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Anass Bendrif

Anass Bendrif is a journalist based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Expert media trainer with over 10 years of experience with international media outlets and NGOs

* Specialist in designing and implementing training on using media to counter radicali-zation.

* Over 12 years of journalistic experience as a senior editor of the Arabic desk in inter-national media organizations.

* Co-founder of the RNTC media online academy. I was responsible for designing the course materials of online course in Arabic. I am responsible for management of the remote workflow.

* Extensive experience in the MENA and African regions as consultant, evaluation of me-dia projects, with a special focus on conflict areas.

* Creator and producer of viral campaigns on media for change and social cohesion. The most recent video on Islamophobia has over 25 million views shared by The Independ-ent, Russia Today, DW making it one of the 10 most popular videos on social change on 2017.

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#Delete_it won an award! We won the Migration Media Award: Second Place, Video Category English. 40-50 million people saw the video worldwide!

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