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About Andrew
Andrew is a Doha based journalist covering Business and Finance, Middle Eastern affairs, and the Aviation industry. He regularly contributes to The Daily Caller and Airways Magazine, and has bylines in Lone Conservative, International Policy Digest, The Georgetown Gazette, and several other outlets.
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Rule By Criminals: When Dissidents Become Enemies Of The State

27 Mar 2024  |  freedombunker.com
John and Nisha Whitehead, via The Rutherford Institute, discuss the state of affairs where dissidents are increasingly viewed as enemies by the state, highlighting the need for courageous individuals to confront these challenges.

The Language Of Force: How The Police State Muzzles Our Right To Speak Truth To Power

22 Mar 2024  |  freedombunker.com
John and Nisha Whitehead of The Rutherford Institute discuss how the police state suppresses the public's right to speak truth to power, highlighting the misuse of criminal laws to silence dissent and the broader implications for freedom of speech.

Scientists Propose Radical 'Sunshade' Plan to Fight Climate Change

26 Dec 2023  |  westernjournal.com
A group of scientists from the Planetary Sunshade Foundation has proposed a giant space curtain to combat global warming by deflecting solar radiation. The structure would be located at the Sun-Earth Lagrange-1 point and could potentially reduce Earth's heat absorption. The foundation outlines two construction phases, starting with Earth-launched architecture and potentially moving to space-based construction using extraterrestrial resources. The concept is similar to geoengineering efforts, such as those supported by Bill Gates, and has been acknowledged by the Biden administration as a potential climate policy component.

Woke Disney Buries 'Social Goals' in Long List of Risks to Investors in Required SEC Filing

27 Nov 2023  |  westernjournal.com
The Walt Disney Company disclosed in its SEC Form 10-K filing that its pursuit of social goals could negatively affect profits. The report highlighted risks related to misalignment with consumer preferences, particularly regarding entertainment, travel, and consumer products. Disney's recent inclusion of pro-LGBT content for children and its stance on cultural issues have impacted viewership and licensing revenue for legacy brands like Star Wars, Frozen, and Toy Story. Criticism from commentators like Lew Ghost and John Nolte suggests that Disney's 'social goals' are harming its historically strong brands. CEO Bob Iger has expressed a desire to refocus on entertainment and having a positive impact without an agenda, following financial losses and a clash with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis over the state's Parental Rights in Education legislation.

Dad Uses Deadly Cobra to Kill Wife and Daughter, 2, as They Slept, Police Allege

26 Nov 2023  |  ijr.com
K Ganesh Patra, a 25-year-old man from Adheigaon village in Odisha's Ganjam district, India, was arrested for allegedly murdering his wife, K Basanti, 23, and their 2-year-old daughter, Debasmita, by releasing a cobra into their bedroom while they slept. The incident, which occurred in early October, was initially reported as a snake bite, but suspicion arose leading to Patra's arrest after a month-long investigation. Patra, who had been in a dispute with his wife, confessed to the crime during interrogation, according to Superintendent of Police Jagmohan Meena. The case remains under investigation.

Possible Cause Revealed for $300K Car Explosion on US-Canadian Border

25 Nov 2023  |  ijr.com
A mechanical failure is suspected to be the cause of a vehicle explosion at the US-Canada border in New York, involving a 2022 Bentley Flying Spur. The incident resulted in the deaths of Kurt and Monica Villani after their car hit a barrier at the Rainbow Bridge crossing and caught fire. The Niagara Falls Police Department is investigating, considering other possibilities such as a medical episode. The explosion led to temporary closures of bridges and the Buffalo Niagara International Airport. Governor Kathy Hochul and the FBI confirmed the event was not terrorism-related. The investigation is ongoing.

Fox Boss and Reporter Travel to Ukraine to Meet with Zelenskyy

20 Nov 2023  |  westernjournal.com
Fox Corp. Chairman Lachlan Murdoch and Fox News correspondent Benjamin Hall met with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in Kyiv. Zelenskyy's office confirmed the visit, which also included Jerome Starkey, defense editor of The Sun. Hall, who was injured in Ukraine in 2022, received the Order of Merit from Zelenskyy. The visit was seen as a signal of support for Ukraine. Ukrainian officials briefed Murdoch on the conflict with Russia, and Hall interviewed Zelenskyy for a Fox News segment.

Abu Dhabi-based flag-carrier Etihad Airways (EY) announced that its first scheduled commercial flight to Tel Aviv, Israel, has landed in Ben Gurion International Airport (TLV) Tuesday afternoon at local time.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will visit the United Arab Emirates on Thursday, Israeli media announced on Wednesday.

10 Mar 2021  |  International Policy Digest
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is scheduled to visit the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on Thursday for a meeting with Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan. This visit, reported by Israeli media, is seen as Netanyahu showcasing his diplomatic achievements ahead of Israel's national elections. The trip has been delayed previously due to COVID-19 lockdowns and political issues. The visit marks a significant milestone in UAE-Israel relations following the Abraham Accords signed in September 2020. There are also unconfirmed reports that Netanyahu might meet with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman during his visit. The UAE has become a popular destination for Israeli tourists since the signing of the Accords.

Authorities in Iran foiled an attempted hijacking of an Iran Air (IR) airplane flying from Ahvaz to Mashhad in northwestern Iran.

Interpol reportedly took down an international warrant for an FBI Most Wanted Terrorist responsible for scouting a maximum-casualty location and escorting a suicide bomber in 2001 towards a Jerusalem pizza store.

15 Mar 2021  |  dailycaller.com
The article reports on the removal of an international warrant by Interpol for Ahlam Ahmad Al-Tamimi, an FBI Most Wanted Terrorist involved in the 2001 Sbarro pizzeria bombing in Jerusalem. The attack resulted in 15 deaths, including two American citizens. Al-Tamimi was charged by the U.S. in 2013 and indicted in 2017 for using a weapon of mass destruction against U.S. nationals, resulting in death. Despite being sentenced to 16 life sentences by Israeli authorities, she was released in a prisoner exchange in 2011 and deported to Jordan. The U.S. has been attempting to extradite her from Jordan, but Jordanian authorities have refused. Interpol's removal of the warrant does not affect the DOJ's demand for her extradition, and she remains a wanted terrorist with a $5 million bounty.

Archaeologists in Israel have discovered several 2,000-year-old biblical scroll fragments, a 6,000-year-old skeleton, ancient coins and what is thought to be the world’s oldest woven basket in a cave, the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) announced.

16 Mar 2021  |  dailycaller.com
The Israel Antiquities Authority announced the discovery of several 2,000-year-old biblical scroll fragments, a 6,000-year-old child's skeleton, ancient coins, and a 10,500-year-old woven basket in the 'Cave of Horrors' in Nahal Hever, southern Israel. The scroll fragments include Greek translations of the books of Zechariah and Nahum from the 1st century AD, with God's name in paleo-Hebrew. Coins from the Bar Kochba revolt and arrowheads were also found. The basket is believed to be the world's oldest complete basket. These discoveries were part of a rescue operation to protect antiquities from theft. The cave, difficult to access, was named after previous findings of human skeletons in the 1960s. The newly found scroll fragments are thought to be connected to those found in the 1950s in the same area.

The number of vessels stuck in a traffic jam outside the Suez Canal rose to 200 Friday as recent efforts to free a cargo ship wedged between the Canal’s two banks failed.

26 Mar 2021  |  dailycaller.com
The article reports on the ongoing situation in the Suez Canal, where the cargo ship Ever Given remains lodged, causing a significant maritime traffic jam with over 200 vessels delayed. The blockage of the canal, which accounts for about 12% of international trade, poses a threat to the global economy and supply chains. Efforts to dislodge the ship have been unsuccessful, with salvage experts suggesting it could take up to a week. The U.S. has offered assistance to Egypt in resolving the situation. The Panama-flagged ship got stuck due to strong winds and is being assisted by Royal Boskalis Westminster, among others, in dredging efforts to free it.

China and Iran, both under U.S. sanctions, signed a 25-year cooperation agreement Saturday, which will help Iran counter U.S. sanctions and increase Chinese influence in the region.

27 Mar 2021  |  dailycaller.com
China and Iran have signed a 25-year cooperation agreement, termed the 'Comprehensive Strategic Partnership,' to deepen economic and political ties. The deal, which was signed during Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi's visit to Tehran, includes a $400 billion Chinese investment in Iran's economy in exchange for a steady supply of oil. This agreement comes as both nations face U.S. sanctions and aims to boost trade, tourism, and cultural exchanges. It also marks the 50th anniversary of bilateral relations between the two countries. The partnership is seen as a challenge to U.S. foreign policy and an attempt to counteract American sanctions on Iran, especially after the U.S. withdrawal from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) under President Trump. President Biden has shown interest in re-entering or renegotiating the JCPOA.

Saudi Arabia opened its land border Monday to Qatar ahead of a Tuesday deal to end a three-year-long blockade imposed on Qatar. The kingdom also opened its airspace to the country.

04 Jan 2021  |  dailycaller.com
Saudi Arabia has reopened its land border and will open its airspace to Qatar, signaling an end to the three-year blockade. The announcement was made by Kuwait's Foreign Minister and confirmed by a senior Trump administration official. The deal, which is part of a series of Middle East agreements aimed at forming a united front against Iran, is expected to be signed at the Gulf Cooperation Council summit in Saudi Arabia. White House senior adviser Jared Kushner played a key role in negotiating the deal. The blockade, which began in 2017, was imposed by Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, and the UAE, accusing Qatar of supporting Islamist groups and having ties with Iran. Qatar rejected the demands made during the blockade, emphasizing its sovereignty. The lifting of the blockade is seen as a step towards regional stability and was welcomed by former U.S. Ambassador to Qatar, Dana Shell Smith.

Following normalizing relationships, the United Arab Emirates announced Thursday that it would be setting up a $10 billion investment fund targeting key sectors in the Israeli economy.

12 Mar 2021  |  dailycaller.com
The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has announced the creation of a $10 billion investment fund aimed at key sectors of the Israeli economy, including energy, manufacturing, water, space, healthcare, and agri-tech. This move is intended to support development initiatives and strengthen economic cooperation between the UAE and Israel. The announcement followed a phone call between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan. The establishment of the fund is seen as a continuation of the improving relations between the two nations following the Abraham Accords Peace Agreement, brokered by the Trump administration. Netanyahu views the investment as a boost for Israel's economic recovery post-pandemic.

The New York Police Department (NYPD) said that it was investigating a Wednesday knife attack where an assailant slashed a Hasidic couple and their toddler. The incident is under investigation as a possible hate crime, the NYPD told The Daily Caller.

01 Apr 2021  |  dailycaller.com
The NYPD is investigating a knife attack on a Hasidic family as a possible hate crime. A couple and their toddler were slashed by an assailant in Battery Park. The suspect, Darryl Jones, has been arrested and faces multiple charges, including assault and unlawful possession of a weapon. Jones had recently been released from prison after serving time for attempted murder related to a 2011 robbery. The incident was captured on video and has raised concerns about anti-Jewish hate crimes, which have been the majority of hate crime incidents in New York according to a 2019 report.

The case for building an Israeli Suez Canal alternative, and consequently ending Egypt’s monopoly on Red Sea-Mediterranean transit, is that such a canal will benefit Israel’s and the world’s economy & benefit Israel’s international relations and security

04 Apr 2021  |  blogs.timesofisrael.com
The article discusses the potential economic and geopolitical benefits of Israel constructing an alternative to the Suez Canal. It highlights the Suez Canal's importance to global trade, noting its facilitation of significant tonnage of goods and its substantial revenue generation for Egypt. The piece explores the idea, following the Abraham Accords, of Israel and the UAE discussing a new canal through Eilat, which could challenge Egypt's monopoly on Red Sea-Mediterranean transit. The author argues that an Israeli canal could benefit the global economy by reducing transit costs, stimulate Israel's economy through increased revenue and consumer spending, and enhance Israel's international relations and security by fostering trade ties and shared interests in the canal's operation. The article also considers the potential impact on Israel-Egypt relations, suggesting that any short-term tensions would be mitigated by the strategic push for cooperation in the Middle East and the mutual long-term benefits of competition.

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