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Ane Nordentoft

København, Denmark
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About Ane
Ane Nordentoft is a journalist based in København, Denmark.
She has about 25 years experience from various news media and has been reporting from around the world for among others the Danish news agency Ritzau for 10 years. Works as a freelance journalist today and still reports from around the world.
Danish English
Feature Stories Content Writing Corporate Content
Politics Current Affairs Arts & Books

Americans read emails in the air with new glasses: Costs 25,000 kroner and makes people wave their arms in the street

22 May 2024  |  avisendanmark.dk
The article discusses the new Vision Pro glasses from Apple, highlighting their high cost of 25,000 kroner and the unusual behavior they elicit from users, such as waving their arms in public spaces. The glasses allow users to read emails and interact with digital content in the air, leading to a surge of online videos showcasing this behavior.

Kvinde fra USA med to livmodere føder to babyer på to dage

24 Dec 2023  |  avisendanmark.dk
Artiklen omhandler et sjældent medicinsk fænomen, hvor en kvinde med to livmodere har født to børn med en dags mellemrum. Det nævnes, at 0,3 procent af verdens kvinder har denne sjældne tilstand, men yderligere detaljer om den specifikke sag eller generel information om tilstanden er ikke givet i det korte uddrag.

Varslet uvejr får forsikringsselskaber til at indkalde ekstra mandskab

19 Oct 2023  |  avisendanmark.dk
Topdanmark, an insurance company, has proactively sent SMS alerts to over 27,000 of its customers who reside in areas that may be affected by an impending storm. This measure is likely part of the company's efforts to ensure customer safety and mitigate potential damage.

Skadet Viktor Axelsen trækker sig fra Denmark Open

19 Oct 2023  |  avisendanmark.dk
Viktor Axelsen, a prominent badminton player, has withdrawn from the Denmark Open due to an injury in his left foot. The injury prevents him from participating in the tournament.

Nobody talks about climate change anymore in the Maldives. The country's democratically elected president is imprisoned, authoritarian rule is returning and islamists are gaining influence and recruiting for Islamic State.

About Ma Ba Tha, the movement of Buddhist monks in Myanmar, who wow to defend the Buddhist identity of the country from perceived Muslim influence. For the Danish daily Kristeligt Dagblad.

About the young Kurds in southeastern Turkey who cross into Syria to fight Islamic State - and how they can never return home again. For the Danish daily Kristeligt Dagblad.

Small clinics fight unequal battle for Uganda's most vulnerable

17 Aug 2015  |  globalnyt.dk
MARPI clinic in Kampala, Uganda, is the only state clinic offering treatment to the most at-risk populations, including sex workers and sexual minorities. Despite homosexuality being illegal in Uganda, MARPI provides a safe space for these individuals to receive healthcare without fear of repercussions. The clinic's director, Peter Kyambadde, emphasizes the right to health services for all, despite societal stigma. Support from organizations like Amicaall and AIDS-fondet, funded by Danida, helps maintain operations. Another clinic, IceBreakers, also serves the LGBT community, discreetly located and funded by foreign aid. However, the lack of coordinated efforts and transparency in projects like MARPS, which was also supported by Danida, has been criticized for inefficiency. The article highlights the challenges faced by sexual minorities in accessing healthcare in a country where homophobia is prevalent.

Must wait up to eight years

18 Mar 2015  |  Dagsavisen
Yazidi refugees from Iraq, around 300 in number, have found temporary shelter in a former sports club in Batman, Turkey, after fleeing the terror of the Islamic State (IS) in Northern Iraq. The sudden influx of refugees, including 1.62 million from Syria, has overwhelmed Turkey's asylum system, leading to an average wait time of nearly eight years for UNHCR registration. Sado Khuduhr, a Yazidi refugee and former interpreter for the US forces in Iraq, recounts his harrowing escape from IS and his uncertain future as he awaits a crucial interview with ASAM in Ankara, hoping eventually to reach the USA through a special program for interpreters.

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