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About Andrea
Andrea DiCenzo is an American photojournalist/video-journalist based in Ramllah. She has shot campaigns for UK based charity A Partner in Education, European Conservative organization AECR, and charity Smart School City Council. She has shot short film news pieces for Al Jazeera Plus, Discovery Channel, and Fox News Radio’s website about a varied on topics - IDPs/refugees in Northern Iraq, issues facing Syrian refugees in Southern Lebanon, tensions over new Settlement buildings within the West Bank - to name a few.
Her work has been published in Le Monde, Al Jazeera English, Middle East Eye, The Telegraph, Dagbladet Information, The National, New Zealand Herald, Huffington Post, Dazed Digital, Feature Shoot, Cool Hunting, and Fox News Radio Website. She is a current contributor to Middle Easy Eye and a member of Frontline Freelance Registry.
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Youth theatre in the heart of Gaza

08 Jun 2024  |  Middle East Eye
Youth theatre in Gaza provides a creative outlet for children, allowing them to express themselves through plays like 'The Boys Who Can’t Stand Still', 'Between the Desert and the Sea', and 'The Lady in the Tree'. Theatre Day Productions plays a significant role in fostering this environment, with performances filled to capacity and themes of unity, love, and laughter.

Pilgrims celebrate Good Friday in Jerusalem

31 May 2024  |  Middle East Eye
Pilgrims from around the world, including Palestinian Christians, foreign pilgrims, and tourists, gathered in the Old City of Jerusalem to celebrate Good Friday. The event featured religious leaders and participants carrying a cross and praying, highlighting the significance of the crucifix on this day.

IN PICTURES: The first annual Taybeh wine festival held in the West Bank

17 May 2024  |  Middle East Eye
The first annual Taybeh Wine Festival was held in the West Bank, showcasing the region's long history of grape cultivation. Taybeh Winery, owned by Nadim Khoury and his son Canaan, played a central role in the event, offering guests a chance to sample their wines, including the prominently featured Nadim Wine and Cabernet Sauvignon. The festival highlighted the challenges of labeling and exporting Palestinian wine due to the lack of bilateral trade agreements.

Water in Gaza: A 'not-too-distant' calamity

17 May 2024  |  Middle East Eye
The water crisis in Gaza is severe, with 95-97 percent of the water undrinkable, forcing families to buy expensive water from private companies. The situation worsened during the 51-day war with Israel, which destroyed significant water infrastructure. Efforts are ongoing to repair and replace damaged wells and reservoirs. The Khan Younis Water Authority is treating sewage water to increase usable water for farmlands.

In Photos: An assassination attempt in Jerusalem

17 May 2024  |  Middle East Eye
A prominent right-wing Israeli activist, Yehuda Glick, was shot in west Jerusalem by a Palestinian assailant, Moataz Hegazi, who fled the scene on a motorbike. Glick, head of the Temple Mount Faithful Association, is in serious but stable condition. Israeli police later killed Hegazi in his neighborhood of Abu Tor.

Movers and shakers - The Entrepreneurs 7

26 Oct 2023  |  monocle.com
Faisal Toukan, along with his sister Sarah and Andrew Gold, co-founded the fintech start-up Ziina following a chance meeting in San Francisco. The app facilitates easy payment transfers between users. Faisal, with a background in cryptocurrencies, and Gold, a former Apple and Coinbase engineer, shared a common interest which led to the creation of Ziina. Sarah brought her expertise in fintech product development from London to the team.

My family has gone: Iraqi troops find deserted villages on road to Mosul

02 Nov 2016  |  Middle East Eye
Iraqi troops advancing towards Mosul find deserted villages, with civilians forced out by Islamic State (IS) militants. Mohammed Abu, a soldier, returns to his home village only to find his family missing. Reports indicate IS is using civilians as human shields, forcibly relocating thousands. The UN expresses grave concerns for the safety of these civilians. As Iraqi forces continue their push towards Mosul, they face fierce resistance and the challenge of addressing numerous small villages along the way.

On IS front line, Iraqi Christians left to care for abandoned synagogue

18 Dec 2015  |  Middle East Eye
In the town of al-Qosh, Iraq, an 800-year-old synagogue believed to be the burial place of the biblical prophet Nahum is being maintained by Sami Nasir and his family, despite the Jewish community having left long ago. The synagogue is in a state of disrepair, and Nasir, an Assyrian Christian, has taken over its upkeep from his father. The region is under threat from Islamic State militants, with nearby villages experiencing conflict. Nasir is concerned for the safety of his children and contemplates moving abroad, which would leave the synagogue's future uncertain. The site holds significant historical and cultural value, attracting occasional foreign visitors.





Published on Mar 31, 2015 100,000 Palestinian Bedouins living in villages in Israel's Negev desert are being threatened with eviction. Their communities are not recognised by the State of Israel, and so they have no paved roads, and aren't connected to the electricity or water networks. Ayman Odeh, leader of the third-largest political group in Israel, led an 80 mile march from the villages to the Knesset in Jerusalem.

Although Gaza City was subject to war and terror for 14 years, with the most recent conflict ending only months ago, the city is a strikingly beautiful place, and the people of Gaza have found it within themselves to get back to their (mostly) normal lives.

Published on Jun 29, 2015 Syrian families fleeing the war with ISIS have turned an old prison in Akre, Iraq, into their new home. And with the help of the Castle Art project, the kids are decorating the place with murals that tell the story of their escape. “Any picture that we make – there is meaning for that picture,” Soleen tells AJ+. From video journalist Andrea DiCenzo in Iraq.

Pilgrims celebrate Good Friday in Jerusalem

03 Apr 2015  |  Middle East Eye
Christian pilgrims from around the world gather in Jerusalem's Old City to celebrate Good Friday, retracing the steps of Jesus Christ along the Via Dolorosa to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Despite the lingering effects of last summer's conflict and a lower turnout than usual, pilgrims express joy and a sense of holiness. The Ministry of Tourism expects 130,000 visitors over the weekend, although local businesses report a decline in tourism.

First annual wine festival held in West Bank town of Taybeh

03 Mar 2015  |  Middle East Eye
The small Palestinian town of Taybeh hosted its first annual wine festival at Taybeh Winery, showcasing its first official wine, Nadim. The winery, owned by Nadim Khoury and his son Canaan, aims to put Palestine on the international wine map despite export challenges due to Israeli occupation. The production process combines Palestinian culture with global wine-making trends, using state-of-the-art equipment and imported oak barrels. The article highlights the cultural significance and innovative efforts of the Khoury family in the wine industry.

IN PICTURES: The orphans of Gaza

31 Jan 2015  |  Middle East Eye
Three Israel/Gaza wars in six years have left 6,500 children in Gaza orphaned. Adoption under Sharia law is limited, leading most orphaned children to be cared for by extended family or, if none are available, at Gaza’s only orphanage, al-Amal. The UN reports that 373,000 children need specialized psychosocial support, with all 900,000 children in Gaza affected by the war. Photos depict the resilience of these children in clinics and at the orphanage.

The Ancient Samaritans of Mount Gerizim

14 Jan 2015  |  Middle East Eye
The Samaritans, an ethnoreligious group descended from ancient Semitic inhabitants, claim their religion is the true faith of the ancient Israelites. Once numbering 1.5 million, their population dwindled to about 700 today, with communities on Mount Gerizim and in Holon. The Samaritans hold both Israeli and Palestinian ID cards and believe Mount Gerizim is the original holy place of Israel. The High Priest, Abdallah Wasef Tawfiq Al Kahen, and his brother, Husni Al Kahen, trace their lineage from Adam to Moses, emphasizing the importance of their heritage. They also claim to have the oldest language, ancient Hebrew.

In Photos: An assassination attempt in Jerusalem

30 Oct 2014  |  Middle East Eye
Tensions in Jerusalem escalated with the assassination attempt of right-wing Israeli activist Yehuda Glick, who was shot multiple times while leaving a conference. Following this, Israeli police forces raided the home of 32-year-old Palestinian Mu’taz al-Hijazi in the Abu Tor neighborhood, resulting in his death during an exchange of gunfire. The incidents highlight the ongoing conflict and security concerns in the region.

In pictures: Gaza celebrates ceasefire

26 Aug 2014  |  middleeasteye.net
Residents of Gaza City celebrated the ceasefire with gatherings in the streets, special prayers, and public displays of joy including music, drumming, and fireworks. Despite concerns about the ceasefire's effectiveness in addressing their issues, the people of Gaza embraced a moment of calm and festivity.

In pictures: Israeli soldiers prepare for Gaza ground invasion

18 Jul 2014  |  Middle East Eye
Israeli soldiers are being mobilized to the Gaza border as Operation Protective Edge expands into a ground offensive, with an additional 18,000 soldiers called up. The troops, now surrounding the Gaza Strip with a secure perimeter, await further orders amidst palpable tension. Clashes continue at the Erez crossing, with casualties reported on both sides since the operation began on 8 July, including over 270 Palestinian deaths.

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