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Ana Gonzalez

Ana Gonzalez is a filmmaker/journalist with experience in more than 20 countries. She has collaborated with media outlets such as the BBC, Atlas Obscura, NatGeo, TIME, Al Jazeera, Mediaset and others. In 2021, her documentary “Flamenco Queer” was released by The New Yorker with support from the Pulitzer Center. Ana was previously a correspondent for Spanish press agency Efe/EPA in Paris and Bangkok, where she helped the company set up its multimedia headquarters for Asia – a continent she went on to explore extensively during four years as a freelance filmmaker with a base in Indonesia. In 2020, she co-founded Eye Rise Films – an audiovisual production house which tells stories that challenge the way we perceive the world.

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The National Police commemorates its bicentennial with an event at the port of Cartagena

Between 25 and 30 percent of people attended in health centers do so due to everyday life discomfort, according to Health

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Flu and Covid vaccination can be requested at health centers without an appointment starting Friday

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A few years ago, I founded Eye Rise Films – an audiovisual studio with a focus in social issues and creative solutions. We've already told stories from more than 20 countries for media outlets such as the BBC, The New Yorker, Al Jazeera, TIME or NatGeo.

Here you can find a selection of my work.

Photography / Human trafficking survivors (Kolkata, India)

Siete supervivientes de esclavitud sexual estudian Derecho para combatir una situación que condena a más de un millón de niños a este infierno en el subcontinente indio.

Una vida subterránea para combatir el calor extremo en el desierto de Australia –Coober Pedy, a pesar de sus duras condiciones climáticas, la escasez de agua y estar aislado del resto del planeta, da cobijo a más de 1.700 personas de unas 45nacionalidades

Becoming Spain's top female rejoneador requires a massive amount of dedication and sacrifice. Directed, shot and edited by Ana Gonzalez for the BBC.

Muslims have been the caretakers of the Magen David Synagogue in Kolkata, India for generations. Directed by Ana Gonzalez, commissioned by Atlas Obscura, showcased by National Geographic.

Coober Pedy, located in South Australia, is a remote and extreme place to live; due to the extreme temperatures of the Australian desert, 70% of the population have chosen to live underground. Directed by Ana Gonzalez for Atlas Obscura

In the film “Flamenco Queer,” by Ana González and Frederick Bernas, a queer man’s lifelong passion for flamenco comes out after decades of hiding feminine impulses in a conservative society with rigid cultural traditions.

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