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Andrew Johnstone

Exeter, United Kingdom
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About Andrew
Andrew Johnstone is a freelance broadcast journalist based in Exeter, United Kingdom.

Andrew has been working in film and Television for over 20 years and runs his own production company Wild Dog Limited. Andrew is a member of the Guild of Television Cameramen and a member of the Chartered Institute of Journalists.

Andrew has a full ENG HD shooting kit (BBC/EBU approved for HD broadcast), including audio kit with radio & boom mics, grip, GoPro & reporter lights, as well as pro-audio recorders for radio reporting. 

Wild Dog's edit studio includes Premiere Pro, Audition, After Effects and Final Cut Pro.

Andrew recent documentary film on Fracking in the USA, produced in association with American photojournalist Les Stone, was screened by the Guardian and is distributed by Journeyman Films.

Andrew is a long time contributor to Panos Pictures and his work has been commissioned and published in many mainstream publications including Time Magazine, New York Times, Guardian, Sunday Times, Die Zeit and the Telegraph.

Based in Devon in the UK, Andrew continues to work in film and TV, contributing regular films to BBC's Inside Out series and producer documentaries for corporate and development agencies.
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Hamilton Drivers Suck

14 Apr 2024  |  witchdoctor.co.nz
Andrew Johnstone criticizes the aggressive driving behavior in Hamilton, New Zealand, contrasting it with the more pedestrian-friendly environment in Auckland. He recounts experiences of drivers deliberately accelerating towards pedestrians and a general lack of patience and courtesy on the roads. Johnstone suggests that Hamilton drivers view pedestrians and cyclists negatively, and he attributes this to a culture of rugged individualism and a lack of necessity for patience on less crowded roads. He praises the driving habits of Auckland's Asian and Indian populations, noting their greater awareness and cooperative approach to city driving.

The Creeping Scourge Of Plastic

14 Apr 2024  |  witchdoctor.co.nz
Andrew Johnstone reports on the pervasive issue of plastic waste in the Central Waikato region, particularly around Cambridge. He describes the landscape littered with plastic debris from various sources, including the local cemetery, roadsides, and farmland. Despite recycling efforts, plastic waste continues to accumulate, with Johnstone collecting significant amounts during his initial weeks at work. The article highlights the challenges of managing plastic waste, the environmental impact, and the need for collective action to address the problem, drawing parallels with past environmental issues that were successfully mitigated through concerted efforts.

Cayman Islands Reviews Forum Formula

04 Oct 2023  |  www.mondaq.com
The Grand Court of the Cayman Islands reviewed the appropriate forum for a legal case, emphasizing that public policy considerations should not influence the determination of the natural forum. Justice Doyle ruled that Hong Kong is the suitable forum for the case, leading to the stay of proceedings against the Cayman Islands Defendant and the discharge of service orders against overseas Defendants. The decision aligns with the Court of Appeal's judgment in Brasil Telecom SA v Opportunity Fund, which held that public policy factors should not outweigh the interests of justice and the parties involved.

The Current State Of Time Travel

01 Jan 2018  |  witchdoctor.co.nz
Andrew Johnstone, Witchdoctor's sci-fi specialist, explores the history and current state of time travel in film and television. He discusses the early narratives of time travel in literature, such as H.G. Wells' 'The Time Machine' and Mark Twain's 'A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur’s Court', and moves on to modern portrayals in TV series like '12 Monkeys', '11.22.63', and 'Travelers'. Johnstone also touches on the role of time travel in the 'Star Trek' franchise and highlights other international shows and films that have contributed to the genre. He concludes with a nod to the novel 'The Time Traveller's Wife' by Audrey Niffenegger and the film 'Planet Of The Apes' as significant works in the time travel genre.

Bloody iPad

02 Oct 2017  |  witchdoctor.co.nz
Andrew Johnstone discusses his frustration with his iPad, which he finds inadequate and clumsy, especially when it falsely claims to have no memory left. He recounts his failed attempts to fix the issue and his decision to put the iPad away in his collection of old technology. Johnstone reflects on the rapid obsolescence of technology, his fondness for old tech like valve radios, and his past experiences with them. He acknowledges that his collection may seem like junk to others and could end up discarded after his death.

Farmers Indifferent To Nation’s Waterways

18 Sep 2017  |  witchdoctor.co.nz
Andrew Johnstone discusses the pollution of New Zealand's waterways, particularly the Waikato River, due to intensive farming. Despite improvements over the years, issues like E-Coli, nitrogen, and phosphorus levels remain high. The recent Morrinsville farmer protests against stricter water regulations highlight a general indifference and denial among farmers regarding their environmental impact. Johnstone calls for a community effort, including both urban and rural contributions, to address water pollution and improve water technologies. He emphasizes the need for a change in attitude rather than finger-pointing, urging all parties to work together for cleaner water.

Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown TV REVIEW

21 Aug 2017  |  witchdoctor.co.nz
The article reviews Anthony Bourdain's impact on the television food show genre through his series 'Parts Unknown', highlighting his unique approach to food as an art and his dedication to reality. Bourdain's background as a chef and author, his political views, and his exploration of various cultures and cuisines are discussed. The review also contrasts Bourdain's style with other food personalities like Rick Stein, Nigella Lawson, and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, and briefly touches on food-related films and documentaries.

Laugh Out Loud

01 Jan 2017  |  witchdoctor.co.nz
Andrew Johnstone explores a variety of comedy shows, reflecting on his past enjoyment of humor and his recent re-engagement with it. He reviews 'Seinfeld,' 'Curb Your Enthusiasm,' 'Baskets,' 'The Good Place,' 'Crashing,' 'Graham Norton Show,' and 'Catastrophe,' offering personal anecdotes and opinions on each. He praises the brilliance and audacity of 'Seinfeld' and 'Curb Your Enthusiasm,' appreciates the character development in 'Baskets,' and finds comfort in the 'Graham Norton Show.' While he finds 'The Good Place' and 'Crashing' solid, they didn't fully engage him. 'Catastrophe' stands out as a favorite, with its sharp writing and audacious humor.

Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets

01 Jan 2017  |  witchdoctor.co.nz
Luc Besson's 'Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets' is a visually stunning sci-fi film with impressive special effects by Weta Workshop. However, it falls short in narrative and acting, with Dane Dehaan and Cara Delevingne receiving criticism for their performances. Despite mixed reviews, the film has captivated younger audiences and may develop a cult following similar to Besson's 'The Fifth Element'. The film, adapted from the French graphic novel series 'Valérian And Laureline', faces significant financial losses, making sequels unlikely.


01 Jan 2017  |  witchdoctor.co.nz
The Path, a television series available on Lightbox, explores the complexities of belief systems through the lens of Meyerism, a fictional spiritual movement. The show features strong performances by Aaron Paul, Michelle Monaghan, and Hugh Dancy, and delves into the politics and miraculous aspects of belief. While it may not reach the artistic heights of shows like House Of Cards or The Young Pope, it offers valuable insights and compelling drama, particularly in the tension between its three main characters.

How To Behave At The Movies

01 Jan 2017  |  witchdoctor.co.nz
Andrew Johnstone provides a humorous and opinionated guide on proper behavior in New Zealand cinemas, contrasting it with the more relaxed cinema culture in India. He emphasizes the importance of respecting other patrons, turning off smartphones, and maintaining cleanliness. The article also touches on the necessity of designated seating and the annoyance of noisy food packaging. Johnstone's guidelines aim to enhance the movie-going experience by promoting courtesy and consideration.


01 Jan 2017  |  witchdoctor.co.nz
The review of 'The Son' starring Pierce Brosnan highlights the actor's compelling performance as Eli McCullough, a ruthless character in a politically charged narrative. The series contrasts the romanticized Texan mythology with a darker portrayal of historical events, drawing parallels to contemporary America. The review praises the performances of Brosnan and Zahn McClarnon, while critiquing the portrayal of the Texas Rangers and the Law And Order League. The series is noted for its intergenerational family drama and exploration of exploitation and ethnic cleansing.

In this short film, Ugandan Science Journalist William Odinga travels back to Otuke in Northern Uganda to find out what changes have occurred in the rural farming communities that struggle to subsist in variable climate when rainfall is unpredictable.

This is the final rough cut of the film we produced in the summer of 2014 for the autumn series of BBC Inside Out. about Devon based mountaineer and double amputee Norman Croucher.

This short film offers some of the highlights of the 2015 Budleigh Salterton Literary Festival 2015, including clips and contributions from Patrick Gale, Dame Hilary Mantel, Ben Okri, Dame Margaret Drabble, Judith Kerr, David 'Bumble' Lloyd, Kaffe Fasset, Helen Lederer and others.

How fracking for shale gas is becoming a foreign policy issue – video

04 May 2015  |  the Guardian
Fracking for shale gas, previously opposed mainly by environmentalists, is now challenged by falling oil prices. In the US, some proponents of fracking are shifting the conversation to frame it as a geopolitical issue in an oil-price war with the Middle East.

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