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Ana Herrero

Caracas, Venezuela
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About Ana
Ana Herrero is an investigative journalist, photographer, videographer and producer (fixer) based in Caracas, Venezuela. Previous work has appeared in CNN, The Sunday Times, NTN24 and The New York Times. Herrero is currently covering South America for The Washington Post.
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Loggerhead sea turtles of Venezuela killed by ‘beach cabbage’

The gold-mining city that is destroying a sacred Venezuelan mountain

In Venezuela, priests convicted of abuse have returned to ministry

The Coder and the Dictator

How a Politician Accused of Drug Trafficking Became Venezuela’s Vice President

16 Feb 2017  |  www.nytimes.com
The article discusses the accusations against Venezuela's interior and justice minister, Tareck El Aissami, who has been implicated in international drug trafficking. The source of these allegations is a drug trafficker, Walid Makled García, who was in a Colombian prison and claimed to have connections with El Aissami. The United States Treasury Department has taken action against El Aissami by imposing sanctions and freezing his assets in the U.S., which are reported to be worth tens of millions of dollars. This development highlights the ongoing issue of drug trafficking in Latin America and the involvement of high-level officials in such activities.

Inside Venezuela’s Crumbling Mental Hospitals

02 Oct 2016  |  www.nytimes.com
The article discusses the dire conditions of the state-run psychiatric hospital in Barquisimeto, Venezuela, highlighting the severe shortages of medication and food due to the country's economic crisis. The New York Times reporters were invited by doctors to visit six psychiatric wards throughout Venezuela, all of which were suffering from similar shortages. The piece sheds light on the impact of the economic turmoil on the country's most vulnerable populations, particularly those with mental health issues.

Health system crisis in Venezuela is the weakness of the govenment that continues doing millions with cuba, while in hospitals venezuelans die every day for shortage of medicines and medical supplies.


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