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Andreas Rossbach

Moscow, Russia
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About Andreas
Andreas Rossbach is based between two European cities, Berlin in Germany and Moscow in Russia. Due to COVID-19, he is currently in Berlin, Germany, and not traveling.

He is interested in a ​broad range of topics from business, tech, and sports news and features to culture, art &fashion, politics, and human rights in Russia and Eastern Europe. His works have been published in media like DW, BBC, Moscow Times, Die Zeit, Die Bild and others. He is passionate about investigative journalism and features, but ok with news as well.

He is an experienced reporter and feature writer. His work assignments experience includes live reporting and comments on TV, writing, video scriptwriting and production, film field research, podcast scriptwriting and production, translating (Russian, German, English).  He is open to any assignment in general.
German English Russian
Video Package (Web / Broadcast) Audio package (Radio / Podcast) Interview (Video / Broadcast)
Business Politics Current Affairs

Meet the Kremlin’s keyboard warrior in Crimea

01 Oct 2023  |  www.codastory.com
Konstantin Knyrik, a pro-Kremlin nationalist and editor-in-chief of News Front, has been a key figure in spreading disinformation since Russia's annexation of Crimea in 2014. News Front, allegedly funded by the FSB, produces content in multiple languages and has a significant impact, particularly in Germany. The agency is known for its false and inflammatory stories, often aligning with Kremlin narratives. Knyrik's background includes leadership roles in pro-Russian organizations and political affiliations with Russia's far-right Rodina party. Despite allegations of disinformation, Knyrik defends his work as a counter to Western media.

Harassed LGBT Activists Rally in St. Petersburg

13 Aug 2017  |  The Moscow Times
In St. Petersburg, around one hundred LGBT activists gathered for the city's eighth Gay Pride, marking the largest turnout since 2010. Despite the presence of riot police and the challenges posed by Russia's 'gay propaganda' law, the event highlighted the community's resilience and the partial victories achieved, such as the European Court of Human Rights ruling against Russia's discriminatory practices. The parade faced obstacles, including the rejection of permits and pseudo-events to block the pride. Notable figures like Yury Gavrikov and political leaders from Yabloko and Alexei Navalny have shown support for LGBT rights. The event ended with an attack on activists and journalists, underscoring the ongoing challenges faced by the LGBT community in Russia.

Russia attack: Police hunt two suspects after at least 11 dead in St Petersburg metro bombing

03 Apr 2017  |  independent.co.uk
A bomb blast in the St Petersburg metro system has resulted in at least 11 deaths and 45 injuries. Russian authorities are searching for two suspects and have identified the suspected bomber as a 23-year-old linked to radical Islamists from central Asia. A second device was defused at another station. President Vladimir Putin, in St Petersburg at the time, stated that all possible causes, including terrorism, are being investigated. The attack has been met with international condolences and has led to increased security measures across Russia.

Russia's Committed Youth: The Fight for the Oppressed LGBTQ Scene

08 Dec 2016  |  ZEIT ONLINE ze.tt
Civil society in Russia faces significant pressure, with NGO workers being defamed and threatened. The article profiles Artem, a gay man who experiences daily harassment and violence. The situation for LGBTQ individuals in Russia has worsened, with a law against 'homosexual propaganda' further marginalizing the community. Artem volunteers with the Russian LGBT Network, which provides psychological help, legal advice, and organizes events like a Queer Film Festival. Despite the risks, Artem continues to offer support to LGBTQ youth. Russian government attempts to control NGOs threaten the existence of critical and independent organizations, with laws allowing the banning of foreign NGOs, criticized by Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International.

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