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Ani Oganesian

Moscow, Russia
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Armenia's Velvet Revolution and the Geopolitics of the Former USSR

26 Jan 2019  |  mundus.collection2018.tilda.ws
The article discusses the political situation in Armenia following the resignation of Prime Minister Serzh Sargsyan after protests against his appointment. It explores the concept of 'kind-hearted authoritarianism' in Armenia, where there is more freedom for media, demonstrations, and NGOs compared to other authoritarian regimes. The article also examines Armenia's geopolitical stance, balancing relations with both the European Union and Russia, despite internal challenges such as poverty, unemployment, and emigration. It highlights Russia's restrained response to the Armenian revolution, contrasting it with its actions in Ukraine and Georgia, and considers the implications for Russia's own political future. The piece suggests that regardless of the outcome, Armenia will likely maintain its alliance with Moscow due to geopolitical necessities.

Petr Pavlensky fined 500,000 rubles for setting fire to the door of the FSB building on Lubyanka due to personal animosity towards the FSB

08 Jun 2016  |  Meduza
On June 8, 2016, the Meshchansky District Court of Moscow fined artist Petr Pavlensky 500,000 rubles for damaging a cultural heritage object by setting fire to the door of the FSB building on Lubyanka. Pavlensky, who had been detained since November 2015, was released and stated he would not pay the fine. The action, named 'Threat,' was described by Pavlensky as a protest against the continuous terror of the security services. The prosecution initially sought a 1.5 million ruble fine. Additionally, Pavlensky is to pay a civil lawsuit fine of 481,461 rubles and 83 kopecks to the FSB's military unit guarding the building. After the sentencing, Pavlensky left the court without revealing his future plans but emphasized the importance of exposing the reality of power maintained through continuous terror.

Ramzan's Associates

27 Jan 2016  |  Meduza
The article discusses the most influential people in Chechnya, all of whom are considered to be close associates of the region's head, Ramzan Kadyrov. These individuals have various roles ranging from government officials to security forces, and many have familial ties to Kadyrov. Some have been involved in military campaigns or have faced allegations of involvement in criminal activities. The article provides an overview of their careers, connections, and the roles they play in Chechnya's political and social landscape.

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