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Andres Caballero

I'm a public radio producer, journalist and documentary filmmaker. I recently produced stories of military personnel who served in post 9/11 conflicts, which aired on StoryCorps/NPR. I'm a former NPR/Above the Fray fellow, and reported stories from Cameroon and the Central African Republic. I'm a former producer for Latino USA and my stories appeared on NPR's Morning Edition, Weekend Edition, PBS and print publications across the US. I co-directed "Gaucho del Norte", a feature length, observational documentary that follows the journey of a Patagonian immigrant sheepherder recruited to work in the American west.


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"Gaucho del Norte" tells the story of a Patagonian sheepherder recruited to work in Idaho. The nomadic two-year journey follows Eraldo Pacheco and his herd of more than a thousand sheep across a lonely, rugged landscape --- from the harsh beauty of wintry high desert, to the lush summer mountains. Living in isolation, Eraldo faces the ups and downs of a psychologically demanding job far away from his home and family.



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