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Andrew Cline

Aveiro, Portugal
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About Andrew
I am a visual journalist and documentary filmmaker based in Aveiro, Portugal. * Emeritus professor in the Department of Communications, Media, Journalism & Film at Missouri State University
* Co-founder of the non-profit documentary film studio Carbon Trace Productions 501(c)(3) in Springfield, Missouri
Video Package (Web / Broadcast) Documentaries Photography
Food & Drink Social Cultural

Sen. Rubio demands answers as Epoch Times says Twitter has marked all of its links 'unsafe'

Josh Rubin is an activist who became a fixture of the #FamiliesBelongTogether protests. He helped draw national attention to the child internment camp at Tornillo, Texas.

This is the story of the inner journey back to Vietnam for a group of Marines who fought a desperate battle on Hill 50 in 1966.

This is a short teaser for recent work, including two feature documentary films: "Witness at Tornillo" and "A Vietnam Peace Story."

Markets, Not Judges, Set Prices, Even for Education

27 Nov 2023  |  nhjournal.com
A New Hampshire court ruling attempted to set the cost of an adequate education, but the article argues that only a competitive education marketplace can determine true costs. The court's decision, rooted in the Claremont case, is criticized for methodological flaws and a lack of data, particularly on the efficiency gains from competition. The article suggests that without market competition, the state will not know the real cost of adequate education.

N.H. again tops all of North America in economic freedom

New Hampshire has been ranked as the most economically free state in North America by the Fraser Institute's 2023 Economic Freedom in North America report. The state scored 7.96 out of 10, surpassing Florida and leading all U.S., Canadian, and Mexican states. The report, which assesses government spending, taxation, and labor market restrictions using 2021 data, also notes that U.S. economic freedom has declined since 2017, reaching its lowest levels in two decades. The report is a collaborative effort involving the Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy and scholars from various institutions.

The Burgess Backfire

29 Oct 2023  |  nhjournal.com
Burgess Biopower, a wood-fueled power plant in New Hampshire, has faced financial difficulties due to its reliance on state-mandated subsidies. The plant's efforts to diversify its revenue through regional economic development projects have been hindered by the uncertainty of its future. The New Hampshire government's mandate for electricity providers to purchase power from renewable resources initially provided Burgess with an advantage, but technological advances in natural gas and a cap on payments above market rates led to financial strain. A legislative attempt to bail out the plant failed when Gov. Chris Sununu vetoed House Bill 142. The article argues that subsidizing Burgess may have been economically wasteful and potentially harmful to health, as research suggests biomass burning can be more detrimental than coal. The politicization of alternative energy, as seen in the case of Burgess and the broader issue of electric vehicle adoption, is creating a divisive political climate that may hinder the transition to alternative energy sources.

If NH Is the Star Wars Cantina, Massachusetts Is the Empire

07 Aug 2023  |  nhjournal.com
Former U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte, announcing her gubernatorial run, vows to prevent New Hampshire from becoming like Massachusetts, which she implies is less free and more oppressive. The article contrasts New Hampshire's libertarian-leaning culture, which values freedom and has a constrained government, with Massachusetts' preference for order and higher levels of taxation and regulation. It criticizes Massachusetts for its one-party rule, high tax burden, and aggressive policies, suggesting that these factors drive residents to relocate to more liberty-oriented states like New Hampshire and Florida. The piece underscores New Hampshire's historical commitment to freedom and its role as a refuge for those seeking to escape oppressive government.

NH Budget Posts $538.9 Million Surplus

21 Jul 2023  |  Granite Grok
New Hampshire ended its fiscal year with a $538.9 million surplus, attributed to business tax cuts and economic growth. Business tax revenues exceeded expectations, contributing to a significant increase in state revenues since 2012. The state also achieved a record-low unemployment rate of 1.8%. The article contrasts New Hampshire's economic success with the financial struggles of high-tax states like Massachusetts and California, where high taxes are driving away wealthy residents and creating budget shortfalls.

Would the Founders Consider Us Free?

11 Jul 2023  |  nhjournal.com
The article discusses the American Founders' intent to create a society free from government coercion, contrasting the historical elite domination with the ideals of independence and decentralized power. It references historians like Bernard Bailyn and Gordon S. Wood to argue that the American Revolution was a fight against courtiers who used state power for personal gain. The Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy aligns with the Founders' vision, advocating for the dismantling of laws and regulations that favor insiders over outsiders, and promoting free markets as a means to empower individuals and uphold the spirit of the Revolution.

NH Zoning Atlas Offers Groundbreaking Insight Into Local Building Restrictions

15 May 2023  |  nhjournal.com
The New Hampshire Zoning Atlas, released by the Center for Ethics in Society at Saint Anselm College, provides a comprehensive view of local zoning ordinances across New Hampshire. It maps 23,000 pages of regulations in 2,139 districts within 269 jurisdictions, revealing the extent to which municipalities restrict housing options. The atlas indicates that single-family homes are predominantly allowed, but often with large minimum lot sizes that make affordable starter homes nearly impossible to build. The data suggests that zoning often prohibits smaller yards, duplexes, apartments, and mixed-use developments, with some towns imposing extreme restrictions. The atlas is expected to influence policy changes by highlighting the disconnect between housing demand and restrictive zoning laws.

Scrooge would want fewer apartments

01 Dec 2022  |  jbartlett.org
In New Hampshire, a housing shortage is driving up prices for homes and long-term rentals, while the market for short-term rentals like Airbnb has seen prices fall due to increased supply. The article draws parallels to the scarcity tactics of characters in 'The Muppets Christmas Carol' and suggests that the solution to the housing crisis is to loosen overly restrictive local regulations that hinder new development. Jason Sorens of the Center for Ethics in Society at St. Anselm College supports this view, noting that without more building, long-term rental supply won't increase to meet demand.

Be thankful for our amazing abundance

24 Nov 2022  |  jbartlett.org
Americans and Granite Staters have much to be thankful for, including the historical perspective provided by the settlers of the first Thanksgiving. The article reflects on the scarcity of resources during colonial times and contrasts it with the abundance experienced after the Enlightenment, which led to significant increases in food productivity and average incomes. The Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy values economic growth, which has led to a current state where job openings outnumber unemployed individuals in the United States and New Hampshire. The article concludes by expressing gratitude for the prosperity and abundance that have become the default expectation today.

How a federal agency put New Englanders in danger to protect an industry from competition

13 Nov 2022  |  nwitimes.com
In the winter of 2017-18, New England nearly faced rolling blackouts due to constrained natural gas supplies. Officials and governors suggested modifying the Jones Act to allow timely LNG deliveries during winter. However, the Jones Act, which mandates that goods transported between U.S. ports be on American-made and -owned ships, and a lack of LNG tankers meeting these criteria, prevented LNG shipments to New England. Pipeline construction had not kept pace with production, partly due to anti-fracking and anti-fossil fuel campaigns. Emails obtained by the Cato Institute revealed that MARAD officials worked with the U.S. shipbuilding industry to block a Jones Act waiver for New England to protect domestic shipbuilders from foreign competition. Despite ongoing concerns and warnings about potential blackouts, no waiver has been granted, and New England faces another winter with precarious fuel security.

New Hampshire’s Chosen Commuter Rail Partner Has a Dismal Safety Record

04 Aug 2022  |  nhjournal.com
The New Hampshire Department of Transportation has selected the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority (MBTA) to operate a planned Manchester-Boston commuter rail line, despite MBTA's history of safety issues and financial deficits. The MBTA has been under federal investigation and safety orders, with recent incidents including power losses, train fires, derailments, and inadequate infrastructure. The article questions the decision to proceed with the commuter rail project and the choice of MBTA as the operator, given the rise of remote work, the advent of driverless cars, and MBTA's poor management.

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