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Amelie Botbol

Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
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About Amelie
Amelie Botbol is a seasoned freelance journalist based in Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel, with a robust educational background that includes a Bachelor's degree in Journalism from Reichman University in Herzliya and a Master's degree in Counterterrorism. Her expertise lies in the realms of defense, technology, and current affairs, which she skillfully intertwines with her passion for covering the intersection of conflict, human rights, and social issues.

Botbol's reporting has shed light on a variety of critical topics, such as the resilience of Israeli high-tech companies during the Gaza conflict, the far-reaching impact of Hamas terror attacks on both human communities and animals, and the nuanced silence of feminist organizations on war crimes. She has adeptly highlighted the proactive efforts of Israeli innovators and volunteers, including animal rescue operations in southern Israel and the business community's unwavering determination to maintain continuity amidst turmoil.

Her work has been featured on prominent platforms such as JNS.org, The Times of Israel (ToI), The Jewish Chronicle (The JC), and i24News, where she has consistently challenged the international community's response to complex issues like sexual violence in war. Through her journalism, Botbol continues to provide insightful analysis and foster a deeper understanding of the dynamic challenges facing society in conflict zones.
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Captives’ loved ones plead for their release at Tel Aviv rally

15 Jan 2024  |  www.jwire.com.au
As Israel marked 100 days of captivity for hostages held in Gaza, a rally in Tel Aviv saw families of the captives pleading for their release. A propaganda video released by Hamas featured hostages Noa Argamani, Itay Svirsky, and Yossi Sharabi, who called on the Israeli government to end their ordeal. The video followed claims by Hamas that many hostages were killed in Israeli strikes. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced a deal to transfer medicine to hostages, but families remain skeptical. The rally highlighted the emotional toll on families and the ongoing efforts to secure the hostages' release.

Ride for freedom marks 100 days of our people in captivity

14 Jan 2024  |  www.jns.org
A mass solidarity ride was initiated at Tel Aviv's Sylvan Adams National Velodrome to mark 100 days since 136 hostages were taken by Hamas in the Gaza Strip. The event, organized by the Israeli cycling team Israel–Premier Tech, the Hostage and Missing Families Forum, and the Israeli Cycling Federation, saw global participation with riders in over 40 cities. Sylvan Adams, owner of Israel-Premier Tech, called for the hostages' immediate release, condemning Hamas's actions. Following an attack by Hamas on October 7, which resulted in over 1,200 deaths, Israel launched a campaign against Hamas and secured the release of 110 captives during a ceasefire. Cyclists like Itamar Einhorn and Oded Kogut expressed their support and determination to raise awareness. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office announced a deal to transfer medicine to the hostages, while a large rally in Tel Aviv demanded their release.

KKL-JNF honours 20 Israeli women for their bravery on Oct. 7

09 Jan 2024  |  www.jwire.com.au
KKL-JNF celebrated 20 Israeli women for their bravery during the Hamas attack on October 7 by inaugurating the 'Path of Heroines' and planting trees in Ofakim Park. The women were recognized for their life-saving actions during the massacre. Ofakim Mayor Yitzhak Danino paid tribute to the women and pledged 10 million shekels for city reconstruction. The ceremony included personal accounts from honorees such as Einav Tzagauker, Shifra Boochris, Valerie Dykstejn, Tali Medina, and Tali Haddad, highlighting their courageous responses during the crisis.

The Heroic Story of Two Brothers Who Saved Dozens at the Supernova Festival

01 Jan 2024  |  unitedwithisrael.org
Brothers Neria and Daniel Sharabi heroically saved dozens of lives during a Hamas terrorist attack at the Supernova Music Festival near Kibbutz Re’im. Despite being civilians, they reverted to their military training to provide medical aid, fight back, and organize a defense with the help of their reserve commander, Yoni Skrisewsky. The attack resulted in 364 deaths and numerous injuries, with some victims taken hostage. Following the incident, Israel declared war on Hamas, and the Sharabi brothers were mobilized but later sent home to recover from trauma. They have since raised funds for survivors and advocate for the commemoration of the victims.

‘We, the living, have to continue telling their stories’

01 Jan 2024  |  jewishledger.com
Neria and Daniel Sharabi survived a Hamas terrorist attack at the Supernova Music Festival near Kibbutz Re’im, which resulted in 364 deaths and numerous injuries. The brothers, both former Israeli soldiers, fought back against the attackers, saving many lives. Following the October 7 massacre, Israel declared war on Hamas. The Sharabi brothers were briefly mobilized before being sent home to recover from trauma. They have since raised funds for survivors and spoken in the United States about their experience. An exhibit at the Tel Aviv Expo, recreating scenes of the assault, aims to support the survivors' recovery.

Silent Horror Unveiled: Inside the Grueling Mission of ZAKA Volunteers Collecting Remains After Hamas Massacre

31 Dec 2023  |  unitedwithisrael.org
ZAKA volunteer Simcha Greiniman recounts the harrowing experience of collecting human remains following a massacre by Hamas on October 7, which claimed 1,200 lives in Israel. ZAKA, a humanitarian organization recognized by the United Nations, has been working tirelessly to recover and identify the remains for proper burial, a significant commandment in Judaism. Greiniman, who has volunteered for 32 years, describes the scenes of the massacre and the challenges faced in the recovery process. He also spoke at the United Nations to raise awareness and counter claims denying the atrocities. The work of ZAKA continues as they strive to bring peace to the families affected.

Family of Hamas captive holds airport rally

28 Dec 2023  |  jns.org
The family and friends of Hersh Goldberg-Polin, an Israeli American abducted by Hamas during a music festival, held a rally at Ben-Gurion Airport to raise awareness and call for his return. Hersh was meant to travel to Southeast Asia but was taken captive after fleeing rocket attacks at the Supernova Music Festival. His father, Jon Polin, and mother, Rachel Goldberg, expressed their anguish and hope for his safe return. Flyers and stickers were distributed to passengers on Hersh's planned flight, and a special announcement was made. An exhibit in Tel Aviv, 'Nova 6.29', recreates the horrors of the festival attack, with plans to take it overseas.

Israeli NGO Files $2.8 Million Suit Against Red Cross

24 Dec 2023  |  www.jewishpress.com
Shurat HaDin, an Israeli rights organization, has filed a lawsuit against the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) for nearly $2.8 million on behalf of 24 plaintiffs, accusing the ICRC of inaction following a massacre by Hamas and failing to provide assistance to hostages. The lawsuit, filed in the Jerusalem District Court, demands that the ICRC visit and supervise the hostages in Gaza. The ICRC has acknowledged difficulties in accessing the hostages and is in dialogue with Israel and other state governments to facilitate their release. The lawsuit also highlights historical criticisms of the ICRC's actions during the Holocaust and recent controversies involving facilitating payments to imprisoned terrorists. The ICRC's recent appointment of Pierre Krahenbuhl, a former head of UNRWA, has added to the tensions.

A mother prays for a sign of life from her captive son

22 Dec 2023  |  www.jns.org
Rachel Goldberg utters words of strength daily for her son Hersh Goldberg-Polin, kidnapped by Hamas during a massacre in the Negev. Hersh attended the Supernova music festival and was last seen injured but alive, being taken by Hamas. Despite negotiations and some hostages being released, Hersh's status remains unknown. Rachel has tirelessly met with international leaders and remains hopeful, committed to her son's return.

Amid Anti-Israel Protests Moroccan Jews Wonder What’s Next

17 Dec 2023  |  unitedwithisrael.org
In Morocco, protests have erupted with calls to sever ties with Israel, causing concern among Moroccan Jews and impacting Jewish businesses and tourism. Kobi Ifrah of Kulna expressed disappointment in the lack of solidarity following the Hamas massacre in Israel. Raphael Trojman, a specialist in kosher products, has seen a significant downturn in business, leading to the closure of kosher restaurants and cancellation of Jewish events. The protests, led by the Justice and Development Party, have raised questions about the future of Jewish heritage in Morocco and the relationship between Moroccan Jews and the broader community. Despite the unrest, community leaders like Jackie Kadosh remain confident in the authorities' handling of security concerns and the resilience of Moroccan Jews' attachment to their traditions.

Israelis bring the light of Chanukah to the troops

13 Dec 2023  |  Sun Sentinel
As Israel continues its war against Hamas, various organizations and individuals are making significant efforts to support Israeli soldiers during Chanukah. The Israel Magen Fund, led by David Rose, has provided essential supplies and organized celebrations to boost morale. The IDF's Maj. Jacob highlights the importance of these efforts. Ezrat Achim has expanded its focus to assist soldiers and displaced families, while Roladin bakery has distributed donuts to troops. Personal stories, such as Tami Varon's mission to support her son and his unit, underscore the community's dedication to the soldiers' well-being.

Israeli Families Absent Loved Ones Mark a Somber Chanukah

10 Dec 2023  |  tps.co.il
Israeli families are marking a somber Chanukah as they cope with the absence of loved ones who were either murdered or kidnapped by Hamas terrorists during the attack on the Supernova Music Festival on October 7. Eyal Waldman mourns his daughter Danielle, while Ela Ben Ami and Yair Moses grapple with the kidnapping of their parents. The article highlights the emotional toll on the families and their hopes for the safe return of the remaining hostages.

Israel Sets Sights on Hamas ‘Royalty’ Living Abroad

01 Dec 2023  |  thejewishvoice.com
Hamas leaders, including Ismail Haniyeh, Moussa Abu Marzouk, and Khaled Mashaal, are criticized for their opulent lifestyles funded by Hamas's estimated $11 billion net worth, while Gazans suffer. The Palestinian Authority, taxation, Iran, charities, and Qatar are identified as major sources of Hamas's $2 billion annual budget. Qatar and Turkey are highlighted for their support of Hamas, with Qatar's financial aid and Turkey's refusal to expel Hamas leaders. Israel has pledged to target Hamas following an attack on October 7 that killed 1,200 Israelis, aiming to eliminate the group as a political and military entity and restrict aid to Gaza.

Israelis mobilise to bring the Light of Chanukah to the troops

01 Dec 2023  |  www.jwire.com.au
As Israel continues its conflict with Hamas, various organizations and individuals are mobilizing to support Israeli soldiers during Chanukah. The Israel Magen Fund, led by David Rose, has provided essential supplies and organized religious observances for troops. The IDF emphasizes the importance of maintaining soldier morale through holiday celebrations. Ezrat Achim has expanded its focus to assist soldiers and displaced families, while Roladin bakery is distributing doughnuts to troops. Families of soldiers, like Tami Varon, are also making efforts to ensure their loved ones feel supported during the holidays.

Silence and Denial: The International Response to Hamas's Sexual Assaults on Israeli Women

28 Nov 2023  |  www.timesofisrael.com
The article discusses the aftermath of a massacre on October 7, where Hamas terrorists killed 1,200 Israelis and committed systemic sexual assaults against women and girls. Despite the severity of the attacks, many feminist and women's rights organizations have remained silent or questioned the veracity of the accusations. The United Nations and its affiliated bodies, such as UN-Women and CEDAW, have been criticized for their lack of explicit condemnation of Hamas's actions. Israeli women's rights experts have met with UN-Women to advocate for recognition of the crimes committed. The article also mentions the firing of Samantha Pearson from the University of Alberta for denying the sexual violence accusations. Israeli First Lady Michal Herzog has expressed outrage over the international community's silence. Despite challenges in collecting evidence, Israel Police is investigating the sexual assault cases. The article also highlights the creation of the #MeToo_UNless_UR_a_Jew campaign in response to the #MeToo movement's failure to address the issue. The silence of international bodies is seen as a betrayal and could have far-reaching consequences for the victims.

Israel’s high-tech leaders assert business continuity amid conflict with Hamas

24 Nov 2023  |  www.jns.org
Israeli high-tech leaders are actively promoting the message that their businesses remain operational despite the ongoing conflict with Hamas in the Gaza Strip. The #nomatterwhat campaign, initiated by Start-Up Nation Central and partnered with Viola Ventures, G-CMO Forum, and Atreo, aims to reassure international and local stakeholders of the resilience of Israeli companies. The campaign has seen widespread participation, with companies like Cellebrite and C2A Security emphasizing their commitment to business continuity. The tech sector, a significant part of Israel's GDP and exports, has faced challenges due to the war, including the mobilization of tech workers to military service. Despite this, the demand for Israeli tech products remains strong, and companies are implementing contingency plans to maintain operations. The Israel Innovation Authority has launched a fast-track grant channel to support startups, and the budget for this program has been increased significantly by the Finance Minister. The article underscores the determination of the Israeli tech industry to overcome the difficulties posed by the conflict.

600-plus animals rescued in southern Israel since Hamas’s Oct. 7 terror massacre

14 Nov 2023  |  www.jns.org
Adam Benett and Yoav Ben David have founded an organization, Mechaltzim Ve’nehenim, to rescue animals affected by the Hamas terror attacks in southern Israel. Since the October 7 attack, they have saved over 600 animals, including dogs, cats, birds, and other pets. They coordinated with the Israel Defense Forces for safe access to areas like Sderot and opened an operations center in Beit Kama for the rescued animals. Volunteers, including a David’s Sling user interface worker named Tami and a veterinarian named Karin Ofek Burshtein, have joined the efforts, facing challenges such as active terrorists and rocket attacks. The animals have been treated for both physical and emotional trauma, with some showing signs of PTSD. The article also shares the story of Yair, a survivor of the attack, who was reunited with his dog through the organization's efforts. Benett views his work as his contribution to the nation.

Hostages’ families step up protests amid reports of new ceasefire

31 Oct 2023  |  www.jwire.com.au
Israeli and Arab officials are intensifying efforts to negotiate a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas amid escalating protests by families of hostages held in Gaza. The protests have intensified following the accidental killing of three hostages by Israeli forces. Families are demanding the return of the hostages, with some resorting to hunger strikes. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has reaffirmed his commitment to bringing the captives home. Rumors of a potential deal have surfaced, with Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh arriving in Egypt for talks. Despite diplomatic efforts, families remain pessimistic about the hostages' conditions and the government's approach. The article highlights the ongoing tension and the complex dynamics between military actions and diplomatic negotiations.

Where does Hamas, the second richest terror group in the world, get its $2 billion annual budget from?

30 Oct 2023  |  nationalpost
Hamas, the second richest terror group globally, maintains a $2 billion annual budget through various sources including the Palestinian Authority, taxation, Iranian contributions, charity, and Qatari support. Despite the dire conditions in Gaza, Hamas leaders live lavishly, staying in luxury hotels and flying on private jets. The group's funding is used for both personal luxuries and military infrastructure. Israel has vowed to dismantle Hamas following the October 7 massacre, with plans to target its leadership both within Gaza and abroad. The article highlights the complex web of financial and political support that sustains Hamas, drawing criticism towards its enablers.

Rothman: Supreme Court decision a ‘shame,’ but not time to re-legislate

30 Oct 2023  |  The 5 Towns Jewish Times
In a controversial decision, Israel's Supreme Court struck down the 'reasonableness law,' part of Prime Minister Netanyahu's judicial reforms. Knesset member Simcha Rothman, a key architect of the reforms, plans to re-legislate the law post-war. Rothman criticizes the court's timing and emphasizes unity during the ongoing war against Hamas. He supports the IDF's efforts and opposes allowing fuel into Gaza. Rothman also dismisses the U.S. plan to revitalize the P.A. as unrealistic and stresses the need for Gaza's demilitarization. He criticizes Naftali Bennett's political actions during the war and calls for unity among Israelis.

Israel sets sights on Hamas ‘Royalty’ living abroad

30 Oct 2023  |  www.jwire.com.au
Hamas leaders live lavishly abroad while Palestinians in Gaza struggle, with their net worth estimated at $11 billion. The group's funding sources include the Palestinian Authority, taxation, Iran, charities, and Qatar. Israel vows to target Hamas leadership globally following the Oct. 7 massacre. Criticism is directed at Qatar and Turkey for their support of Hamas, while the U.S. considers reassessing its relationship with Doha. Israeli officials emphasize psychological warfare to instill fear in Hamas leaders.

'When her phone died, I said, 'I hope they shoot her, I hope it’s quick'': Sister of Hamas hostage

07 Oct 2023  |  nationalpost
Eden Yerushalmi, a 24-year-old Pilates teacher, was kidnapped by Hamas terrorists from the Supernova music festival on October 7. Her sister, Shani Yerushalmi, recounts the harrowing experience of staying on the phone with Eden for hours as she hid from the attackers. Despite the initial relief that Eden was not killed, she remains in captivity in Gaza. Shani remains hopeful for her sister's release, emphasizing Eden's strength and resilience. The article highlights the broader context of the hostage crisis and the Israeli government's response.

Israeli Officials Decry UNSC Ceasefire Resolution, US Abstention

25 Mar 2023  |  The Jewish Link
Israeli officials, including Prime Minister Netanyahu, condemned the U.N. Security Council's resolution calling for a ceasefire in the conflict with Hamas, criticizing the U.S. for abstaining from the vote. They argue that the resolution undermines efforts to secure the release of hostages and weakens Israel's position. The decision has led to a cancellation of a high-level Israeli delegation's visit to Washington. Various Israeli ministers and political figures expressed their disapproval, emphasizing the need to continue military operations until hostages are released and Hamas is defeated. The U.S. administration's stance is seen as a significant policy shift, drawing criticism from both Israeli officials and Jewish leaders.

The 100th Day of Captivity Commemorated With a ‘Ride for Freedom’

15 Jan 2023  |  unitedwithisrael.org
Thousands of cyclists from over 40 cities participated in a mass solidarity ride organized by Israel–Premier Tech, the Hostage and Missing Families Forum, and the Israeli Cycling Federation to mark the 100th day of captivity of hostages held by Hamas in Gaza. The event, initiated by Sylvan Adams, aimed to raise awareness and call for the immediate release of the hostages. The ride took place in multiple cities worldwide, with participants tying yellow ribbons to their bikes and sharing photos on social media. The article highlights the brutal conditions faced by the hostages, the international support for their release, and the ongoing efforts by Israeli authorities and organizations to secure their freedom.

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