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Andras Nagy

Budapest, Hungary
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About Andras
Andras Nagy is a video journalist based in Budapest, Hungary, working mainly for AP as a freelancer with full camera equipment. Website: http://******.strikingly.com/
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Current Updates in Bleomycin-Based Electrochemotherapy for Deep-Seated Soft-Tissue Tumors

06 May 2023  |  MDPI
Electrochemotherapy (ECT) has significantly evolved, expanding treatment indications from superficial skin lesions to advanced-stage, deep-seated tumors. Technological improvements in electrodes, including the introduction of laparoscopic electrodes, have made minimally invasive ECT a reality. The role of ECT in oncology is still being determined, but its increased tumor response, pain relief, and low adverse events suggest potential for wider application and inclusion in international guidelines. This review provides an overview of the current status of ECT in deep-seated tumor treatment and its emerging role in local anticancer therapy.

Hungary's unvaccinated teachers forced to take unpaid leave

04 Jan 2022  |  newseu.cgtn.com
Starting from January 3, 2022, unvaccinated school teachers in Hungary who have not received their COVID-19 vaccination by December 30, 2021, are being put on unpaid leave. They can only return to work with a negative PCR test, which they must pay for themselves. The Democratic Trade Union of Teachers criticizes the decision for not being comprehensive and for potentially causing a shortage of educators. In contrast, a private school has given teachers the choice to vaccinate, a decision that one teacher believes is wise.

Gatekeepers And The Digital Markets Act – CEE Focused In

18 Jan 2021  |  www.mondaq.com
The Digital Markets Act (DMA) proposal by the European Commission (EC) aims to regulate large digital service providers, termed 'gatekeepers,' to ensure fair competition and consumer welfare. The DMA outlines criteria for identifying gatekeepers and grants the EC and Member States the authority to designate such entities. The act focuses on core platform services and includes both qualitative criteria and presumption thresholds for gatekeeper designation. The DMA also addresses the relationship between EU-level and local laws, emphasizing the need for a unified regulatory approach to avoid fragmentation. The act is expected to impact both global and local digital service providers in the EU and CEE regions, imposing new obligations to maintain a fair digital market.

Recapitulating kidney development in vitro by priming and differentiating mouse embryonic stem cells in monolayers

21 Feb 2020  |  Nature
Researchers developed a protocol to differentiate mouse embryonic stem cells into renal progenitors in vitro, bypassing the use of embryoid bodies and using a monolayer culture method. This approach aims to mimic embryonic kidney development and could be valuable for therapeutic applications and regenerative medicine. The study also explored the effects of gene over-expression on kidney differentiation, finding that over-expression inhibited differentiation, suggesting precise gene regulation is critical for development. The work was conducted at the Lunenfeld Tanenbaum Research Institute at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, Canada.

Placido Domingo concert opening sports complex in Hungary

28 Aug 2019  |  vancouver.citynews.ca
Opera legend Placido Domingo performed at a concert in Szeged, Hungary, to inaugurate a sports and youth complex despite facing sexual harassment allegations. The allegations, reported by The Associated Press, span decades and involve claims of Domingo pressuring women into sexual relationships under professional pretexts. Domingo has denied the allegations, considering his interactions consensual. The concert also featured performances by Placido Domingo Jr., Ana Maria Martinez, and others. The sports complex, owned by the Roman Catholic diocese of Szeged-Csanad, was built with public funds and will serve diocese schools and children in state care. Hungarian media coverage of the event varied, with government-tied outlets omitting the allegations against Domingo, while independent media focused on the complex's features.

Placido Domingo concert opening sports complex in Hungary

28 Aug 2019  |  toronto.citynews.ca
Opera star Placido Domingo performed at a concert in Szeged, Hungary, to inaugurate a sports complex despite facing sexual harassment allegations. The allegations, reported by The Associated Press, span decades and involve nine women. Domingo has denied the claims, stating he believed all interactions were consensual. Hungarian media coverage of the concert varied, with government-tied outlets omitting the allegations. The sports center, funded with public money and owned by the Roman Catholic diocese, supports Bishop Laszlo Kiss-Rigo, an Orban ally. The event also featured other performers, including soprano Ana Maria Martinez and the MAV Symphony Orchestra.

Placido Domingo concert opening sports complex in Hungary

27 Aug 2019  |  Winnipeg Free Press
Placido Domingo performed at the inauguration of a new soccer stadium in Szeged, Hungary, amid ongoing sexual harassment allegations. The event, attended by his son and soprano Ana Maria Martinez, received a mixed reception. While Domingo's European engagements continue, U.S. opera houses have canceled his appearances. The concert was organized by Andreas Magony, who criticized the U.S. legal culture. The new sports complex, funded by public money and church connections, will serve multiple community purposes. The article also highlights the limited impact of the #MeToo movement in Hungary and the political context surrounding the event.

A two-part short documentary shot in Peru about the environmental destruction

A reel made about a year ago from various footage

A piece done for AP about the 2nd border fence, South-Hungary


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