Alyssa McMurtry

Alyssa McMurtry

Madrid, Spain

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Alyssa McMurtry

Alyssa McMurtry is a Canadian journalist based in Madrid, Spain. 
She is a regular contributor to the Anadolu Agency, reporting Spain's biggest stories to an international audience. Having lived in Madrid for six years, she has a strong understanding of Spanish politics, Catalan separatism, Spain's role in the refugee crisis, the myriad of corruption scandals, football, society, culture and history. 

She also has reporting experience from London, Madrid, Canada and India. She graduated from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada (one of Canada's top journalism programs) with a degree in journalism and history. She is a multimedia journalist and speaks Spanish and English.


English Spanish

Analysis on ISIS and deradicalization for the CBC


Catalan president charged with disobedience



  • The Catalan Independence Referendum

    Madrid, Spain Politics October 8 @ 12:00am

    The tension between Madrid and Barcelona is coming to a head, as Spanish police raid Catalan government offices, make several high-profile arrests and seize millions of ballot papers. Yet the Catalan government remains steadfast in its promise to hold a referendum October 1, despite the fact that... Read more

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