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Angelique Ferat

Amman, Jordan
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About Angelique
Angelique Ferat is a journalist based in Amman, Jordan. I have been in the region 12 years. Covered news in Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan, Bahrain and Yemen. A radio journalist I have diversified. Some press amd some TV. Doing stand ups. Phoners etc....
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Fact Checking

Prince Hamzah, the favorite prince of the Jordanians

06 Apr 2021  |  rfi.fr
Prince Hamzah of Jordan, son of Queen Noor and the late King Hussein, is a popular figure in Jordan, bearing a strong physical resemblance to his father. Despite having no political role and only holding honorary positions, his engagement with Jordanian tribes and presence at social events have earned him significant public support. Appointed as the crown prince by his father before his death in 1999, he was later replaced by King Abdullah's son in 2004. Recent tensions arose when Prince Hamzah was placed under house arrest, accused of involvement in a plot against King Abdullah, which he denied. Journalist Daoud Kuttab suggests that Prince Hamzah's calm demeanor in response to the accusations has increased his popularity. While the king remains popular, the incident indicates a need for greater political involvement of Jordanians in the country's governance.

Strasbourg: A stolen bike could sink a business

10 Sep 2019  |  www.20minutes.fr
A Strasbourg restaurateur, Camille Dorsemans, initiated an online fundraiser to help Quentin Seyeux, the founder of the local online grocery store Marmelade, replace his stolen custom-made delivery bike. The bike, essential for eco-friendly deliveries in the city center, was valued at 3,500 euros. Without it, Seyeux faces increased costs and logistical challenges, impacting his business operations and image. The community has shown support, with individuals like Clément Coriette contributing to the cause.

Alsace: 'We don't know if we'll recover,' the Alsatian farm hit by listeria has stopped

09 Sep 2019  |  20minutes.fr
The organic farm Durr Biolacte in Boofzheim, Alsace, has ceased operations following a listeria outbreak linked to eight cases in France, including one in Bas-Rhin. The farm's 35 employees are recalling products from shelves, and the farm is considering destroying current production facilities. The mayor of Boofzheim expressed support, noting the farm's importance as a local employer. No financial aid is anticipated, and the farm must submit a safety plan for its products to the state services.

The relocation of the European Fair of Strasbourg disrupts exhibitors and visitors

06 Sep 2019  |  www.20minutes.fr
The 87th European Fair of Strasbourg has been relocated to a temporary site behind the Hilton hotel and Kléber high school, near Place de Bordeaux, due to the construction of a business district and a new theater at its previous location, Wacken. The move has caused confusion and inconvenience for visitors and the 900 exhibitors, with issues such as parking accessibility and visitors struggling to find their way around. The future Exhibition Park is expected to be ready by 2021. Exhibitors like Maryse Vairinhos of Kenwood and Emmanuel from Tryba have expressed their dissatisfaction, particularly with the parking situation and the change of location.

Strasbourg: Alsatian winegrowers struggle to recruit for the harvest

05 Sep 2019  |  www.20minutes.fr
The grape harvest season has begun in Alsace, but many winegrowers are struggling to find enough workers. Despite efforts by Pôle Emploi, the number of job offers exceeds the number of applicants. The profile of harvest workers has shifted from students to older individuals, including retirees and professionals taking time off work. This change is attributed to the region's low unemployment rate and the need for retirees to supplement their income.

Yellow Vests in Franche-Comté: The city of Montbéliard lowers its rates to satisfy the protesters

18 Mar 2019  |  20minutes.fr
Montbéliard City Council, led by Mayor Noëlle Biguinet of The Republicans, has announced a reduction in school canteen and after-school care costs by 10%, as well as lower rates for senior meals delivered at home, in response to the Yellow Vests movement. Starting May 1st, parking will be free for the first hour citywide. These measures, which will result in a financial shortfall of 200,000 euros for the city, are seen as a way to boost purchasing power and support local commerce. The city's economic situation has been affected by the downsizing of the automobile industry, particularly the Peugeot plant. Critics suggest the mayor's actions are aimed at securing re-election, but supporters point to her success in reducing the city's debt.

The Iraqi city of Tikrit, one year after the reconquest

02 May 2016  |  RFI
The article reports on the state of Tikrit, Iraq, one year after its reconquest from the Islamic State. The city shows signs of recovery with reopened roads, functioning utilities, and operational schools and administrations. However, financial struggles persist due to unpaid salaries and the economic impact of the war and falling oil prices. Security remains a concern with ongoing kidnappings and conflicts, particularly in surrounding areas like Beiji and Toz Kormatu. The Popular Mobilization Forces and various militia groups play significant roles in maintaining order, though tensions and distrust linger among the population.

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