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Angela Gow

Angela Gow is a researcher specialised in Scientific Research based in Sydney, Australia.
I am a psychoanalyst, criminologist, behaviour analyst, sociologist, politician, counsellor and author of not only research, but also novels and screen content, with over 4 years of international experience in scientific & academic research & writing, fictional and non-fictional writing, and a lifetime of an in-depth learning and practice of the art of psychoanalysis, with over 10 years of experience actively practicing psychological counselling as a volunteer with people suffering mainly from PTSD, trauma and complex trauma related issues.
My expertise ranges to also include Data Science, Computational Methods, Artificial Intelligence,Music and Sound Production, Film Production & Video Editing and Graphic Design. In completing my MhDil, I researched and developed a ground-breaking study whereby I conducted psychological and behavioural analysis on a number of known serial killers, which is getting published as a book and is currently published as working paper.
Also completing a Micro-Master's Program in Statistics and Data Science with MIT & starting a PhD in Psychology & Neuroscience.
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Content Writing Research Investigative Journalism Journalism Fact Checking
Politics Technology Science & Environment Natural Disasters Medical Paranormal Investigative Reporting Research Social Fact Checking

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