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Andy Siswanto

Im guitarist, music composer and location sound mixer based in Jakarta, Indonesia. 
Experiences : 
* 1995-1999 - working as Live Sound Mixer (FOH) for music concert & clubs. 
* 2000 (present ) - working as location sound mixer for various international broadcasters & production. 
Sound Kits : 
*Sennheiser shotgun mics MKH 816, MKH 416, MKH60, Sennheiser Lav Mics, Sennheiser Radio Mics 
*SQN Field Mixer 4S, SQN 3M, DPA Lav Mics, Sound Devices 302, Sound Devices MM1 
* Sony shotgun mics ECM 673, VG1, Sony Lav Mics, Sony Radio Mics 
* Rycote boom poles, Sennheiser boom poles 
* Tentacle timecode

English Indonesian

Witness the touching moment that teenage mother Clara is reunited with her baby Clarita, who was kidnapped by a dominant male.

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