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Amir Kalhor

Belfast, United Kingdom
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About Amir
Amir kalhor is a journalist.
Persian (Farsi)
Live Reporting Fact Checking
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در ادامه اعتراضات سراسری در ایران و هم‌زمان با رویارویی معترضان و بسیجیان در دانشگاه شریف، دختران و پسران دانشجو در دانشگاه امیرکبیر تهران هم با وجود مخالفت حراست دانشگاه در کنار هم در سلف دانشگاه حاضر شدند. گفتگو با امیر کلهر، روزنامه‌نگار

Our Deaths Are Also Silent

02 Nov 2022


امیر کلهر: نسل امروز دیگر به احزاب حکومتی دل نمی‌بندد و آگاه‌تر و شجاع‌تر است

ارزیابی امیر‌عباس کلهر، از اعتراضات در دانشگاه الزهرا؛دانشجویان الزهرا حجاب از سر برداشتند

An Iranian journalist living in NI: ‘Here, if you kiss or hug someone in the street, police will not blame you or arrest you. But in Iran it happens every day’

22 Oct 2022  |  BelfastTelegraph.co.uk
Amir Kalhor, an Iranian journalist residing in Northern Ireland, provides a personal perspective on the protests in Iran, which were ignited by the death of Mahsa Amini. The article highlights the strict dress code enforced in Iran, implying a lack of personal freedom in contrast to the liberties experienced in places like Northern Ireland. The journalist's account underscores the societal and legal differences between the two regions, particularly in terms of public behavior and law enforcement responses.

Debate with the Matter of Life and Death

11 Jul 2022  |  روزنامه دنیای اقتصاد
Brian Magee, a renowned philosopher with experience in journalism and poetry, addresses questions of life and death, truth and deception, joy and sorrow in his 598-page novel 'Confronting Death'. The story revolves around John Smith, a journalist living in the Middle East who discovers he may have blood cancer. The novel, which is Magee's only work of fiction, is noted for its engaging dialogue and philosophical exploration without being tedious. It has been translated by the late Mojtaba Abdollahnejad and published several times by Farhang Nashr No, currently priced at 162,000 tomans. Abdollahnejad reflected on death throughout his translation process and passed away shortly after completing the work.

Privatization; Riding a Horse with a Stick

01 Jul 2020  |  روزنامه دنیای اقتصاد
The article discusses the challenges and inefficiencies in the privatization of football clubs in Iran, particularly Esteghlal and Persepolis. It highlights the government's reluctance to relinquish control over these clubs due to the social capital they hold. The piece also touches on the broader issue of privatization in Iran, suggesting that despite the potential benefits, the process often remains superficial with the state retaining indirect control. The authors argue for a genuine privatization that could lead to economic growth and improved sports management.

International Law and Diplomacy in Conversation with Davood Hermidas Bavand - Amir Kolahr

29 Jan 2014  |  www.jebhemelli.info
The article is an interview with Dr. Davood Hermidas Bavand, an experienced diplomat with a doctorate in international relations who has represented Iran at the United Nations. It discusses the relationship between international law and diplomacy, the evolution of international law since the Peace of Westphalia, and the importance of diplomacy in historical contexts. The article also touches on the qualifications and skills required for diplomats, the impact of international law on state relations, and the role of non-state actors in international law. It highlights the changes in Iranian diplomacy post-revolution and the need for diplomats to be well-versed in international law, languages, and etiquette. The article suggests that despite the existence of international human rights organizations, many member countries do not adhere to their commitments.

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