress admin section, making the admin area cleaner and simpler. The change is platform and browser agnostic, affecting all users with admin access.

Inside the Ring: Unraveling WWE’s Storylines and Fan Pulse through Data-Driven Insights

12 Jan 2024  |  medium.com
Alisa Khikhan explores WWE storylines and fan reactions using data-driven insights. The analysis includes sentiment analysis from WrestleTalk YouTube comments and wrestler information from The Smackdown Hotel. Vince McMahon and Roman Reigns are highlighted as prominent figures, while Cody Rhodes is recognized as the next potential face of WWE. The analysis reveals disparities in popularity between male and female wrestlers, with Sami Zayn and LA Knight being particularly popular. Wrestlers' birthplaces are suggested as a strategic tool for event planning. The sentiment analysis shows a positive reception for many wrestlers, with Liv Morgan, Finn Bálor, and Shinsuke Nakamura having high positive-to-negative sentiment ratios. Challenges in data preparation and analysis using Snowflake are discussed. Recommendations for WWE include promoting Cody Rhodes, leveraging North Carolina wrestlers, and utilizing wrestlers with high positive sentiment in storylines. The approach could be scalable to other reality shows.

Fix “Could Not Connect to Apple Watch” Error on iPhone

12 Jan 2024  |  OS X Daily
Apple Watch users experiencing a 'Could Not Connect to Apple Watch' error on their iPhone can resolve the issue with several troubleshooting steps. These include ensuring both devices are within range, powered on, not in Airplane Mode, and have Bluetooth enabled. Restarting both devices, checking for software updates, and re-pairing the Apple Watch with the iPhone are also recommended solutions.

How to Search Reviews on Google Maps for Keywords

07 Jan 2024  |  OS X Daily
Google Maps reviews can be searched for specific keywords, making it easier to find relevant information about businesses or locations. The article provides a step-by-step guide on how to use this feature, highlighting its usefulness for narrowing down reviews to specific topics of interest.

Experiment & Explore Fedora Linux on Mac with UTM

30 Dec 2023  |  OS X Daily
Running Linux on a Mac is simplified through virtualization with UTM, allowing users to explore and experiment with Fedora Linux without complex installations. UTM provides a preconfigured virtual machine that can be easily launched, offering a risk-free environment to learn and play with Linux. The article also mentions the capability of UTM to run other operating systems like Windows 11 and macOS Sonoma.

Scarborough grocery store shares insights on food waste reduction

29 Dec 2023  |  toronto.com
A Scarborough grocery store is actively working to eliminate food waste by 2030 through various initiatives. They are repurposing food not fit for human consumption into animal feed with the help of Loop Resource Ltd., donating safe and nutritious food to the community in partnership with Second Harvest and local food banks, and educating customers on waste reduction. The store emphasizes the importance of reducing food waste for environmental and social benefits, highlighting the role everyone plays in this effort.

How to Watch “Charlie Brown Christmas” for Free with Apple TV+

10 Dec 2023  |  OS X Daily
Apple holds exclusive rights to 'A Charlie Brown Christmas,' available through Apple TV+ with a free seven-day trial. The service can be accessed on various devices, including Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and web browsers. Users can sign up for the trial, watch the show, and cancel within seven days to avoid charges. Previously, the show was available on PBS, but the current status of that deal is unclear. The article also suggests other holiday-themed activities for Apple device users.

How to Upload High Quality Video & Photos to Instagram for iPhone

09 Dec 2023  |  OS X Daily
Instagram, a popular photo and video sharing social network, does not upload the highest quality media by default. Users can enable high-quality uploads for photos and videos through a hidden setting in the app. This guide provides step-by-step instructions for iPhone users to activate this feature, which also exists on Android. Enabling this setting may use more bandwidth and data, and take longer to post media content. The article also briefly mentions a setting to disable HDR video playback.

iOS 17.2 RC Released for Testing, Final Coming Soon

06 Dec 2023  |  OS X Daily
The iOS 17.2 RC update introduces the new Journal app for reflecting on life’s moments, enhancements to the Action button and Camera for iPhone 15 Pro models, and various improvements across Messages, Weather, and other apps. Key features include journaling suggestions, spatial video capture, improved telephoto camera focusing, and new weather widgets. Additional updates include Siri support for Health app data, expanded AirDrop options, a Favorite Songs Playlist in Apple Music, and Qi2 charger support for iPhone 13 and 14 models. The update also addresses bug fixes and security updates.

You Can Now Join Zoom Meetings from Apple TV

03 Dec 2023  |  osxdaily.com
Zoom has launched an Apple TV app, allowing users to join and start meetings from their device. The app includes standard Zoom features and requires an Apple TV 4K 2nd generation or newer, tvOS 17 or later, and an iPhone or iPad with the latest iOS/iPadOS 17. Users will need an iPhone or iPad for the camera, and the Continuity Camera feature is also supported for Zoom meetings on a Mac.

Selecting Therapies for Individual Patients in nAMD and DME

01 Dec 2023  |  hcplive.com
Rishi P. Singh, MD, and M. Ali Khan, MD, discuss the selection of therapies for patients with neovascular age-related macular degeneration (nAMD) and diabetic macular edema (DME). They explore various treatment options, including off-label bevacizumab, anti-VEGF drugs, bispecific molecules, and high-dose aflibercept. The conversation covers patient-specific considerations, such as presenting findings, anatomical changes, and the importance of loading doses in treatment regimens. Insurance and patient costs are also highlighted as significant factors in therapy decisions. The doctors emphasize the value of durable treatments and the impact of loading doses on final visual outcomes.

Safety of New Therapies in nAMD and DME

24 Nov 2023  |  www.hcplive.com
The discussion between Dr. Rishi P. Singh and Dr. M. Ali Khan centers on the safety and efficacy of new therapies for neovascular age-related macular degeneration (nAMD) and diabetic macular edema (DME). They emphasize the importance of safety in adopting new treatments, noting that recent drugs have shown no new safety signals in clinical trials. Both faricimab and high-dose aflibercept have demonstrated similar rates of inflammation and thromboembolic events compared to existing treatments, with no new safety concerns. The heightened caution stems from past issues with brolucizumab and other drugs.

Extending Treatment Intervals in nAMD and DME

17 Nov 2023  |  www.hcplive.com
The discussion focuses on extending treatment intervals for neovascular age-related macular degeneration (nAMD) and diabetic macular edema (DME) using durable therapies. Dr. Rishi P. Singh and Dr. M. Ali Khan highlight the challenges and strategies in managing patient treatment schedules, emphasizing the importance of reducing the treatment burden while maintaining efficacy. They discuss the treat-and-extend protocol, the role of anti-VEGF therapy, and the significance of OCT imaging in determining treatment intervals. The conversation underscores the need for personalized treatment plans based on clinical trial data, patient symptoms, and visual acuity.

Imagining the Future with GPTs

08 Nov 2023  |  Medium
The article discusses the recent announcements from OpenAI regarding the ability to create personalized GPTs and the forthcoming launch of the GPT Store. It highlights the significant advancements in Generative AI since the launch of Chat GPT in November 2022, emphasizing the growing impact of these technologies on both personal and business aspects of daily life.

Unlock the power of decentralized applications with The Graph

01 Oct 2023  |  medium.com
The Graph is a crucial infrastructure component in blockchain technology, acting as a decentralized network of indexers that make blockchain data easily accessible through a user-friendly GraphQL interface. It significantly enhances the functionality and user experience of decentralized applications (dApps) by transforming raw blockchain data into a more manageable format. The Graph also supports decentralized governance by making data more accessible, transparent, and fair. Looking ahead, The Graph is expected to play a central role in the blockchain sector, potentially leading to a paradigm shift in how dApps are developed and deployed.

Proprotein convertase subtilisn/kexin type 9 inhibitors and small interfering RNA therapy for cardiovascular risk reduction: A systematic review and meta-analysis

01 Apr 2023  |  journals.plos.org
A systematic review and meta-analysis of 54 studies involving 87,669 participants found that PCSK9 inhibitors (Evolocumab, Alirocumab) and siRNA therapy (Inclisiran) significantly reduce LDL cholesterol levels. Evolocumab and Alirocumab also demonstrated a significant reduction in major adverse cardiac events (MACE), with Alirocumab additionally reducing cardiovascular and all-cause mortality. Inclisiran showed effective LDL-c reduction but lacked sufficient data on MACE risk reduction. The study supports the efficacy of these therapies in lowering LDL-c and reducing adverse cardiovascular events, particularly for patients who do not achieve target LDL-c levels with statins alone.

Analyzing the results of the 2023 Comedyscene.org Community Choice Award Winners

01 Jan 2023  |  medium.com
The 2023 Comedyscene.org Community Choice Awards recognized outstanding achievements in various comedy categories. Key winners included Jon Plester for Best Digital Short and Best Short Film, Playground Social Studios for Best Web Series, and Fresh Hell Sketch for Best Reel or Short. The Annoyance Training Center was named Best Training Program, while David Feinberg won Stand Out Stand-Up. The Annoyance's 'Missed Call' and 'Little Orphan Boy: The Musical' were also highlighted. 'LIGHTS' won Show of the Year, and 'Happy 2 Be Here' was noted for the most vote spams. The awards celebrated the vibrant comedy scene in Chicago, with multiple organizations and individuals receiving accolades.


India's sacred spaces are tapestries of culture

09 Feb 2012  |  the Guardian
Dargahs or religious shrines in India, particularly those in Hussain Tekri, Madhya Pradesh, serve as significant cultural and spiritual centers. These shrines, which attract people from various faiths, including Shias, Sunnis, and Hindus, are seen as places of solace and healing, especially for those with mental illnesses. The article emphasizes the unique cultural tapestry of India, where people from different religious traditions come together in mutual respect rather than mere tolerance. Despite the increasing violence and attacks on such institutions, the shrines remain crucial for fostering social harmony and preserving cultural diversity.

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