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Alvin Walter is a Photographer & Videographer

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Motor Sport Promo

Halloween Party promo video.

The Café is a Culture Week activity that aims at providing a platform to students from various nationalities represented at the University, to showcase their traditional dishes as an entry point to their culture.

South Sudanese students at USIU-Africa prepare cultural dishes during the Cultural Café, held on at the ultra-modern Training Kitchen located on the third floor of the Freida Brown Student Center.

Interaction between the more than sixty nationalities at USIU-Africa, in and out of the classroom, produces graduates who are comfortable changing every society and community to which they belong.

The graduation dinner is a special event hosted for the graduating class, with the aim of bringing together everyone who played a role in the academic life and development of the graduates and share in the joy of the event.

USIU-Africa FREIDA BROWN DAY is a day when the university community participate in activities such as cleaning up of the host institution including toilets, rooms and compound, planting of trees/grass, playing with the pupils, donations of educational mat

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