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Anjali Sharma

Melbourne, Australia
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About Anjali
Anjali Sharma is a journalist based in Melbourne, Australia.
Interview (Video / Broadcast) Feature Stories Content Writing
Politics Climate Change Fact Checking

Versatile and Remotely Controllable Light-Induced Coagulation of Particles Under Flow in a 2D Channel

15 Apr 2024  |  onlinelibrary.wiley.com
The article discusses a study on the aggregation behavior of particles under the influence of light-induced diffusioosmotic (DO) attraction in the absence of external flow and under fluid flow in a microfluidic channel. It examines how the strength of DO attraction affects the aggregation of plain and porous colloids, with porous particles exhibiting stronger aggregation. The study quantifies the aggregation rate and demonstrates that it can be controlled by light intensity, particle concentration, and the nature of the particle interface. The research finds that higher light intensities and particle concentrations increase the aggregation rate, and that the particle concentration significantly impacts the aggregation due to the DO attraction depending on the particle-particle distance and chemical gradient. The study also shows that light-induced aggregation can be used to control the motion of particles in a microfluidic channel, potentially allowing for on-demand local control of gelation behavior.

‘Too Much Love’ Netflix Movie Review - A Turkish Delight or a Recipe for Heartburn?

29 Mar 2024  |  moviesr.net
The review of 'Too Much Love' on Netflix describes the film as a non-traditional romantic comedy set in Istanbul, focusing on a man named Coskun who sells pirated movies and is in love with a woman named Ayla. The film is critiqued for its lack of coherent plot and cringe-worthy dialogue, but is also noted for its brilliant moments, such as the cinematography and soundtrack. Despite its flaws, the film is seen as an entertaining guilty pleasure.

What is the 12B-1 Plan?

29 Mar 2024  |  www.theceo.in
The 12B-1 plan is a strategic blueprint used by mutual fund companies to optimize the distribution of funds through intermediaries, involving sales commissions and 12B-1 distribution expenses. It focuses on open-end mutual funds with different class structures for sales charges and distribution expenses. Sales commissions compensate intermediaries, while 12B-1 expenses support marketing and distribution. Mutual fund companies must disclose sales load schedules and 12B-1 expenses in the fund's prospectus, which requires SEC filing and board approval for any changes. The 12B-1 plan is crucial for investor understanding and ensures accountability and transparency in mutual fund investments.

Gujarat: India's Western Gem

29 Mar 2024  |  theceo.in
Gujarat, India's western state, is known for its long coastline, diverse culture, and economic strength. It has a rich historical background with influences from various dynasties and was a significant trade hub. The state has a diverse geography and is committed to conservation efforts, housing the only wild Asiatic lion population. Gujarat's demographics are varied, with a mix of communities and languages. Governed by the BJP with Bhupendrabhai Patel as the Chief Minister, Gujarat has faced challenges like natural disasters and communal tensions. The state is a tourist destination with historical sites, religious significance, and vibrant festivals. It also has a strong educational system with notable universities and research institutions.

‘The Beautiful Game’ (2024) Netflix Movie Review - From Streets to Stadium

29 Mar 2024  |  moviesr.net
Directed by Thea Sharrock and written by Frank Cottrell-Boyce, 'The Beautiful Game' is a 2024 British sports drama on Netflix that follows the journey of a homeless football team led by Bill Nighy and Micheal Ward to the Homeless World Cup in Rome. The film is praised for its heartfelt portrayal of homelessness, the chemistry among the diverse cast, and its celebration of the transformative power of sports. Despite some predictable plotlines, it stands out for its authenticity and emotional depth, set against the iconic landmarks of Rome.

‘Champion’ (2023) Netflix Series Review - Sibling Rivalry Strikes a Chord

12 Jan 2024  |  moviesr.net
Champion, a Netflix drama series set in South London, explores family, ambition, and sibling rivalry through the story of Bosco and Vita Champion, two siblings in the music scene. The series delves into the complexities of their relationship, with strong performances from Déja J. Bowens and Malcolm Kamulete. The soundtrack plays a significant role, enhancing the narrative and celebrating diversity with a predominantly Black cast. Despite some pacing issues and a predictable plot, Champion offers an authentic perspective on Black experiences and leaves a resonant impression.

‘Boy Swallows Universe’ Netflix Series Review - Travis Fimmel’s Charisma Shines Amidst Neon Nostalgia

11 Jan 2024  |  moviesr.net
‘Boy Swallows Universe’ is a Netflix series set in 1980s Brisbane, based on Trent Dalton's semi-autobiographical novel. The series captures the era's essence with a mix of crime, drama, and mystery, featuring standout performances by Felix Cameron, Travis Fimmel, Phoebe Tonkin, and Lee Tiger Halley. The narrative is a blend of realism and magical realism, creating a dreamlike quality. While the pacing may be slow at times, the series is praised for its immersive storytelling and emotional depth, making it a significant addition to contemporary television.

‘Level 1 Demon Lord and One Room Hero’ Netflix Series Review - The Oddball Chronicles

10 Jan 2024  |  moviesr.net
Netflix's anime 'Level 1 Demon Lord and One Room Hero' is a fantasy-comedy that follows the unexpected friendship between the Demon Lord Maou and the hero Max. The series explores themes of identity, redemption, and camaraderie through the characters' personal struggles and evolving alliance. Despite occasionally predictable narrative structures, it offers a mix of humor, fantasy, and profound insights into the beauty of unlikely companionship.

‘Good Grief’ (2024) Netflix Movie Review - A Shallow Dive into Grief and Secrets

05 Jan 2024  |  moviesr.net
The 2024 Netflix movie 'Good Grief' explores the themes of grief, friendship, and love through the journey of Marc, an artist who discovers his late husband Oliver's secret life in Paris. The film, written, directed, and led by Daniel Levy, features performances by Ruth Negga and Himesh Patel. Despite its sincere portrayal of heavy themes, the film is criticized for its lack of depth, one-dimensional supporting characters, and failure to resonate emotionally. Paris serves as a scenic backdrop, but the film is seen as skimming the surface of its potential emotional depth.

‘C-Section’ Netflix Movie Review - A Comedic Voyage through Lebanon’s Social Maze

04 Jan 2024  |  moviesr.net
C-Section is a Lebanese comedy-drama directed by Rayane Matar that explores societal disparities through the experiences of two couples from different socio-economic backgrounds in a Beirut hospital's maternity suite. The film uses humor and satire to highlight inequalities in Lebanese society and features strong performances from an ensemble cast including Ammar Shalak, Gabriel Yammine, Pamela El Kik, Rola Beksmati, and Chadi Haddad. While the cinematography is criticized for not fully capturing the potential visual grandeur, the film is praised for its storytelling and emotional depth, culminating in a satisfying resolution.

A Culinary Adventure in Perilous Realms

04 Jan 2024  |  moviesr.net
Delicious in Dungeon blends fantasy adventuring with culinary delights, following protagonists Laios, Marcille, and Chilchuck as they navigate a perilous dungeon and survive by eating monsters. The show is praised for its meticulous world-building and unique narrative but criticized for its lackluster animation quality. Despite this, the series offers an inventive and quirky take on the fantasy genre, making it a worthwhile watch for those seeking something unconventional.

Ram Mandir 2024 Inauguration

04 Jan 2024  |  theceo.in
Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated key infrastructure projects in Ayodhya, including an airport and railway station, as part of transforming the town into a Smart City. He invited the nation to celebrate Deepawali on January 22, 2024, coinciding with the consecration ceremony of the Ram temple. The ceremony is scheduled during the auspicious Abhijit Muhurat and Mrigashira Nakshatra, which are considered favorable for new beginnings. The development projects aim to boost infrastructure, create employment, and ensure Ayodhya's growth, with the event marking a blend of heritage and development.

‘Wolf’ Netflix Movie Review - A Bark With Bite, But Lost in the Pack

03 Jan 2024  |  moviesr.net
The Netflix movie 'Wolf' features a screenplay that blends horror, drama, and romance, with standout performances from George MacKay, Lily-Rose Depp, and Paddy Considine. However, the film is criticized for its superficial exploration of species dysphoria, weak parallels with conversion therapy, static character development, and uncomfortable scenes with real animals. Despite the actors' efforts, the movie fails to fully engage with its potential, leaving it as an unremarkable entry in the cinematic landscape.

‘The Harouns’ Netflix Movie Review - Family, Deceit, and Cairo’s Underworld

27 Dec 2023  |  moviesr.net
The Harouns, a Netflix movie set in Cairo, tells a story of crime, deceit, and family conflict following the death of a crime boss. The film features performances by Ahmad Wafiq, Mohamed Ezz, and others, and presents a complex narrative with multiple perspectives. While it offers a gripping tale, the movie sometimes struggles with narrative clarity and visual storytelling. Despite these issues, it explores the dark aspects of human nature within a crime drama context.

Hire Pundit: Crafting Routes to Global Success and Excellence

22 Dec 2023  |  www.theceo.in
Hire Pundit, founded in 2016, operates globally with offices in India, Japan, and the USA, specializing in recruitment and business solutions for bilingual professionals in IT and Engineering. The company, led by Vivek Jain, emphasizes integrity, respect, and collaboration, serving over 60 clients. It offers comprehensive services including market entry strategy, business setup, and talent acquisition. Hire Pundit is recognized for its cultural fluency and commitment to fostering diverse talent pools, particularly in the Indo-Japan Corridor. The company has adapted to technological advancements and a hybrid workforce model, aiming to become a leader in global IT sourcing.

Christmas Day

19 Dec 2023  |  startupcityindia.com
The text provides examples of a Christmas Day speech and an essay, emphasizing the celebration's joy, significance, and traditions. It highlights the importance of togetherness, love, and reflection during the festive season, both in home and church settings. The speech and essay underscore Christmas as a time of giving and contemplation, rooted in the story of Jesus Christ's birth.

‘I Carry You With Me’ Netflix Movie Review - Cinematic Mosaic of Love and Longing

19 Dec 2023  |  moviesr.net
Heidi Ewing's 'I Carry You With Me' is an emotional symphony that explores the love story of Iván and Gerardo amidst the vibrant life of provincial Mexico and the harsh realities of U.S. immigration laws. The film captures their profound connection and the sacrifices made in pursuit of the American Dream. Despite occasional narrative imbalances, the film remains a poignant testament to the immigrant experience and the enduring legacy of love.

Christmas 2023

19 Dec 2023  |  startupcityindia.com
Christmas Day is a time of joy, love, and togetherness celebrated with family and friends. In 2023, it falls on Monday, December 25th. The festive season is marked by the exchange of cards, capturing moments in photographs, and choosing festive attire. Despite cultural differences, the essence of Christmas is universal, focusing on love, generosity, and creating cherished memories. The article encourages embracing the spirit of the holiday and wishes readers a happy Christmas filled with laughter and love.

Imagex Engineering and Projects Private Limited

19 Dec 2023  |  www.theceo.in
Imagex Engineering and Projects Pvt. Ltd., an ISO Certified company specializing in Engineering, Project Management, and solutions for the Power & Food Industry, is led by Managing Director Prasanna Kulkarni. Established in 2005 and headquartered in Bangalore, with offices in Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, and Lagos, Imagex integrates technology and automated food processing with AI. The company emphasizes integrity, ethical practices, and continuous improvement, offering sustainable technology that combines renewable energy with food processing. Prasanna Kulkarni, with over 35 years of experience, has been recognized for his corporate social responsibility efforts. Imagex has overcome challenges such as green energy integration and consultancy in traditional industries, achieving significant milestones like setting up a record-breaking rice mill in Nigeria and a cogeneration power plant in India.

Nu-Pie: Redefining Data Analytics for Business Excellence

19 Dec 2023  |  www.theceo.in
Nu-Pie Management Consultancy is a leading data analytics consultancy firm that integrates management, data, and IT consultancy to deliver innovative solutions. Recognized among the top 10 most promising data analytics startups in India by CIO Review India, Nu-Pie empowers businesses with data-driven insights and strategies. Led by CEO and founder CA Jerrin Thomas, the company boasts a team of 25 experts and serves over 25 clients across various industries. Nu-Pie offers a comprehensive range of services, including data engineering, data visualization, and data science, utilizing platforms like Azure, AWS, and tools such as Power Bi and Tableau. The firm also runs DataCon, a community aimed at fostering collaboration in the data analytics ecosystem.

‘Yoh! Christmas’ Netflix Series Review - Tangled Tinsel and Festive Fibs

16 Dec 2023  |  moviesr.net
‘Yoh! Christmas’ is a festive Netflix series that brings South African charm to the holiday season, featuring a humorous and relatable lead, Thando, played by Katlego Lebogang. The series is filled with comedic chaos and cultural nuances, though it bears a resemblance to the Norwegian series 'Home for Christmas.' Despite some predictability, the performances and heartwarming moments make it a cozy holiday watch.

‘Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget’ Netflix Movie Review - Egg-citing Escapades

15 Dec 2023  |  moviesr.net
Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget, the sequel to the original Chicken Run, made its debut on Netflix on December 15, 2023. The film, produced by Aardman Animations and Netflix Animation, features voice talents such as Thandiwe Newton and Zachary Levi. It retains the retro animation style and humor of the first film, appealing to both children and adults, despite some concerns that the humor may not be suitable for the youngest viewers. While it may not reach the heights of its predecessor, it is still a comforting and enjoyable experience for fans seeking nostalgia and new laughs.

‘The Family Plan’ (2023) Apple TV+ Movie Review - Dad by Day, Assassin by Night

14 Dec 2023  |  moviesr.net
The Family Plan is a film that combines action and comedy, featuring Mark Wahlberg as a suburban dad and former government assassin whose past resurfaces, leading to a family road trip to Las Vegas. The movie, praised for its portrayal of family bonds and balance between action and heartfelt moments, includes performances by Michelle Monaghan, Maggie Q, and Ciarán Hinds. Despite a predictable storyline, the film is commended for its entertainment value and the direction by Simon Cellan Jones. It is set to release on Apple TV+ on December 15.

‘I Hate Christmas’ Season 2 Netflix Review - The Jolly (Mis)Adventures of Gianna

08 Dec 2023  |  moviesr.net
Gianna returns in the second season of 'I Hate Christmas,' navigating a whirlwind of love, deception, and festive chaos in Chioggia, Italy. The show features vibrant cinematography and a picturesque Italian backdrop, with Gianna's fourth-wall-breaking narration adding a personal touch. While the romantic-comedy storyline is engaging, some supporting performances lack spark. Overall, the series captures the essence of the holiday season with its blend of laughter, mishaps, and emotional chaos.

‘Six in the City’ (2023) Netflix Movie Review - Road-tripping Through Male Melodrama

07 Dec 2023  |  moviesr.net
Six in the City, directed by Star Mphahlele, is a South African film that explores male friendships through the story of Paul and his friends Gigi, Steve, Ryan, Kagiso, and Brian. The movie is set in Cape Town and Johannesburg and attempts to portray relatable characters and local culture. While it succeeds in creating a familiar and comfortable atmosphere, it falls short with predictable dialogues, slow pacing, and inconsistent character development. The review suggests that the film is a mixed bag of heartfelt moments and clichés, suitable for viewers looking for a feel-good experience who are willing to overlook its flaws.

Top Fashion Trends in 2023 in the World

07 Dec 2023  |  theceo.in
The fashion landscape in 2023 is characterized by a variety of trends that blend classic elegance with contemporary style. Cargo pants are making a comeback with modern updates, while sheer fabrics add sophistication and sensuality. Crochet is being revived for its bohemian and artisanal appeal, and the color red is becoming a dominant force for its boldness. Denim is being redefined through unconventional designs, and maxi skirts are returning for their comfort and femininity. Cobalt blue is replacing navy as a vibrant wardrobe staple, and daytime fashion is embracing shimmer and sparkle. These trends reflect the diverse expressions of individual style in the global fashion scene.

Top Health Trends in 2023 in the World

07 Dec 2023  |  theceo.in
The year 2023 is characterized by a new era of health consciousness with trends focusing on holistic well-being. 'Exercise snacks' offer a flexible approach to fitness, health and wellness coaches provide personalized guidance, and adaptogens are recognized for their stress-resilient properties. A shift from strict health rules to lifestyle changes that enhance overall well-being is also evident, emphasizing a comprehensive journey that includes physical activity, quality sleep, healthy relationships, nutritional support, and a positive mindset.

Top Destinations in 2023 in World

06 Dec 2023  |  www.theceo.in
A curated list of top travel destinations for 2023, highlighting the unique charms and immersive experiences of places like Paris, Bora Bora, Glacier National Park, Rome, the Swiss Alps, Maui, London, the Maldives, Turks & Caicos, Tokyo, Phuket, and Costa Rica. Each destination offers a blend of natural beauty, cultural richness, and unforgettable moments, catering to diverse travel preferences.

‘Christmas As Usual’ Netflix Movie Review - A Festive Fusion or Forced Felicity?

06 Dec 2023  |  moviesr.net
'Christmas As Usual' is a Netflix film directed by Petter Holmsen that combines Norwegian family traditions with a cross-cultural love story. The film is praised for its visual aesthetics and the performances of its cast, including Ida Ursin-Holm and Kanan Gill. While it is a heartwarming holiday movie, it is critiqued for its lack of depth and authenticity. The film is likened to a cozy, familiar holiday sweater that offers comfort and joy without being a blockbuster sensation.

Top Cars in 2023 in World

06 Dec 2023  |  www.theceo.in
The automotive industry in 2023 is set to feature top-tier vehicles that blend cutting-edge technology, performance, and design. Highlighted models include the Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato, an off-road supercar variant, and the Range Rover Sport SV, a luxury SUV that combines opulent interiors with high-performance capabilities. These vehicles exemplify the industry's commitment to innovation and excellence, appealing to enthusiasts with their unique attributes and setting new standards in the automotive world.

Top Restaurants in 2023 in World

06 Dec 2023  |  www.theceo.in
In 2023, top restaurants around the world offer unique and unparalleled dining experiences, from L'Enclume in England's Lake District to La Vague d'Or in Saint Tropez, France, and Sushi Saito in Tokyo, Japan. Each restaurant, led by renowned chefs, showcases culinary artistry, impeccable service, and a commitment to creating memorable dining moments. Highlights include farm-to-table brilliance, seaside elegance, sushi perfection, and elevated dim sum, making these destinations a must-visit for food enthusiasts.

Top TV Shows in 2023 of World

06 Dec 2023  |  www.theceo.in
In 2023, television offers a diverse lineup of exceptional shows that captivate audiences with gripping narratives, compelling characters, and groundbreaking storytelling. Highlights include 'Succession' with its power struggles and corporate drama, 'Reservation Dogs' featuring Indigenous voices and coming-of-age humor, and 'I'm a Virgo' starring Janelle Monáe with its surreal comedy. Other notable mentions are 'Rain Dogs' for its noir mystery, 'BEEF' for its satirical take on celebrity culture, and 'The Curse' blending supernatural thrills with family drama. Each show brings a unique flavor to the small screen, promising a year of unforgettable television moments.

Tushar Mistry Design Studio: Crafting Unique Stories in Interior Design

06 Dec 2023  |  The CEO Magazine India
Tushar Mistry Design Studio, established in 2013 in Mumbai, is known for its innovative and comprehensive interior design services. Led by Tushar Mistry, an architect with 18 years of experience and education from CEPT and Sydney School of Architecture, the studio has collaborated with notable developers and extended its creativity to restaurants in Gujarat. TMDS is recognized for its client-centered approach, trust-building, and ability to deliver prompt and visually captivating spaces.

Top Fashion Trends in 2023 in India

06 Dec 2023  |  www.theceo.in
In 2023, Indian fashion is characterized by a fusion of tradition and modernity, showcasing trends such as bold shoulders, palazzo pants, transformed lehengas, neon tones, statement gems, dramatic borders, tank tops, sustainable designs, intense prints, and pastel tones. These trends reflect the industry's diversity, innovation, and evolving nature, where designers push boundaries and redefine style.

Top Food Trends in 2023 in India

06 Dec 2023  |  www.theceo.in
India's culinary landscape in 2023 is marked by a blend of tradition and innovation, with a resurgence of ancient grains like millets and the rise of No BS Nutrition focusing on whole, minimally processed foods. Superfoods such as sea moss, ashwagandha, maca, and black garlic are gaining popularity for their health benefits. The government's initiatives are playing a crucial role in promoting these trends, promising a year of diverse flavors, sustainability, and wellness in Indian gastronomy.

Top Video Games in 2023 in the World

06 Dec 2023  |  theceo.in
The gaming landscape in 2023 is set to offer a diverse range of highly anticipated titles, including sequels like 'Marvel's Spider-Man 2' and new adventures such as 'Starfield' by Bethesda Game Studios. Nintendo's offerings include 'Super Mario Bros. Wonder' and 'The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom,' promising enchanting experiences for players. 'Star Wars Jedi: Survivor' and 'Pikmin 4' continue beloved franchises, while 'Fire Emblem Engage' and 'Horizon Call of the Mountain' bring tactical and open-world gameplay to the forefront. 'Diablo IV' and 'Alan Wake 2' are set to deliver dark, narrative-driven experiences. These games are expected to captivate audiences with their engaging narratives, stunning graphics, and innovative gameplay.

Top Cryptocurrencies in 2023

05 Dec 2023  |  www.theceo.in
The article explores the top cryptocurrencies in 2023, highlighting the strengths and challenges of each. Bitcoin remains a stable market leader, while Ethereum continues to dominate the DeFi and DApp space despite scalability issues. Binance Coin powers the Binance ecosystem but faces centralization concerns. Ripple offers fast international settlements, and Solana is noted for its speed and low fees. Dogecoin thrives on its meme value, TRON aims to decentralize the internet, and Polkadot focuses on blockchain interoperability. USD Coin provides market stability, Cosmos seeks to interconnect blockchains, and Cardano emphasizes innovation in the blockchain space.

Top Restaurants in 2023 in India

05 Dec 2023  |  www.theceo.in
The article highlights the top restaurants in India for 2023, emphasizing their role in showcasing India's diverse culinary landscape and redefining the art of dining. It features Americano in Mumbai, known for its Italian cuisine, and celebrates the fusion of global cuisines and regional authenticity, promising an unparalleled gastronomic adventure.

Top Social Media Trends in 2023

05 Dec 2023  |  www.theceo.in
In 2023, social media trends are set to transform digital interactions with a focus on immersive technologies, live-stream shopping, and influencer marketing. AR/VR technology is enhancing online shopping experiences, while platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are leading innovations in social commerce. Short-form content continues to dominate, and chatbots are becoming integral for user engagement. The story format remains popular, and Twitter is exploring direct e-commerce links in tweets. These trends highlight the evolving landscape of social media, offering new opportunities for brands and users.

Top Songs in 2023 in India

05 Dec 2023  |  theceo.in
The music landscape in India in 2023 features a vibrant mix of top songs that include energetic anthems, quirky grooves, nostalgic vibes, and retro remixes. Tracks like 'Udd Jaa Kaale Kaava,' 'What Jhumka?,' 'Main Nikla Gaddi Leke,' and 'Dil Ka Telephone 2.0' are dominating playlists and resonating with audiences, showcasing the diversity and innovation of India's musical offerings.

Top Sports Events in 2023 of India

05 Dec 2023  |  theceo.in
India's top sports events in 2023 will feature a variety of athletic competitions, including the ICC Men's Cricket World Cup, Indian Premier League, AFC Asian Cup Qualifiers, Khelo India Youth Games, Indian Super League, Indian Grand Prix, Pro Kabaddi League, ICC Women's Cricket World Cup, National Wrestling Championships, and Indian Badminton League. These events are expected to unite fans and create memorable moments in Indian sports history, highlighting the nation's passion for sports and athletic excellence.

Top TV Shows in 2023 of India

05 Dec 2023  |  www.theceo.in
India's television landscape in 2023 showcases a diverse array of top TV shows that have captivated audiences with their gripping dramas, engaging narratives, and unique storylines. Highlights include 'The Night Manager' for its thrilling espionage plot, 'Dhootha' for its tale of intrigue, 'Kaala Paani' for its blend of mystery and suspense, and 'Farzi' for its fresh comedic perspective. Other notable mentions are 'The Railway Men', 'P I Meena', 'Made in Heaven', 'Half CA', 'Anupamaa', and 'Aakhri Sach', each contributing to the rich tapestry of Indian television with their compelling narratives and character development.

Top Beauty Trends in 2023 in India

05 Dec 2023  |  www.theceo.in
The beauty industry in India is evolving with 2023 bringing a variety of trends that emphasize individuality. Key trends include expressive nail art, hybrid beauty products that combine skincare and makeup, a resurgence of Ayurvedic beauty practices, bold eye makeup with subtle lips, and the 'skinimalism' approach focusing on minimal makeup and natural beauty. These trends reflect a dynamic and inclusive beauty landscape, encouraging self-expression and sustainable choices.

Top Games in 2023 in India

05 Dec 2023  |  theceo.in
The gaming industry in India is set to soar in 2023 with a diverse range of games gaining popularity. Titles such as Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground, Asphalt 9: Legends, Mini Militia – Doodle Army 2, and Ludo King are among the top games, each offering unique experiences from battle royales to classic board games. Genshin Impact and Among Us provide immersive worlds and social deduction gameplay, respectively. Sports enthusiasts have World Cricket Championship 3 and FIFA Mobile, while Roblox and Apex Legends Mobile cater to creative and action-seeking gamers. Call of Duty Mobile and Garena Free Fire Max are also highlighted for their engaging gameplay, ensuring a vibrant gaming scene in India.

‘Welcome to Samdal-ri’ Netflix Series Review - Seoul Meets Serenity, Love’s Island Odyssey

02 Dec 2023  |  moviesr.net
‘Welcome to Samdal-ri’ is a K-drama series that blends romance and nostalgia against the scenic backdrop of Jeju Island. The series, featuring Ji Chang-wook and Shin Hye-sun, explores the reconnection of childhood friends with contrasting lifestyles. The narrative is enriched with humor and emotional depth, though there are concerns about potential predictability. The show promises an engaging exploration of love, career, and the interplay between past and present, set against the contrasting landscapes of Jeju and Seoul.

‘Sweet Home’ Season 2 Netflix Review - Monstrous Desires and Fractured Alliances

01 Dec 2023  |  moviesr.net
In 'Sweet Home' Season 2, available on Netflix, the narrative delves deeper into the struggle of humans transforming into monsters, with characters navigating new dangers in uncharted territories. The season features a strong ensemble cast, including Song Kang, Lee Jin Wook, Lee Si Young, and Park Gyu Young, and introduces new characters like military personnel and a mad scientist. While the fast-paced storyline and raw portrayal of violence may be overwhelming, the series transcends typical survival drama by exploring the human psyche and desires through its monstrous entities. Despite some flaws, it offers substantial character growth and remains a compelling watch for invested viewers.

Mukesh (1923–1976): The Voice that Echoes Through Time

01 Dec 2023  |  www.theceo.in
Mukesh, born to Zorawar Chand Mathur and Chandrani Mathur, began his musical journey with early lessons at home and left school to pursue music. His career took off after being discovered at his sister's wedding, leading to his move to Bombay and training under Pandit Jagannath Prasad. Mukesh initially imitated K. L. Saigal but later developed his own style with Naushad Ali's guidance. He became a renowned playback singer for actors like Raj Kapoor and recorded around 1,300 songs. Mukesh won a National Film Award and several Filmfare Awards. His personal life included overcoming societal opposition to marry Saral Trivedi. Mukesh passed away in 1976, leaving a lasting legacy in Indian music, with his grandson Neil Nitin Mukesh continuing the family's artistic tradition.

Armaan Malik: The Versatile Melody Maestro Making Waves Globally

01 Dec 2023  |  theceo.in
Armaan Malik, a singer, songwriter, and music producer with a net worth of $2 million, has made a significant impact in the music industry. Born into a musical family in Mumbai, he began his career early and made his Bollywood debut in 2007. He has since become a popular playback singer and released his debut album in 2014, earning the Filmfare R. D. Burman Award for New Music Talent. Armaan ventured into English music with Arista Records, winning the Best Indian Act at the 2020 MTV Europe Music Awards with his single 'Control.' His television appearances have further broadened his appeal. Armaan's journey reflects his talent, dedication, and ability to blend Indian heritage with global sounds.

Shaan: The Melodious Maestro of Indian Entertainment

01 Dec 2023  |  theceo.in
Shantanu Mukherjee, known as Shaan, is a prominent figure in the Indian entertainment industry with a net worth of 21 million dollars. Born into a musical family in Mumbai, he began his career with jingles and albums, achieving success with 'Tanha Dil' and 'Aksar.' Shaan's playback singing debut was in 'Pyaar Mein Kabhi Kabhi,' and he has since become one of the highest-paid playback singers in Indian cinema. He has hosted 'Sa Re Ga Ma Pa,' judged talent shows, and acted in films. Shaan also serves on the Board of Advisors for I.I.M.U.N. and has received numerous awards for his contributions to music and entertainment.

‘Obliterated’ Netflix Series Review - A Cocktail of Chaos or Comedic Catastrophe?

30 Nov 2023  |  moviesr.net
'Obliterated,' a Netflix series created by Jon Hurwitz, Hayden Schlossberg, and Josh Heald, premiered on November 30th, offering a blend of action, comedy, and drama set in Las Vegas. The show follows a team of elite soldiers who, after a wild celebration, must sober up to save the city from a real bomb threat. Starring Shelley Hennig, Nick Zano, and Terrence Terrell, the series attempts to balance action and satire but struggles with tone consistency and falls into stereotypes. Despite its flaws, 'Obliterated' is praised for its energy and humor, though it leaves a desire for more depth in its narrative.

Corporate Storytelling Must Push Beyond Informing To Acting

07 Jul 2023  |  Forbes
Corporate storytelling should go beyond merely informing to inciting action. Unlike journalism, which aims to inform, corporate storytelling must generate emotional energy that prompts the audience to act differently. Effective corporate storytelling involves ending stories with clear actions, providing change assistance, and using relatable stories from the audience's environment. The article emphasizes the importance of storytelling in achieving business goals and driving change within organizations.

Top Cars in 2023 in India

01 Jan 2023  |  www.theceo.in
The automotive landscape in India for 2023 is set to feature a diverse array of vehicles, each showcasing innovation, style, and performance. Highlighted models include the Tata Nexon, Tata Punch, Suzuki Swift, Mahindra Thar, Hyundai Creta, Maruti Suzuki Brezza, Kia Seltos, Toyota Fortuner, Mahindra XUV700, and Renault Arkana. These cars represent a blend of cutting-edge technology and captivating design, catering to various preferences from off-road adventures to urban mobility and compact luxury.

An open letter to Scott Morrison

26 Mar 2022  |  The Saturday Paper
The article is an open letter to the former Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, criticizing his approach to climate change and environmental policy. The author, a high school student and climate activist, expresses disappointment over the Federal Court's decision to overturn a ruling that established a duty of care by the Environment minister to protect children from climate change harm. The author recounts personal experiences with pollution in India and challenges Morrison's actions and policies regarding climate change, fossil fuels, and international agreements. The letter calls for genuine climate action and responsibility, emphasizing the urgency and personal impact of the climate crisis. The author vows to continue fighting for a safer future and warns Morrison that the youth will remember his leadership when they eventually take his place.

Losing this court case feels like we’ve lost our chance for a safe future

15 Mar 2022  |  The Sydney Morning Herald
The article discusses the emotional response to a recent legal setback in a climate case involving young activists in Australia. The case, which was brought forward by a group of eight children, was dismissed by the Federal Court. The author expresses a deep sense of loss and frustration, equating the dismissal of the case to losing a chance to push the government on the climate crisis and secure a safe future. The decision was related to an appeal by Minister Sussan Ley against a previous finding that she had a duty of care to protect young Australians from climate change when assessing fossil fuel projects.

Storytelling: The Nudge To A New Identity

13 Jul 2021  |  Forbes
The article emphasizes the power of storytelling in shaping new identities within corporate settings, using the author's personal experience with Singapore Airlines as an example. It highlights the importance of creating a compelling narrative to drive intrinsic motivation and successful adoption of organizational changes. The author references James Clear's 'Atomic Habits' to illustrate how forming a new identity can lead to sustained effort and alignment among employees, ultimately facilitating desired transformations.

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