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Andrew Lindsay

Manchester, United Kingdom
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About Andrew
Andrew Lindsay is an award-winning multimedia journalist based in Manchester (Media City, Salford), United Kingdom; a shoot-and-edit journalist with a flair for writing.

His career in print journalism began in 2000, after which he returned to the prestigious Cardiff University to gain a postgraduate Distinction in Broadcast Journalism. This led to eight years at ITV. He has been at the BBC since 2012 and continues to freelance for the corporation while running the MA Journalism course at the University of Salford, Media City.

He has a keen interest in politics and football culture and in travel, particularly in Ireland and Italy, where he spends most of his free time.
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Building Ransomware Resilience - A Proactive Strategy for Businesses and Regulators

04 Apr 2024  |  jdsupra.com
The international community is exploring various approaches to deter ransomware attacks, including sanctions, development of cyberattack norms, and promotion of cybersecurity best practices. Sanctions by the UK and US have targeted members of the Russian-based cybercrime gang TrickBot and entities like Tornado Cash and SUEX for their roles in ransomware and money laundering. A comprehensive strategy is advocated, involving targeted sanctions, information sharing, public-private partnerships, and empowering businesses and individuals to protect themselves. OFAC has issued advisories discouraging ransom payments and suggesting risk-based compliance programs. Collaboration with foreign regulators and a whole-of-sector approach are recommended to combat ransomware threats effectively.

German football tightens security measures

13 Dec 2023  |  BBC
The Bundesliga and Ligaverbandes, representing German professional football clubs, have introduced new security measures in response to increased violence and political pressure. The decision was made on the 12th of December, a date significant to the 12:12 campaign by fans who oppose the measures, feeling excluded from the decision-making process. The new rules include potential limits on ticket allocations for away fans and increased security at stadiums, but they do not ban standing areas as some feared. The changes come amid reports of a 20% increase in football-related police work and recent violent incidents. Bundesliga boasts the highest match-day attendance in Europe, with fan-friendly policies like cheap standing tickets and in-stadium amenities. The new security measures will be reviewed after three years.

A two-minute sport reel. I have a news background and am actively seeking more news reporting and presenting shifts.

Announcing HubSpot’s Investment in Crossbeam

21 Aug 2019  |  medium.com
HubSpot's VP of Corporate and Business Development, Andrew Lindsay, announces the company's investment in Crossbeam, a platform designed to improve partnership data integration for SaaS companies. Crossbeam, founded by serial entrepreneurs Bob Moore and Buck Ryan in Philadelphia, offers a solution to the guesswork involved in managing partnerships by securely supporting various data sources and creating populations for marketing opportunities. HubSpot, led by founder and CTO Dharmesh Shah, aligns with Crossbeam's mission to grow without compromising customer experience and is excited to partner and grow with Crossbeam.

Why HubSpot is Partnering with WP Engine

25 Jun 2019  |  medium.com
HubSpot announces a partnership with WP Engine to integrate their CRM with WordPress, aiming to enhance customer experience and drive business growth. The collaboration will allow users to connect their WordPress sites to HubSpot's CRM, offering tools like forms, live chat, and email automation. WP Engine's recent acquisition of Flywheel and its reputation for customer-centricity and WordPress hosting leadership are highlighted as reasons for the partnership. HubSpot's co-founder Dharmesh Shah and WP Engine's founder Jason Cohen share a long history and commitment to customer success, which facilitated the partnership.

Are genetically modified babies coming our way?

04 Feb 2019  |  RTE.ie
In November 2018, Chinese scientist He Jiankui claimed to have created the world's first genetically engineered babies, using CRISPR to alter the CCR5 gene and make them resistant to AIDS. The announcement raised ethical concerns and was widely condemned, particularly because it involved editing the germline, meaning any changes could be inherited by future generations. The experiment's authenticity and ethical approval have been questioned, and there is pressure in China to update bioethics laws in response to advancements in CRISPR technology.

Did humans have sex with Neanderthals?

20 Jun 2018  |  RTE.ie
Neanderthals, who first appeared approximately 400,000 years ago and disappeared about 30,000 years ago, co-existed with modern humans for no more than 20,000 years. Genetic evidence confirms interbreeding between humans and Neanderthals, with about 2 percent of the genome of non-African populations inherited from Neanderthals. This genetic exchange provided beneficial genes that helped early humans adapt to new pathogens and climates. However, some inherited Neanderthal gene variants may not be beneficial today, potentially increasing risks of certain health issues. Despite this, Neanderthal ancestry continues to influence many people today.

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