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Amie Williams

Athens, Greece
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About Amie
Amie Williams is a video and print journalist based in Athens, Greece. She has over twenty years of experience, freelancing for such outlets as Al Jazeera, PBS, CBC, Huffington Post, TruthDig, KPFK Radio, Free Speech TV, SABC and Kenya Nation TV. She has also produced and directed 6 award-winning feature documentary films, branded content and series, broadcast on PBS and Al Jazeera English. Her body of work represents global, diverse, authentic storytelling from under-represented voices and regions.

Born and raised in the United States, Amie graduated from Yale University, B.A. in English and U.C.L.A. Graduate School with an M.F.A. in film directing. She writes, shoots and edits all her work. In 2010, in response to the glaring gender and racial inequity in news, she co-founded the NGO, GlobalGirl Media, which teaches under-represented young women in citizen journalism. GGM is now a global youth news organisation that trains and reports in South Africa, Kosovo, London, Greece, Guatemala, Chicago, and Los Angeles . Amie regularly activates this network of emerging journalists to assist her in projects.  

Recently relocated from Los Angeles to Athens, Amie has also been building a portfolio of reporting on refugees/migrants. Last year, Amie was named "One of 50 Women Who Can Change Media and Entertainment," by Take The Lead, and won the With And For Girls Award in 2018. Earlier in her career she was chosen together with an international group of documentary filmmakers by the American Film Institute and the U.S. State Department to tour five countries with her film NO SWEAT about female garment workers and American Apparel in Los Angeles. In 2014, her film, WE ARE WISCONSIN was named by Michael Moore "one of this decade's most significant films for revealing an era of corporate greed." She is also a recipient of the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur International Peace Award in 1990.
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06 Apr 2024  |  womensenews.org
A Virginia judge's ruling that a mother must stop breastfeeding to accommodate the father's visitation rights exemplifies the civil rights crisis mothers face in family courts. This case reflects a broader pattern of mothers losing custody and visitation rights, often amidst allegations of abuse against the father. The courts are accused of violating mothers' civil rights, preventing them from presenting evidence, and retaliating against those who seek help from law enforcement. The article calls for the Department of Justice to intervene and address the systemic issues within family courts.

What Do You Think Of A Modern Monte Carlo?

12 Oct 2023  |  autos.yahoo.com
A digital rendering by TheSketchMonkey imagines a modern 2021 Chevrolet Monte Carlo, showcasing a bright yellow design with elements reminiscent of the sixth-generation model. The rendering features a narrow C-pillar, modern triangular tail lights, a rear spoiler, and flush door handles. The article reflects on the Monte Carlo's history and its cult following, particularly among NASCAR fans. The rendering has been well-received, highlighting the artist's talent and the car's potential appeal if reintroduced.

Time Is Running Out To Speed Off Bandit-Style In A 1979 Trans Am Signed By Burt Reynolds

28 Jul 2023  |  autos.yahoo.com
An opportunity to win a fully restored 1979 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am, signed by the late Burt Reynolds, is being offered through the Bandit Dream Giveaway. The giveaway, which ends on July 28th, supports veterans' and children's charities. The car, equipped with a Special Edition Y84 package and a 403-cubic-inch V-8 engine, has been meticulously restored and features low mileage. The winner will also receive $17,500 to cover taxes and a trip to Clearwater, Florida to receive the car. The article highlights the enduring legacy of Burt Reynolds and the cultural impact of 'Smokey and the Bandit'.

Tunisia's Nobel Peace Prize and the Paradox of Peace

07 Apr 2023  |  HuffPost
The article discusses the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to a quartet of Tunisian civil society groups for their role in the peaceful transition to democracy in Tunisia. The author reflects on the dynamics of Tunisian civil society, particularly the active participation of women in politics and social issues. Despite the recognition of women's rights in Tunisia as advanced, the author points out the ongoing challenges, including domestic violence. The paradox of Tunisians' desire for peace amidst recent terrorist attacks and the high number of Tunisian youth joining jihadist groups is also highlighted. The author sees the quartet as a symbol of hope and a lesson in cooperation for resolving political crises.

Pete Doherty says his new look is down to his love of cheese on toast

24 Mar 2021  |  Mail Online
Pete Doherty has attributed his healthier appearance to his love of cheese on toast and a newfound appreciation for sleep, contrasting with his past struggles with drug addiction and erratic sleep patterns. The musician, known for his work with Babyshambles and The Libertines, now enjoys a quieter life in Étretat, Normandy, with his girlfriend Katia De Vidas. Doherty has faced numerous legal issues in the past, including drug possession and driving while disqualified, but has found stability in recent years, partly due to owning a hotel in Margate. He continues to engage with fans through social media and music-related events.

Haul It All With This Beautiful 1965 Ford F100 SWB Ready For Bids

18 Sep 2020  |  autos.yahoo.com
A 1965 Ford F-100 SWB in Caribbean Turquoise, originally from the North Carolina/Georgia mountains, is set to be auctioned by Tom Mack Classics. The truck features a freshly rebuilt 390-cubic-inch V8 engine and a 'three on a tree' 3-speed manual transmission. It comes with the original owner card and a 1964 North Carolina title. The vehicle is noted for its great shape and readiness for shows or practical use.

Mean Modified Chevy S-10 Pickup Sports An Extra-Short Bed

16 Sep 2020  |  autos.yahoo.com
A first-generation Chevrolet S-10 pickup has been significantly modified to have an extra-short bed and a powerful GM 350-cubic-inch V8 engine. The modifications, which include a cowl induction hood, painted bumpers, an aftermarket grille, and black-finished alloy wheels, make the truck stand out at car meets. The vehicle, which is no longer suitable for normal hauls, is appreciated for its uniqueness and the effort put into its customization. The source of the information is GM Authority, and a video by Big J-3RD showcases the truck.

Prowl With Style In A Strikingly Modified 1974 DeTomaso Pantera

04 Sep 2020  |  autos.yahoo.com
A modified 1974 DeTomaso Pantera, originally a Lusso model, is listed on Bring A Trailer with a current bid of $49,000 and the auction ending on September 8th. The car features a glossy black respray, staggered 17-inch wheels, Michelin Pilot Sport tires, and Wilwood disc brakes. It is powered by a 355-cubic-inch V8 engine with 393 horsepower, built by Rich’s Automotive Machine Shop and Smith-Dawson. The interior is reupholstered in Porsche black leather with a Sparco steering wheel and modern amenities. The car comes with records, a window sticker, and a clean Texas title, and was originally purchased from New London Motors, Inc. in Connecticut.

Custom Demon-Powered '68 Dodge Charger Is A Modern Mopar Masterpiece

03 Sep 2020  |  autos.yahoo.com
Allen's Restorations has transformed a 1968 Dodge Charger into a modern masterpiece, incorporating elements from newer models and a powerful 6.2-liter HEMI Demon V8 engine. The restoration, led by Allen, involved extensive modifications to the exterior and interior, resulting in a unique and high-performance vehicle. The car, owned by Tony Johnson of Jaded Brand, is praised for its sleek design and impressive power.

Sunny Cruises Await In This Stunning 1969 Chevy Chevelle SS 396 Convertible

28 Aug 2020  |  autos.yahoo.com
A 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 396 Convertible, originally painted Fathom Green and resprayed in Tuxedo Black, is heading to an online auction hosted by Iron Planet's Leake Virtual Live Auction on August 31st. The car features a L35 396-cubic-inch V8 engine, a Turbo Hydra-Matic 400 automatic transmission, and an immaculate red interior with deluxe instruments. Leake Auctions, under Ritchie Bros., is conducting the auctioneer-led online event due to restrictions on large gatherings, offering a no-entry-fee auction with limited consignment spots.

This Pontiac Firebird 'Shark Mouth' Wagon Is A Wild Wide-Body

27 Aug 2020  |  autos.yahoo.com
Digital artist Rostislav Prokop created a rendering of a wide-body Pontiac Firebird shooting brake with 'shark mouth' livery, reminiscent of American fighter airplanes during WWII. The rendering evokes the Chevy Nomad with its rear windows and wagon style, featuring large skirts, spoilers, a lowered suspension, and 5-spoke Vossen-like wheels. The front end showcases a rare Trans Am look from 1969 with twin intake scoops, quad lights, and fender vents. The article reflects on the enduring legacy of Pontiac's vehicles, including the Firebird and Trans Am, despite the brand's discontinuation in 2010.

What Are Your Thoughts On This Nissan GT-R Widebody?

26 Aug 2020  |  autos.yahoo.com
A lifelike 3D rendering of a wide-body Nissan GT-R by artist Kalim Oozeear has been shared on Instagram, showcasing a simplistic yet attractive design with angular fenders, large dish-like wheels, and a glossy blue finish. While the current Nissan GT-R model, the R35, has been around for 13 years, Nissan has confirmed a future for the model. The rendering is so realistic that it blurs the line between digital and actual cars, highlighting the advancements in computer technology.

Wild Coyote-Powered 1965 Mustang Widebody Built To Throw Down In X-Cross

25 Aug 2020  |  autos.yahoo.com
A custom 1965 Ford Mustang with a modern Coyote V8 engine was showcased at an SCCA Autocross event in Oscoda, Michigan. Built by a veteran Baja racer, the car features a widebody, modern suspension from the Mustang S550 platform, and mechanical parts from a Shelby GT350. The interior is stripped down for racing, with a full roll cage and racing bucket seats. While not a show car, it's designed to excel in autocross competitions.

From An Old Window Factory To One Car Collector's Epic Garage

25 Aug 2020  |  autos.yahoo.com
DawnElise Interiors International, led by interior designer Dawn Hamilton, transformed a former window factory into a 6,200-square-foot luxurious garage for a car collector in Florida. The space, inspired by Porsche, not only houses the collector's vehicles but also provides business accommodations. The design incorporates massive windows for natural light, with a special frosting film for privacy.

Mopar Mashup: Vintage Plymouth 'Cuda Rendered On A Modern Dodge Challenger

22 Aug 2020  |  autos.yahoo.com
Mopar enthusiasts are excited about Dodge's high-performance lineup for 2021, and a digital artist, Timothy Adry Emmanuel, has created a rendering that combines a modern Dodge Challenger with the classic Plymouth 'Cuda. The rendering features 'Cuda characteristics such as a shaker hood and retro-inspired fascias. The Plymouth 'Cuda, a high-performance version of the Barracuda, was built from 1964 to 1974 and shared the E-body platform with the Dodge Challenger. With the Plymouth brand defunct and rumors of a 'Cuda revival under Dodge, enthusiasts are speculating about the return of the 'Cuda nameplate, especially as Dodge is working on the next generation of Mopar muscle cars with a potential launch in 2023.

Flex Around Town In A 1979 Pontiac Trans Am 10th-Anniversary Edition

20 Aug 2020  |  autos.yahoo.com
The 1979 Pontiac Trans Am 10th Anniversary Edition is a special version released by Pontiac to commemorate a decade of its successful muscle car. Showdown Auto is offering this model, which has just over 70,000 miles on the clock. It features a unique silver and charcoal exterior with red and black pinstripes, a 403-cubic-inch V8 engine, a three-speed automatic transmission, and the WS-6 handling package. The interior boasts silver leather and comes with power windows, locks, steering, and factory air conditioning.

In Ten Days, This 2020 Shelby GT500 Could Be In Your Garage!

19 Aug 2020  |  autos.yahoo.com
The 2020 Shelby GT500, the fastest production Mustang, is being offered in a giveaway by the Shelby American Collection. Donations increase chances to win, and the car features a 760-horsepower V8 engine, Carbon Fiber Track Package, and advanced technology and comfort features. The winner also receives a track experience and a gift certificate for car care products.

This '69 Dodge Charger R/T 'Boost Bomb' Build Is Twin-Turbo Insanity

17 Aug 2020  |  autos.yahoo.com
A digital artist named Kalim Oozeear created a virtual rendering of a 1969 Dodge Charger R/T, nicknamed 'Boost Bomb,' featuring a twin-turbo setup and a striking copper/bronze-like finish. The design suggests the car would have air suspension and custom wheels, paired with a contrasting red roll cage. The rendering is praised for its realistic appearance and menacing aesthetic, although it remains a digital concept.

Tackle The Trails In An LS3-Powered Land Rover Custom Defender 90

17 Aug 2020  |  autos.yahoo.com
E.C.D. Automotive Design offers a custom-built Land Rover Defender 90, named 'Project Alpinist,' featuring a powerful LS3 V8 engine, modern upgrades, and a vintage aesthetic. The company, founded by Tom, Elliot, and Scott, specializes in creating bespoke off-road vehicles with high-quality components like Nitto Ridge Grapplers, Brembo brakes, and Recaro Orthoped seats. The article highlights the company's growth and dedication to craftsmanship, making the Defender 90 an ideal choice for off-road enthusiasts.

Sunny Scenic Cruises Await In This Stunning 1970 Ford Mustang Convertible

29 Jul 2020  |  autos.yahoo.com
A 1970 Ford Mustang convertible is currently available for bidding through Awesome Joe's Auctions, with a bid of $16,000 and 4 days remaining. The car is described as being in great condition, finished in Grabber Blue with a white ivory soft top, and features a 302-cubic-inch V8 engine, automatic transmission, new radiator, power steering, and brakes. The interior includes an upgraded Bluetooth radio and air conditioning.

Provoke Purists In A Twin-Turbo 1970 Chevy Nova Restomod 'Black Nasty'

28 Jul 2020  |  autos.yahoo.com
A 1970 Chevrolet Nova restomod, nicknamed 'Black Nasty', is available for purchase from Volo Cars. The car features a matte black finish with carbon fiber decals, Coys wheels, and Mickey Thompson tires. It has a twin-turbocharged 6.9-liter V8 Dart SHP engine with 650 horsepower, a pro-built 350 automatic transmission, and a heavy-duty rear end with a posi-diff. The interior includes Ostrich-textured upholstery with custom embroidery. The restomod is listed at $36,998.

Own A Stunning Rare Gold 2019 Porsche 911 Turbo S Exclusive Series

23 Jul 2020  |  autos.yahoo.com
A rare 2019 Porsche 911 Turbo S Exclusive Series, number 152 out of 200 cabriolets built for North American clients, is being offered by MotorGroup Auto Gallery. With only 38 miles on the odometer, this Golden Yellow Metallic car features a twin-turbocharged 3.8-liter flat-six engine with 607 horsepower, a seven-speed PDK transaxle, and a top speed of 205 mph. The interior boasts sporty bucket seats and high-end features like Lane Change Assist and a Burmeister surround sound system. The car retains its Porsche factory warranty and is priced at $279,000.

Rendering Shows A Realistic Version Of A Modernized Pontiac Firebird

21 Jul 2020  |  autos.yahoo.com
A digital artist known as @Tuningcar_ps has created a realistic digital rendering of a modernized Pontiac Firebird, based on the modern Camaro ZL1. The artwork was shared on his Instagram account, highlighting the nostalgia for classic muscle car body lines and the void left by the discontinued Pontiac brand.

Lavishly Cruise Around Town In A 1974 BMW 3.0CS 5-Speed

14 Jul 2020  |  autos.yahoo.com
A two-owner 1974 BMW 3.0CS with a 5-speed manual transmission and under 69,000 miles is up for auction on Bring a Trailer. Originally sold by Barr Motors Inc in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, the car has been meticulously maintained and upgraded, featuring Amazon Green paint, European-market bumpers, Alpina-style alloy wheels, and a M30 3.0-liter inline-six engine. The interior boasts tan leather upholstery, wood trim accents, and modernized features such as a Retrosound radio with auxiliary input. The car comes with service records, a window sticker, tool kit, and a clean title from Oregon.

Luxuriously Tackle The Off-Road In A 2016 Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon

09 Jul 2020  |  autos.yahoo.com
A 2016 Mercedes-Benz G550 4MATIC, known for its luxury and off-road capabilities, is currently up for auction through Awesome Joe's Auctions. The vehicle, finished in white pearl paint, has only 27,456 miles and is equipped with a twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 engine. It has spent most of its life in Florida and has never seen snow. The G-Wagon features a black leather interior with white accents, three locking differentials, a ladder frame, a low-range transfer case, and all-wheel drive, making it suitable for off-road adventures.

Live Your Best JDM Life In An Ultra-Rare 2021 Subaru STI S209

09 Jul 2020  |  autos.yahoo.com
The 2021 Subaru STI S209, limited to 209 units with the featured car being number 153, is touted as the best-performing street-legal Subaru. It features a turbocharged 2.5-liter Subaru Boxer engine with 341 horsepower, capable of 0 to 60 mph in just over 4 seconds. The car's design, including a wider body, BBS wheels, Dunlop tires, and Brembo brakes, is optimized for performance and handling. The interior boasts Recaro seats and exclusive S-Series accents. The car is offered through Dream Giveaway, with proceeds supporting veterans' and children's charities.

NHL Hall Of Famer Ed Belfour Listed Rare '71 Plymouth Barracuda For $1.2M

08 Jul 2020  |  autos.yahoo.com
Ed Belfour, a former NHL goaltender and Hall of Famer, has listed his rare 1971 Plymouth Barracuda for $1.2 million. The car is one of only five '71 Barracuda convertibles with a 440 Six-Pack and a 4-speed manual transmission. It has been meticulously maintained with all numbers-matching and underwent a top-notch restoration by Jeff at Carman Customs. The car retains much of its original build sheet and is expected to retain or increase in value. A similar model previously sold for $3.5 million at auction.

1,650-HP Carbon Fiber 1970 Dodge Charger Is Propelled By A Boat Racing Engine

Viper V10-Powered 1968 Plymouth GTX Is One Custom Mean Machine

01 Jul 2020  |  autos.yahoo.com
Ian Neary from New Zealand has built a custom 1968 Plymouth GTX restomod, named 'Eruption', powered by a 505-cubic-inch Dodge Viper V10 engine. The car, which was originally in rough shape from Texas, underwent extensive custom fabrication, featuring a custom K-frame, a four-link, and Wilwood brakes. Neary, a Mopar enthusiast, was inspired to undertake this project after attending the SEMA show in Las Vegas and judging for the Shine Award. The build showcases a clean engine bay with custom modifications and a Tremec T56 6-speed manual transmission.

Amie Williams gives a TEDx talk in Barcelona Spain as part of a special TED gathering honoring women in global media.

Borders of Love, Borders of War, article about a road trip through Turkey to the Syrian border, retracing the journey of a young Tunisian woman in search of her sister who joined ISIS.

Exclusive report from refugee young women in Greece for KPFK radio and Free Speech TV

MERCEDES: PORTRAIT OF A STREET SWEEPER: A story of one woman, and an encounter with two female filmmakers from the US, her pride in her job and love for her country, shot in one day in Old Havana, Cuba.

TUNISIAN GIRL: Profile of the late Lina Ben Mheni, a leading female blogger from Tunis, Tunisia who died in 2020, responsible for leading a group of young bloggers that covered the Jasmine Revolution in Tunisia which inspired the Arab Spring.

AMASAN: Short documentary that looks at the dying art of the Amasan of Shirahama, Japan, women who plumb the depths of the ocean without any technical diving equipment, holding their breath for up to two minutes at a time to fish for abalone.

HOMEFRONT: More U.S. women served in the Iraq War than any previous conflict, but many of them returned home to find that new battles await them. Short documentary produced for Al Jazeera English's WITNESS.

LANGUAGE OF THE HEART: The Northern Arapaho in Wyoming introduce and immersion language program to help save their dying language. Produced for Al Jazeera English's documentary series WITNESS.

WE ARE WISCONSIN: feature documentary about six ordinary Wisconsinites who join thousands of protestors at the State Capitol, building a citizen-driven uprising that would become the first Occupy demonstration in the United States that sparked a movement.


05 Sep 2019  |  Medium
The article tells the story of Adele, a young Afghan refugee girl in Greece, and her experiences with education, integration, and the looming threat of displacement due to changing government policies. The recent Greek elections have brought the conservative Nea Demokratia Party to power, which has a far-right agenda that includes anti-refugee policies. The article highlights the closure of City Plaza Hotel, a cooperative living space for refugees, and the impact on the refugees who lived there, including Adele and her family. It also discusses the EU-Turkey Deal and its consequences for asylum seekers in Greece. The author reflects on the initiatives by Greek NGOs and volunteers to support refugee women and girls, including a film and journalism training class run by the author and Greek photojournalist Louisa Gouliamaki, funded by The Melissa Network and other organizations. Adele's achievements in filmmaking and her forced departure from Greece to Belgium are also covered, with a note on her determination to continue her education and passion for film.

The Camera as a Tool for Empowerment: The GlobalGirl Media Story

23 Mar 2015  |  HuffPost
Amie Williams, a filmmaker and founder of GlobalGirl Media, reflects on her journey from an independent filmmaker to an advocate for women's voices in media. She shares alarming statistics about women's representation in film and news, and recounts her experiences in Kenya, where she witnessed the aftermath of a flawed election and the impact of violence on women. Williams discusses the inception of GlobalGirl Media, an organization aimed at training young women from underprivileged backgrounds as citizen journalists. The article highlights the importance of diverse female narratives in media and the role of storytelling in social justice. GlobalGirl Media has expanded globally, training over 300 young women and producing content on a wide range of issues. Williams emphasizes the transformative power of media in the lives of these young women, as exemplified by Wendy Garcia's experience with the organization.

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