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Oviedo, Spain

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CBC News Network

Alyssa McMurtry

Alyssa McMurtry is a Canadian journalist based in Northern Spain.
The Spain correspondent for a Turkish newswire, she has deep knowledge of the issues affecting Spain today.  She has reported extensively on the Catalan crisis, the Spanish political scene, Spain's role migration and the EU, the myriad of corruption scandals, the intersection of sports and politics, cultural oddities, social issues and Spanish historical memory.  

Alyssa has worked in broadcast (radio and live Skype interviews) with CBC (Canada) and RTE (Ireland) and print/digital with CBC, El Pais, Postmedia network, Anadolu Agency, Guernica magazine and more.

She has reporting experience from London, Canada and India and a master's in translation and an undergraduate degree in journalism and history. 
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Analysis on ISIS and deradicalization for the CBC


Catalan president charged with disobedience


Coverage of Catalan elections for RTE... More recent stories here:

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