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Amy Lavelle

Brighton, United Kingdom
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About Amy
Amy Lavelle is a journalist based in Brighton, United Kingdom. She writes about lifestyle, culture and fashion, as well as women’s interest pieces for digital and print publications. Find her byline at The Pool, Telegraph, You & Your Wedding and Metro among others. She also subedits Holt Publishing's All About magazines and has appeared on the BBC discussing feminism and Catholicism.
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Robbie Williams and Ayda Field’s loss is a staunch reminder that pet bereavement is real grief

03 Jun 2024  |  www.stylist.co.uk
Robbie Williams and Ayda Field's experience underscores the reality of pet bereavement as a form of genuine grief.

I’ve spent my life in women-only spaces and this is why I disagree with them

22 May 2018  |  Red Online
The author critiques the concept of women-only spaces, arguing that they are regressive and perpetuate the idea that women need protection from men. Drawing from personal experiences in women-only environments, the author contends that gender segregation is not the solution to issues like sexual harassment. Instead, the focus should be on improving practices and holding men to higher standards. The piece emphasizes the importance of mixed-gender interactions and the need to address the root causes of gender-based vulnerabilities.

The awkward rise of the friendship pay gap - and how to cope when your pals earn more than you

07 May 2018  |  www.glamourmagazine.co.uk
The article explores the concept of the 'friendship pay gap,' highlighting the financial disparities between friends and how it affects their relationships. It discusses the cultural taboo around discussing money, the discomfort it causes, and the impact on social interactions. Insights from psychologist Mamta Saha and personal anecdotes from various individuals illustrate the complexities of navigating friendships with differing financial situations.

How Valentine’s Day killed my relationship dead – then stamped on it for good measure

14 Feb 2018  |  The Scottish Sun
Valentine's Day led to the end of the author's relationship, highlighting the mismatch between expectations and reality. Despite meticulous planning, the evening was marred by the partner's indifference and a lackluster meal, culminating in a night spent watching 'Deal Or No Deal'. The relationship, already strained, ended a few weeks later, underscoring the absence of chemistry and connection.


I wrote a feature for The Pool on why getting married has only helped strengthen my relationships with the women in my life. This was based on the news that women are choosing fewer bridesmaids and the strain weddings can put on other women,

I'm Catholic and a feminist - talk about guilt

24 Dec 2016  |  The Telegraph
The article explores the internal conflict of being both a Catholic and a feminist, highlighting the author's struggle to reconcile her faith with her belief in women's rights. It criticizes certain conservative elements within the Catholic Church while expressing hope for a more progressive future. The author emphasizes that her faith transcends the actions of individual church members and remains committed to both her religion and feminist principles.

Other classic dating profile photos we’d like to see banned

24 Oct 2016  |  Metro
The article discusses the types of dating profile photos that should be banned, praising Bumble for its recent ban on mirror selfies and other types of photos. It criticizes other dating apps like Tinder for still allowing such photos and lists various types of photos that are considered annoying or misleading, such as Snapchat filters, group shots, and gym photos.

Rejoice the return of the Ugg

21 Oct 2016  |  Metro
The article discusses the resurgence of the UGG boot, a popular footwear choice in the early 2000s known for its comfort despite its lack of style and durability. The brand has recently been revitalized through a collaboration with Alexa Chung, leading to the launch of an updated version, the UGG 2.0, which addresses previous issues such as water resistance and shape retention. The article suggests that the return of the UGG boot is part of a larger fashion trend towards functional and comfortable clothing. It also highlights the influence of fashion icons like Alexa Chung in making trends popular. The author seems to endorse the UGG's comeback, framing it as a positive development in fashion that prioritizes wearability.

Got genital herpes? Online dating finds a new niche

14 Feb 2014  |  The Telegraph
The article discusses the significance of websites that assist individuals in finding happiness, companionship, and potentially love, especially for those living with HIV. The author acknowledges the gravity of an HIV diagnosis, which can often feel like a life sentence to celibacy according to some. The article also touches on the prevalence of herpes, noting that many people may have the virus without realizing it due to mild or absent symptoms. The author suggests that, for most people with herpes, it should only necessitate taking a break from sexual activity a few times a year during outbreaks.

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