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AMR Galal

AMR Galal SAKR is a journalist based in Cairo, Egypt.

Amr has 12 years of experience in writing for the print and online press, and worked in the investigations and interviews departments, and most recently the head of the military and international affairs department in the widely spread Egyptian newspaper Al-Akhbar in the Arabic language. He has experience covering many conferences and exhibitions in Egypt and the Arab region.
He previously participated in the 3-month fellowship program in South Korea by Kwanhun-KPF Press 2013 and the "IVLP" fellowship program from the USA in 2017, and has covered a range of topics in Russia, Japan, China, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Sudan, and he is also A certified journalist at the Egyptian Ministry of Defense and a member of the Egyptian Journalists Syndicate. He has a weekly article published in the daily newspaper and website Al-Akhbar. He is also the honorary correspondent of Korea Net, which publishes in Arabic. and other languages.
About  Al- Akhbar
Al Akhbar Daily Newspaper is one of the most important Egyptian newspapers and the most widespread in Egypt, especially since it owns a series of other specialized publications in sports, literature, art and accidents and magazines for children, cars and the blind in Braille.
Al Akhbar Newspaper was established in the 1950s and has a circulation of 500 to 600,000 copies per day. In addition to having a news website ranging from one million to one million and a half visitors a day.
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instagram: akhbarelyoum-eg
Twitter: akhbarelyoum-eg


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