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Angelo van Schaik

Dutch multimedia journalist based in Rome, Italy, since 2001. Graduated from the School of Journalism in Zwolle (The Netherlands) in 1995, I've worked for 5 years for the national public radio in The Netherlands before I moved to Rome. Ever since I'm in Rome I made radio reports (from 3 minute features to 90 minute documentaries), always for Dutch public radio. I always recorded and edited my own stuff. in 2003 I started working for television as well and in 2007 I bought a camera to do my own filming as well. And with the filming came the editing. So now I do all my stuff on my own.


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For this 4 episodes of this 8 piece series on Dutch public television, I did research and fixing. For the four episodes, Sicilie, Florence, Milaan, Turijn, I did all the research, I found the interviewees and scouted the locations.


Since a few months I have my own drone (DJI Mavic Air), this is a video I made with the drone and my DSLR camera for an Agriturismo in Tuscany, Italy.



A report I made on the Italian island of Lampedusa on immigration and the possibility the island should host a so called hotspots, a centre where immigrants are screened and either sent back to their homecountry or granted political asylum in Italy. I made the report for Inside Europe, the English spoken programme on Deutsche Welle. The narration is in English but the clips are in the original language (Italian).



A story I did for the English department of Deutsche Welle, it's on a Dutch football player playing in the lower divisions of Italian professional football. He talks about intimidation, match fixing and the joy of a 1-0 victory. The narration is in English, but the clips are in the original language (Dutch) as these are dubbed in Germany.


This is not something I wrote, this is a link to my Flickr page where you can see my portfolio. This instead of uploading single photographs.


A report I recently made for Dutch television on fraud with Vatican funds, including an interview with Italian journalist Gianluigi Nuzzi.


Trailer of a documentary I'm working on and which will be presented later this year.

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