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Alicia Prager

Berlin, Germany
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About Alicia
Alicia Prager is a multimedia journalist focusing on the intersections between climate, conflict and economy. She has bylines in various English and German speaking media outlets such as Al Jazeera, Mongabay, Quartz, Deutsche Welle, euronews, Euractiv, Der Standard, and Profil. Alicia holds the Erasmus Mundus master's degree "Journalism, Media and Globalisation" from the Universities of Aarhus, Sydney and Amsterdam and has previously studied Political Science and International Development in Vienna. 

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Is the climate-neutral cruise coming?

05 Apr 2024  |  zeit.de
Global greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise despite the Paris Agreement's goal to limit global warming to under two degrees. The strategies employed by states and companies, such as the use of E-Fuels to replace fossil fuels in aviation and shipping, are often underdeveloped. The cruise industry, including market leader Carnival, aims to be climate-neutral by 2050, but the necessary energy sources and technologies do not yet exist, with Carnival acknowledging this challenge on their website.

EU guideline promotes risky pesticides

27 Sep 2022  |  www.tagesspiegel.de
The use of Flufenacet in herbicides across European agriculture has doubled despite its byproduct Trifluoracetate (TFA) being found in drinking water and potentially harmful to algae and mammals. The EU has listed Flufenacet as a substance for substitution, but a report by Pesticide Action Network (PAN) Europe reveals no such candidates have been replaced with non-chemical alternatives. The EU's initiative to regulate pesticide use is being challenged by the agricultural lobby and chemical companies, citing food security concerns, especially in light of Russia's war in Ukraine. However, scientists warn that continued heavy pesticide use may risk long-term food security. Germany is in the EU average with 36 of 53 harmful substances still permitted in pesticides. PAN Europe criticizes the European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization (EPPO) for a guideline that prevents the replacement of harmful pesticides, a sentiment acknowledged by the EU Commission in 2018. Biologist Dave Goulson suggests that the lack of support for biological or integrated agriculture is the real issue, not the absence of alternatives.

Plan soll Fliegen mit den Klimazielen vereinbar machen

18 Nov 2021  |  www.tagesspiegel.de
The United States aims to make its aviation sector climate-neutral by 2050, with renewable kerosene playing a crucial role. However, the widespread adoption of renewable kerosene remains a future goal rather than a present reality.

Climate Compensation: Imagine: We Fairly Offset Our Climate Sins

03 Nov 2021  |  ZEIT ONLINE ze.tt
The article discusses the concept of climate compensation, focusing on the practice of offsetting carbon emissions through environmental projects. It highlights the experience of Philip Barnstorf, who offsets his car's emissions by paying extra at a Shell gas station. The UN Climate Conference in Glasgow aims to establish global rules for compensation to mobilize more funds for climate protection. Despite the promise, many projects are criticized as greenwashing. The article also covers the booming market for CO₂ certificates and features the Cordillera Azul National Park in Peru, managed by the organization Cima, as an example of a successful compensation project.

CO2 Compensation: I fly, you plant trees

01 Nov 2021  |  zeit.de
Individuals produce CO2 emissions daily through activities such as eating, celebrating, traveling, or washing. To protect the climate, one can choose from a wide and complex array of compensation options to offset their CO2 consumption. These options include supporting reforestation in the Latin American rainforest or subsidizing energy-efficient stoves in Ghana. The underlying principle is that compensating for CO2 emissions produced in Germany by reducing CO2 elsewhere is effective, as the global location of greenhouse gas savings is irrelevant.

Europe’s deep-rooted pesticide problem and biodiversity crisis

18 Sep 2018  |  Journo Portfolio
The article discusses the ongoing issue of pesticide use in Europe and its impact on biodiversity. It highlights the longstanding dependence of European farmers on chemical pesticides to sustain agricultural production. Despite the well-documented dangers of pesticides to the environment and biodiversity, their application continues with minimal regulation. The article raises the question of whether Europe can confront and solve its pesticide problem amidst a growing biodiversity crisis.

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