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Amit Chaudhary

Melbourne, Australia
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About Amit
Amit Chaudhary is a print and broadcast journalist based in Melbourne, Australia with more than 16 years of experience in broadcast, digital and print journalism.
Before moving to Australia, he worked with India's largest media organisations Network18 and Star news as broadcast journalist for more than 15 years covering Northern Indian states Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu&Kashmir.

Currently he is contributing for India's largest newspaper Dainik Bhaskar as a independent journalist covering South Asia-Pacific region from Melbourne.
English Hindi Punjabi
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Business Finance Politics

Join the Salesforce Adventure at CzechDreamin 2024

17 May 2024  |  www.apexhours.com
CzechDreamin 2024, a community-run Salesforce conference, will be held on May 17th, 2024, at the Prague Congress Centre in VyŇ°ehrad, Prague. The event promises a blend of learning, fun, and networking opportunities, catering to a broad audience including admins, consultants, developers, NGO representatives, and marketers. Attendees can expect insightful keynotes, multiple sessions, interactions with sponsors, and cultural experiences. The conference is calling for session proposals, particularly in marketing, AI, and new technologies, with a submission deadline of February 19th, 9 pm CET.

High-throughput selection of glucose-binding proteins from massive datasets: Integrating molecular docking and molecular dynamics simulations

20 Mar 2024  |  www.biorxiv.org
The study presents a high-throughput method for selecting glucose-binding proteins from large datasets by integrating molecular docking and molecular dynamics simulations. The approach aims to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of identifying potential glucose-binding proteins, which could have significant implications for various biomedical applications.

Salesforce Communications Cloud

22 Feb 2024  |  www.apexhours.com
Salesforce Communications Cloud offers a comprehensive suite tailored for the communications industry, integrating tools like Industries CPQ, Enterprise Product Catalog, Digital Commerce, Order Management, and Contract Lifecycle Management. It aims to enhance customer experiences and operational efficiencies, adhering to TM-Forum standards. Key benefits include fast product launches, accurate quotes and orders, efficient contract management, and advanced digital commerce capabilities.

How to Become a Salesforce Consultant

12 Feb 2024  |  www.apexhours.com
A Salesforce consultant works with business stakeholders to define requirements, customize the Salesforce platform, and help businesses maximize its use. Key responsibilities include creating a Functional Design Document and suggesting process improvements. Essential skills for a consultant include effective communication, active listening, understanding business processes, industry knowledge, and relationship building. Steps to become a consultant include gaining experience with Salesforce, acquiring certifications, developing soft skills, building a network, and gaining hands-on experience through real-world projects.

Journey to Salesforce

11 Nov 2023  |  www.apexhours.com
Journey to Salesforce, also known as J2S, is a free online program available in the US, Canada, and India, designed to prepare individuals for a career as a Salesforce Developer. The program offers extensive learning content, mentorship, and community support, with no prior Salesforce experience required. Participants can earn rewards and certification vouchers upon completion. The program is tailored to regional needs and includes various support channels such as Slack, Telegram, and community groups. Amit Chaudhary, a Salesforce MVP and founder of Apex Hours, is associated with the program.

RAML and Publish to Exchange in MuleSoft

25 Sep 2023  |  apexhours.com
The article serves as a tutorial on the basics of RAML and how to publish an API to the exchange in MuleSoft. It covers the use of resourceTypes, the inclusion of files, and types in RAML, aiming to promote best practices and avoid redundancy in code. The article also introduces the concept of traits, which are used to extract common patterns from method definitions across resources. The author, Amit Chaudhary, is a Salesforce MVP and the founder of Apex Hours, which offers a complete MuleSoft Training program.

Designing APIs in MuleSoft

22 Sep 2023  |  apexhours.com
The article provides an overview of designing APIs using MuleSoft's Anypoint Platform. It covers the various components of the platform, including the Design Center, Anypoint Exchange, API Manager, Runtime Manager, Access Management, Anypoint Monitoring/Visualizer, and Secret Manager. It also explains the role of API specifications and how the API Designer tool can be used to create specifications in RAML and OAS formats.

API Led Connectivity

20 Sep 2023  |  apexhours.com
API-led connectivity is an architectural approach associated with MuleSoft, emphasizing the creation of well-defined APIs at different layers of an organization's IT infrastructure. It promotes reusability, modularity, and separation of concerns, with a bottom-up approach starting at the system layer. The approach includes three layers: System, Process, and Experience, each serving different purposes and ensuring sensitive data is not exposed publicly. The Anypoint Platform is mentioned for registration.

Salesforce OAuth Flows Guidelines and Tips

11 Sep 2023  |  apexhours.com
The article provides a comprehensive guide on different OAuth flows in Salesforce, detailing considerations for choosing the appropriate flow for various scenarios. It explains the OAuth 2.0 framework and its use in Salesforce, contrasting it with other protocols like SAML. The guide covers eight specific OAuth flows, including Web Server Authentication, User-Agent, JWT Bearer Token, SAML Bearer Assertion, SAML Assertion, Username-Password, Device Authentication, and Asset Token flows, as well as the Refresh Token flow. It also discusses the security aspects of each flow and provides a decision guide for when to use each one. The author, Amit Chaudhary, is a Salesforce MVP and founder of Apex Hours.


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