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Andie Sophia Fontaine

Journalist at Iceland Review

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Detailed explainer on the January 2024 volcanic eruption in Iceland. Includes links to breaking stories on the eruption, which I also wrote.


Interview with Reykjavík Pride board member Sandra Ósk Eysteinsdóttir


Songs Of The Dammed: Hvalárvirkjun And The Future Of Árneshreppur - On-site investigation of a controversial dam project that divided a small Icelandic township


Love Will Win (If We Want It): Fighting Transphobia in Iceland - Feature exploring how even with some of the most progressive legislation in the world, transphobia is still a growing problem in Iceland, why this is happening, and what can be done.


Euronews piece on the 2021 Icelandic general election results


Article in Euronews on the 2021 parliamentary election run-up in Iceland


Where Is The New Constitution? A Nation Still Waits For Iceland 2.0 - Iceland's famed "crowdsourced constitution" has yet to materialise. What stands in the way?


A Stacked Deck: Police, Courts, And The Right To Protest In Iceland - How one Icelandic law gives police sweeping powers, with the enabling of the courts, and violates the constitution and European human rights law.


The High Cost Of Living: Renting And Being Foreign In Reykjavik - The rental market and the cyclical trap of poverty, to which immigrants are especially vulnerable, in Iceland's capital.


Cleaning House: ÚTL, Evictions and Deportations to Greece - Controversy within the Directorate of Immigration has revealed that some of their practices may break Icelandic law and international agreements.


Being Nonbinary: In Iceland And Everywhere - Feature story on being nonbinary in Iceland, and in a world that sees gender in terms of either male or female.


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