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Angelo Samarawickrema

Colombo, Sri Lanka
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About Angelo
I am Angelo Samarawickrema, a photojournalist/Investigative Journalist based in Colombo, Sri Lanka. My call sign in the Industry is "TheClickmeister or TheOne&OnlyClickmeister."
 Having over 25 years in field experience having covered disaster zones of Colombo and around Sri Lanka both during and post Civil War which concluded in 2009. Having lived in the Uk for a period of close to ten years, covered many protests and other events from music festivals to street photography which is a passion discovering people and expression of cultures. But upon returning to the Island of Sri Lanka in 2005, has managed to work through humanitarian organisations covering many struggled of both the living conditions and the ongoing political struggled in the Island to its present day being involved in documenting over a month and half of protests and many clashes between the people and the tri forces. 

Angelo is currently based in Colombo and available for assignments within the Island and overseas having a active passport.

His experience covers from both behind the camera and in front of the camera reporting on site during critical stages. I speak two languages fluently and read and write both English and Singhalese and able to adapt to any environment. Am a team player and can work within a team as well.

I have covered events in both corporate and private sector, street documentary plus political crisis to vigils and protests,Film & Theatre and much more and am available for other online assignments as I've covered a few projects for the Guardian in London and also AlJazeera.
English Sinhala
Interview (Video / Broadcast) Vox Pop Documentaries
Politics Current Affairs Science & Environment

If not Us then who? If not now then when? If not here then where? You can help by doing your part by not throwing rubbish all over and help spread the mesaage to stop thes ejoy riders from destroying our natural habitats.

Pls do not litter and leave your carbon footprint along every trail. This is one opportunity you have to make a difference in making the right choices and making a stand to help spread the word that we all are to live as one within this world.

The people continue to gather across the island with the protests day 4 since it began on Sunday and their hearts filled with passion and zeal not to give up this fight for Justice and change in the government system.

These two British tourists who arrived from London that morning were caught in the middle of the protest outside Temple trees and they shared their views on what's taking place in the Island whilst travelling and if it was safe.

The citizens of Sri Lanka voice out their disgust and anger towards their nations leaders as they relaise what the government and its leadership are really after and that they have no concern towards the wellbeing of the citizens.

Inter University Students Federation Protest 16 days on the protests at Galle face continued on even with much adversity and obstacles their way. At around 6am the University Students federstion had arranged to march from Fort Railway

Interview with Aravinda who was part of the University students of Jaffna who made their way to Galle face to join the Aragalaya

As one Nation with One Voice through a united front made up the youth movement supported by those who have witnessed much over the years, the nation stands as one against corruption and tyranny from its oppressors.

A remarkable outcome as the movement at GGG forced the government and the law that made every effort to prevent the University students and others from making their way to protest at the Aragalaya was eventualy allowed to make their way. Small victories s

Echappées Belles", Bo Travail! / France 5 shoot Filming of a Sri Lankan Travel documentary where I was featured for my work as a Photojournalist based in and out of my homeland, I was contacted by France 5 TV's travel channel Echappées Belles,Bo Travail


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