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Gurugram, India

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Ankur Gupta

Lost Nomad, living for the quaint sense of the world. A true believer of the 4th estate, Stern atheist, a bit taciturn and absolutely upright.

I've been writing poems and short stories from the time when I was 8. Writing in an informed manner, truthful and comprehensible manner is what I believe in. I wrote articles for College Newsletter regarding various topics including Student Politics, Academic Administration, Social Services, etc.

I've been working as a freelance content writer for about eleven months now for Consurgys Media Group in New Delhi, India; and I can manage web content, basic technical writing, article and blogs, speech writing, skit script editing and report writing. That's the whole spectrum of my services.

Vocabulary, Quality, Grammar are the unmatched aspects of my writing. If you're looking only for absolute quality and professionalism you'll get them from me.

Available 5-6 hours every day; capable of at least 1500 words per day.


English Hindi

This was a part of Creative writing project that I had taken up for an upcoming Startup. Some of these articles were based on researches done on various online survey results and some were research pieces aligned to the products and services offered by my employer. However I can't produce any other proofs of my journalistic content as all of it has been freelance and I have no information as to where were any of those posted.

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