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Amy Lewis

Dublin, Ireland
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About Amy
I am a freelance journalist from Dublin, currently based in Wexford. I work as a freelance journalist and have over six years of experience working for both print and online media outlets. At present, my writing predominantly focuses on scientific issues, travel and general interest features but I have experience in many more areas. I have written articles for publications such as Science Magazine, The Scientist, Australian Geographic, The Guardian UK and the Irish Times. 
Prior to becoming a freelance journalist, I worked as a full-time journalist for People Newpapers in Wexford – part of the Independent News and Media group. My role required me to conduct interviews and produce news and feature articles on a wide range of subjects. I left this position to pursue a passion for travel and concentrate on my freelance work. In the past, I also completed internships with Irish Tatler Magazine, wrote for a trade magazine named Irish Property Guides and served as Arts and Culture Editor of a student newspaper.
I hold a BA in Journalism and French from Dublin Institute of Technology and received a First Class Honours degree. On graduating, I was awarded the Sunday World Cup for achieving the highest final year grade in my year group. My final year dissertation examined scientific communication in the Irish print media. During my studies, I was one of two students chosen to undertake a semester abroad at l’Institut Pratique du Journalisme in Paris where I participated in a masters in journalism, entirely through the French language. 
I pride myself on my self-motivation and ability to work on my own initiative. In saying this, I also enjoy working as part of a team and like to share and develop ideas with other people. Having studied journalism, exceptional communication skills are also something that stands me apart from others. I like to see myself as an enthusiastic person who is always striving to acquire new skills and build upon my experience.
English French Gaelic
Interview (Video / Broadcast) Vox Pop News Gathering
Technology Science & Environment Health & Fitness

Nesting Season 101 – Hedge

28 Feb 2024  |  birdwatchireland.ie
Birds in Ireland are under pressure from habitat loss, predation, disturbance, and climate change. During nesting season, birds and their young are especially vulnerable. The Wildlife Act prohibits hedge-cutting and vegetation burning from March 1st to August 31st to protect nesting sites. Hedges are crucial for nesting and provide food, shelter, and carbon sequestration, aiding in climate change mitigation. The decline in bird populations is linked to habitat loss, emphasizing the importance of preserving hedges during nesting season. The article encourages reporting illegal cutting and burning to the Gardaí and NPWS. Enforcement of wildlife laws has improved, with a 39% increase in prosecution cases in 2023. The article also highlights the need for a cautious approach to hedgerow management due to early and late nesting birds, advocating for extending the period beyond the current legal restrictions.

Sing to the Lord a new song

12 Dec 2023  |  WORLD
Kingsley Davidson, an Australian father and bookkeeper, revitalized his passion for songwriting to teach children about theology through music. After a long hiatus due to discouragement from a church elder, Davidson moved to Forrest, Victoria, and began writing songs again, inspired by his new church community. His work includes an album titled 'Taste the New Testament,' and he continues to write songs to help children understand complex religious concepts. Davidson's efforts are positively received by both children and parents, and he now coordinates Kids’ Talks at his church.

10 Best Apps for Hikers and Backpackers

14 Apr 2022  |  Blue Ridge Mountains Travel Guide
The article reviews the top 10 hiking apps for 2022, highlighting their features, usability, and benefits for hikers and backpackers. Apps like AllTrails, FarOut, Gaia GPS, and OnX Backcountry are praised for their comprehensive trail information, offline capabilities, and user-friendly interfaces. The National Park Service app and Blue Ridge Parkway Travel Planner are noted for their updated information and accessibility features. iNaturalist is recognized for its educational value, while iOverlander is appreciated for its essential travel information. RunKeeper is valued for its tracking capabilities and music integration.

A social club? Inside the world of coursing

03 Feb 2019  |  www.independent.ie
The article delves into the world of hare coursing in Ireland, highlighting its cultural significance and the strong family ties among participants. It discusses the legal framework, the role of the Irish Coursing Club, and the conservation efforts associated with the sport. The piece also addresses the controversy surrounding hare coursing, with animal welfare organizations and political figures advocating for a ban due to concerns about cruelty. Despite the tradition and social aspects cherished by supporters, the debate remains polarized, with little prospect of finding common ground.

The clock is ticking to save the curlew

26 Apr 2018  |  The Irish Times
Ireland's breeding curlew population has plummeted by 96% since the 1980s, prompting conservation efforts such as BirdWatch Ireland's 'Cry of the Curlew' campaign and the establishment of the Curlew Task Force by Minister Heather Humphreys in 2017. The National Parks and Wildlife Service's Curlew Conservation Programme focuses on habitat improvement and protection from predation. Researchers from UCD are evaluating the programme's effectiveness, aiming for a sustainable growth benchmark of 0.5 chicks per pair. Criticism has been directed at the government for delayed action and contradictory policies, particularly regarding the Heritage Bill. The inaugural World Curlew Day on April 21st aims to raise international awareness and community involvement in curlew conservation.

Bringing AI To The Masses

20 Apr 2018  |  Asian Scientist Magazine
AI Saturdays, or AI6, is a non-profit initiative started by Nurture.AI CEO Yap Jia Qing in Singapore to educate the public on artificial intelligence through study groups, lectures, and projects. Since its inception in December 2017, it has expanded to 103 chapters worldwide with over 5,000 participants. The program leverages open-access materials from top universities and encourages practical application of AI knowledge. Ambassadors like Divyansh Jha and Kuo Ruey-shen emphasize AI as a beneficial skill for the future, countering fears of job displacement. Participants like Seema Goel and Rohit Singh have found the community and learning experience to be enriching and supportive.

A clash between birds and green energy

02 Feb 2018  |  The Irish Times
The article discusses Ireland's progress towards meeting its 2020 renewable energy targets under the EU's Renewable Energy Directive, with a focus on the impact of renewable energy infrastructure on migratory birds. Wind energy is highlighted as the primary source of renewable energy, with potential benefits for the Irish economy and job creation. However, the article also addresses the negative effects of wind turbines and power lines on bird populations, including collision risks and habitat disruption. Experts from Birdwatch Ireland and the Dublin Institute of Technology emphasize the importance of responsible site selection, environmental impact assessments, and the development of bird-sensitivity mapping tools to protect vulnerable species. The article also touches on the need for reducing energy demand alongside increasing energy production.

Can introducing birds back into ancient territory help to save them from the brink of extinction? A study says yes. Amy Lewis investigates to find out how this can be done.

How Microbes May Influence Our Behavior

02 Feb 2018  |  www.the-scientist.com
The article discusses the connection between the gut microbiome and mental health, a field of research that has gained momentum in recent years. John Cryan of the APC Microbiome Institute at University College Cork, along with other researchers, has found that gut bacteria can influence fear responses and stress. The term 'psychobiotics' was coined to describe live organisms that benefit mental health when ingested. Emeran Mayer of UCLA conducted a study showing that probiotic yogurt reduced negative brain responses in women. Additionally, a Mediterranean-style diet was linked to improved depression symptoms in a study by Deakin University in Australia. While the potential for dietary interventions in mental health treatment is acknowledged, experts like Shane O'Mara of Trinity College Dublin and Charles Bernstein of the University of Manitoba urge caution, emphasizing the need for more human studies. Jack Gilbert of the University of Chicago calls for a revolution in mental illness treatment, highlighting the importance of clinical trials for prebiotics and probiotics.

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