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Stockholm, Sweden
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About Andrew
Andrew Hennigan is a freelance journalist, opinion writer, ghost writer and blogger based in Stockholm Sweden. He writes mostly about topics related to startups, networking, influencing, digital marketing, social media, mobile technology, intercultural communications, reputation management and crisis communications. Also author of a book about networking.
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The Rising Stars of Digital Marketing: Influencers and Advocates

04 Apr 2024  |  eyefortravel.com
Andrew Hennigan discusses the rising trend of influencer and advocate marketing in the digital marketing space, particularly in the context of seasonal events like Halloween and Christmas. He highlights how companies like Airbnb and Visit Scotland have leveraged these occasions in the past. The article delves into a report by Qube Media on the state of influencer and advocate marketing, emphasizing the importance of authenticity and engagement in consumer relationships. Several case studies are presented, including campaigns by Cathay Pacific, Air Mauritius, and Constance Hotels & Resorts, showcasing the successes and challenges of influencer campaigns. The piece also mentions Target's 'Halloween Hills' campaign as an example of advocate marketing. Hennigan suggests that while influencer and advocate marketing are not new, they are increasingly important for customer acquisition and engagement, especially on social media platforms.

Google Bucket lists and Facebook City Guides are trip planning tools that could also be useful travel brands

04 Apr 2024  |  eyefortravel.com
Andrew Hennigan reports on new travel planning tools from Google and Facebook. Google Maps now allows users to create and share bucket lists of places they want to visit, which can be used by travel brands for advocacy marketing. This feature is integrated into the existing Google Maps app, making it accessible without the need for additional downloads. Facebook is testing a feature called City Guides, which helps users plan trips by repurposing existing content for a limited number of cities. Both companies are seen as moving towards bridging the gap between discovering and booking travel experiences. EyeforTravel's upcoming events will further explore these developments in the travel industry.

Staying Ahead in the Connected Travel Game

03 May 2023  |  eyefortravel.com
The article by Andrew Hennigan discusses how Air Baltic and Voyages-sncf are adapting to the increasing demands of connected travelers. Jouni Oksanen from Air Baltic emphasizes the importance of conversational interaction and the use of bots for customer service, sales, and marketing. Air Baltic plans to expand its bot services to its website and WhatsApp. Arnaud Masson from Voyages-sncf.com highlights the use of customer data to improve service delivery and the integration of a booking plug-in for Outlook365. Both companies are also utilizing Facebook Messenger for bookings and customer engagement. The article touches on the challenges of evolving digital interfaces and the multitude of customer interaction channels. It also mentions the trend towards social selling and the need for companies to be present where their customers are. Future developments include voice-controlled interfaces and VR technology. Both Masson and Oksanen will be speaking at EyeforTravel Europe.

APIs enable new kinds of partnerships that are changing the travel business and unlocking new sources of revenue

03 May 2023  |  eyefortravel.com
The article discusses the impact of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) on the rail travel industry, focusing on how they simplify the booking process and enable new partnerships. SilverRail Technologies, a London-based company, has created a unified API that allows travel agents and distributors like Expedia to book rail tickets across multiple countries and compare them to flights. This innovation has transformed the rail industry by enabling carriers to manage their retail operations and retain customer data, which is crucial for developing loyalty programs and improving profitability. The article also touches on the broader benefits of API partnerships in the travel industry and mentions that Cameron Jones from SilverRail Technologies will share more insights at the upcoming EyeforTravel Europe event in London.

Classic air miles and hotel points’ schemes no longer rule the world of loyalty, so what does?

03 May 2023  |  eyefortravel.com
Andrew Hennigan reports on the evolving landscape of loyalty schemes in the travel industry. Traditional point-based rewards are being challenged by the importance of price and convenience. Jochen Schnadt, CMO at BMI Airlines, emphasizes that price is the primary loyalty driver, but foresees convenience as the next significant factor. The article discusses how digital products offer seamless experiences without traditional loyalty schemes. It also highlights the challenges for smaller businesses to compete, suggesting partnerships with third parties like Kaligo Travel Solutions to offer broader loyalty benefits. Examples include Virgin Australia and Hainan Airlines leveraging partnerships to allow customers to redeem points for hotel stays and other services. The article concludes with recommendations for maintaining loyalty, such as offering differentiated value and building an exclusive eco-system.

The PR storm after coverage of a passenger being forcibly removed from a United Airlines flight exploded on social media, shows how the rules have changed

17 Apr 2023  |  eyefortravel.com
The article discusses the PR crisis faced by United Airlines after a passenger was forcibly removed from a flight, an incident that was widely shared on social media. It highlights the vulnerability of airlines to such crises and the importance of effective crisis management. The article references past EyeforTravel events where airline representatives spoke about managing crises in the digital age. It critiques United Airlines' response to the incident and suggests that a more immediate and heartfelt apology via social media could have mitigated the damage. The article also touches on the broader implications for the travel and hospitality industry, emphasizing the need for policy reviews and careful communication to avoid similar PR disasters. Finally, it notes the financial impact on United Airlines and the ongoing discussions about social media and marketing strategies in the industry.

Blockchain's Potential in the Travel Industry

05 Apr 2023  |  eyefortravel.com
The article by Andrew Hennigan discusses the potential impact of blockchain technology on the travel industry. It highlights three main possibilities: enabling peer-to-peer services that could challenge companies like Uber and Airbnb, simplifying loyalty point schemes, and embedding smart contracts into the blockchain for automatic execution. German startup Etherisc has developed a proof of concept app called Flight Delay that automates flight insurance policies using the Ethereum blockchain. Amadeus IT Group and Webjet are also exploring blockchain's potential for security and shared infrastructure in travel services. However, the technology is still in its early stages, with regulatory uncertainty and a need for education on its benefits. Webjet has begun using blockchain for hotel room bookings, and Loyyal is leveraging it for a loyalty platform in Dubai. The article suggests that while blockchain holds promise, widespread adoption and disruption in the travel industry are not yet imminent.

How a Prussian Card Cheat Taught Me Time Management

15 Nov 2022  |  andrewhennigan.medium.com
The article discusses a unique approach to time management inspired by Herman Lamm, a Prussian Army ex-member turned bank robber. Lamm applied military discipline and planning to bank robberies, including the concept of a fixed time budget for each heist. This method, known as 'bank robber time' or the 'Lamm Method,' involved casing banks, assigning specific roles to gang members, and sticking to a strict timeline during the robbery. The author, Andrew Hennigan, applies this concept to his own work, particularly in research and fact-checking, to avoid falling into time-consuming digressions. By setting a time budget for tasks, he finds it easier to focus and be more productive, suggesting that this method can be useful for anyone looking to improve their time management skills.

Will AI-powered Travel Chatbots Experience a Breakthrough in 2017?

01 Jan 2017  |  eyefortravel.com
The article discusses the evolution of chatbots and artificial intelligence (AI) in the travel industry. It highlights the shift from rule-based chatbots to AI-powered chatbots that can learn and adapt, providing more effective customer service and unlocking new revenue streams. Companies like CarTrawler, Mezi, and Travelaer are mentioned as key players in this space. The technology behind these advancements includes Facebook's wit.ai and IBM's Watson. The article also touches on the potential for job creation rather than job loss due to automation and AI. It concludes with the potential for chatbots to drive ancillary revenue for airlines through personalized customer interactions.

Andrew Hennigan's Blog

07 Nov 2015  |  andrewhennigan.blogspot.com
The article provides tips on how to look more professional and impressive during video conferences or while delivering video workshops, without the need for fancy equipment. It suggests five key adjustments: positioning the camera at eye level, ensuring proper lighting and an uncluttered background, checking for reflections on glasses, dressing appropriately, and practicing speaking to the camera. These tips are aimed at improving the visual and interactive quality of video presentations, making them more engaging and effective for the audience.

Weekly column about digital marketing and technology for the travel industry.

Crisis of the Week: Volkswagen Scandal Pollutes Carmaker’s Reputation

28 Sep 2015  |  WSJ
Volkswagen AG is at the center of a major crisis after admitting to manipulating emissions test results to meet U.S. Environmental Protection Agency standards. The scandal affects over 11 million diesel vehicles equipped with software designed to cheat the tests. Volkswagen has publicly acknowledged its wrongdoing, with statements saying the company 'totally screwed up.' Sales of certain diesel models have been stopped, and an external investigation is underway. The crisis led to the resignation of CEO Martin Winterkorn, with Matthias Müller being appointed as the new CEO. The company's board has committed to a thorough investigation and to holding those responsible to account.

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