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Alice Grahame

London, United Kingdom
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About Alice
Alice Grahame is a journalist based in London, United Kingdom.
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Some of my Guardian articles

How vegan cheese producers are replicating dairy

27 Jan 2021  |  www.theveganreview.com
Vegan cheese producers are innovating to replicate the taste, texture, and nutritional profile of dairy cheese, addressing the challenge of converting cheese-loving consumers to plant-based alternatives. Companies like Violife, Applewood Vegan, and Perfect Day are leading the way with products that mimic traditional cheese closely. Artisanal brands are also making strides with unique ingredients and sustainable practices. Experts predict further advancements through fermentation technology, which could bring vegan cheese even closer to its dairy counterparts.

Can cultured meat save animals and the planet?

02 Jan 2021  |  theveganreview.com
Cultured meat, produced by companies like Eat Just and Mosa Meat, is gaining attention for its potential to provide cruelty-free, climate-friendly, and healthy food options. With significant investments, the industry aims to make cultured meat competitive with conventional meat, offering environmental and animal welfare benefits. Alternatives to foetal bovine serum are being developed to align with animal welfare principles. The Good Food Institute supports the innovation for its positive impact on climate change, public health, and animal suffering. The Vegan Society recognizes the potential reduction in animal suffering but does not promote the product due to the use of animal cells. Meanwhile, plant-based meat alternatives like VFC are improving and becoming more popular among vegans.

Review: Ubu! A Singalong Satire At Shoreditch Town Hall

13 Dec 2019  |  londonist.com
Kneehigh Theatre Company's production of 'Ubu! A Singalong Satire' at Shoreditch Town Hall is a lively adaptation of Alfred Jarry's 'Ubu Roi'. The performance encourages audience participation with a relaxed atmosphere where attendees can move around and interact. The show features physical comedy, dance, and acrobatics, with standout performances by Katy Owen and Mike Shepherd. The live band and vocalist Nandhi Bhebe guide the audience through a variety of pop songs, making the show an engaging experience for those who prefer a more interactive theatre environment.

Unicorn Theatre Brings Icarus To 21st Century London

11 Feb 2019  |  Londonist
The Unicorn Theatre's latest production reimagines the ancient Greek myth of Icarus, setting it in modern London. The play follows a teenage Icarus on a quest to find his missing father, Dedalus, and involves navigating a labyrinth and freeing a Minotaur. The adaptation, originally in German, is noted for its warmth and contemporary family dynamics. The performances of Marshall Defender Nyanhete as Icarus and Rayxia Oho are highlighted, and the production's modern set and lighting are praised for captivating the young audience.

All-Singing, All-Dancing Rumpelstiltskin Rocks Southbank Centre

21 Dec 2018  |  Londonist
The Queen Elizabeth Hall's production of Rumpelstiltskin is a loud and brash retelling of the classic fairy-tale, featuring a part-goblin couture designer and a shallow fashion wannabe. The cast includes cabaret stars like Paul Capsis, Michaela Burger, and Ezra Juanta, who bring talent and energy to the stage with impressive costumes and expressive performances. The play's technical ingenuity, with minimal scenery and clever animation by Chris Edser, along with Jethro Woodward's diverse musical score, creates a dynamic and enjoyable family experience.

A playground for grown up kids: inside the student housing built by its residents

26 Nov 2018  |  the Guardian
The Bauhäusle in Stuttgart is a unique student housing project built and maintained by its residents, embodying the principles of self-build housing pioneered by Walter Segal. Originally constructed in the 1980s by architecture students, the Bauhäusle has evolved into a vibrant community where students engage in hands-on construction and communal living. Despite concerns about the future of the land it occupies, the residents continue to advocate for its preservation. The project is celebrated for fostering creativity, collaboration, and a strong sense of belonging among its inhabitants.

Twelfth Night, But Not As You Know It, At Young Vic

17 Oct 2018  |  londonist.com
Kwame Kwei Armah's first show as artistic director at the Young Vic is a vibrant adaptation of 'Twelfth Night' set in Notting Hill during carnival, featuring Shaina Taub's witty songs and Lizzi Gee's lively choreography. The production includes a local community choir and standout performances by Gabrielle Brooks and Gerard Cary. The adaptation brings new energy to the Shakespearean comedy, moving away from a traditional Elizabethan experience to provide a fun and engaging 100-minute show.

Improving with age? How city design is adapting to older populations

25 Apr 2016  |  the Guardian
The global population is ageing rapidly, with significant implications for city design. Urban planners and policymakers are adapting infrastructure to meet the needs of older populations, focusing on accessibility, public transport, and community integration. Innovations include reducing distances between transport stops, improving pavements, and designing age-friendly housing. Examples from the UK, Berlin, Milan, China, and Japan illustrate various approaches to creating age-friendly cities. Challenges remain, particularly in funding and political commitment, but collaborative efforts and inclusive design are key to ensuring older populations can lead fulfilling lives.

The footwear industry is taking steps towards sustainability

09 Oct 2014  |  the Guardian
The footwear industry is increasingly focusing on sustainability, with designers and companies addressing the environmental impact of shoes. Innovations include Aly Khalifa's LYF shoe, which can be disassembled and remade, and Nike's reuse-a-shoe scheme. Challenges remain, such as the harmful chemicals in leather and glues, and the difficulty in recycling mixed materials. Companies like Gucci and Puma have also made strides, though mass adoption of sustainable practices is still years away. Experts emphasize the importance of design in reducing environmental impact and the need for industry-wide changes.

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