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Anmol Irfan

Lahore, Pakistan
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About Anmol
Anmol Irfan is a journalist based in Lahore, Pakistan. She has a BA in History from the London School of Economics. She is also the Founder of Perspective Magazine, an online magazine and community platform that seeks to empower marginalised voices and unheard stories in Pakistan. 
Her writing interests lie in feminist politics, the intersection of culture and politics and giving voice to minority rights.
English Urdu
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A city suffocated: How smog is choking Pakistan's Lahore

26 Dec 2023  |  newarab.com
Lahore, Pakistan is facing a severe smog crisis, with the AQI reaching hazardous levels. The smog is particularly affecting vulnerable groups such as children, the elderly, and low-income communities who lack access to quality healthcare. Temporary measures like air purifiers are seen as benefiting only the privileged, while the government's response has been criticized as hasty and ineffective. Health experts highlight the increased health risks, including respiratory and heart diseases, especially for those with pre-existing conditions. The article emphasizes the need for inclusive solutions that consider all citizens.

A city suffocated: How smog is choking Pakistan's Lahore

26 Dec 2023  |  newarab.com
Lahore, Pakistan, is facing a severe smog crisis, with the AQI reaching hazardous levels. The smog is particularly affecting vulnerable groups such as children, the elderly, and low-income communities who lack access to quality healthcare. Temporary measures by the city government have been criticized, and experts argue for more sustainable urban development that accommodates public transport and non-car commuters. The crisis highlights the disproportionate impact on marginalized groups and the need for inclusive solutions.

I stopped relying on other people to make plans – as a woman in Pakistan, that’s no small thing

10 Apr 2023  |  theguardian.com
Anmol Irfan shares her journey of personal growth as she breaks away from the cultural norm in Pakistan of women not socializing in public alone. She describes her experience of attending events by herself, both in London and Pakistan, as a private revolution that helped her get to know herself better and gain confidence. Despite the initial discomfort and societal expectations, she finds that people mostly admire her independence.

4 ways leaders can better support Muslims observing Ramadan

29 Mar 2023  |  fastcompany.com
As Muslims worldwide begin Ramadan, the article suggests four ways for leaders to support Muslim employees: creating workplace awareness about Ramadan, making office spaces friendly for Ramadan practices, accommodating remote or flexible working, and planning for Eid holidays. It emphasizes the importance of not placing the burden of creating accommodations solely on Muslim employees and highlights the role of senior management in fostering an inclusive environment. The article includes insights from DEI expert Fahim Islam, consultant Nadia Rahman, LMF network founder Sonya Barlow, and SThree's Gemma Branney.

We need action on ‘loss and damage’ now

05 Nov 2022  |  newint.org
As the UN climate summit approaches, activists emphasize the need for action on loss and damage caused by climate change. Countries in the Global South, such as Pakistan and Bangladesh, are advocating for financial compensation from those responsible for the climate crisis. The concept of 'climate reparations' is gaining traction among civil society, with the Global North facing pressure to accept accountability for historical emissions. Despite terminology shifts and the introduction of the 'polluter pays' principle, wealthier countries have been reluctant to establish a separate fund for loss and damage. The recent floods in Pakistan highlighted the inadequacy of international aid, prompting calls for true reparations that address systemic power imbalances and include frontline communities in negotiations.

The Human Impact of the Global Refugee Crisis Must Be Understood—And Acted Upon

06 Oct 2022  |  nonprofitquarterly.org
The global refugee crisis and its human impact are exacerbated by systemic racism and differential treatment by global powers, particularly in the context of the Ukrainian refugee situation compared to refugees from other regions. The article critiques the double standards in asylum policies, such as the US's acceptance of Ukrainian refugees versus its restrictions on refugees from the Middle East, Haiti, and Mexico. It highlights the role of media and political narratives in shaping public opinion and policies towards refugees. The piece also discusses the lack of sustainable resettlement policies and the need for a holistic approach to address the crisis, including better education and engagement with host communities.

Why Pakistan’s abortion laws need to be better understood

17 Jun 2022  |  newarab.com
Pakistan has one of the highest abortion rates in the world, with a significant increase from 2002 to 2012. Despite being a taboo topic, the reality is that most abortion-seeking women in Pakistan are married and over the age of 25, often using it as a family planning method. The lack of proper healthcare resources and awareness has led to unsafe, back-alley abortions, causing severe complications for many women. Contraception drives are rare, and healthcare workers often lack education in reproductive health. Pakistan's laws, revised in 1990, allow abortions to save a woman's life or for 'necessary treatment' before the formation of fetal organs, and only to save the woman's life after organ formation. However, the lack of conversation and understanding about these laws means that many women, like Fatima, a domestic cleaner, struggle to access safe reproductive healthcare. Advocates for abortion rights support more autonomy for women over their bodies and suggest integrating secret clinics into the healthcare system to provide safe abortion practices.

Why democracy has little real presence in Pakistani politics

21 Apr 2022  |  newarab.com
Imran Khan was ousted as Prime Minister of Pakistan through a vote of no-confidence on April 11, marking another instance of political instability in the country's history. The opposition, led by PPP, PML-N, and JUI, formed the Pakistan Democratic Movement and, with defectors from Khan's PTI, succeeded in removing him. Despite Khan's claims of offering an alternative to dynastic politics, his rise and fall reflect the enduring influence of established political narratives. Experts argue that Pakistani politics is dominated by a few families and that the illusion of choice is maintained for the public's benefit. The country's history of laws targeting religious minorities and the use of emotional appeals in politics are cited as evidence of the weak presence of democracy. The article also touches on the role of social media in amplifying political discourse and the recurring patterns of military intervention and dismissal of prime ministers.

Some organizations and leaders are trying to make coworking spaces more inclusive. Here's what they say needs to change.

01 Nov 2021  |  businessinsider.com
Coworking spaces have faced criticism for lack of diversity and inclusion, with The Wing experiencing accusations of discrimination. Organizations like the Coworking IDEA Project and the Haven Collection are addressing these issues by setting small, achievable DEI goals and focusing on working parents. The IDEA Project encourages monthly challenges to promote inclusivity, while the Haven Collection offers coworking with childcare and fitness facilities. Industry leaders emphasize the importance of considering invisible disabilities and centering trans and nonbinary voices in coworking spaces.

Cleaning up Karachi's beaches

20 Oct 2021  |  newarab.com
The Last Earthlings, a student-led initiative co-founded by Nabila Zahra and Shaheer Tariq, organizes weekly beach cleanups in Karachi, Pakistan, to combat plastic pollution and raise awareness about the climate crisis. The group has grown from 15 friends to over 150 volunteers, collecting 20 tonnes of litter in 70 cleanups. Pakistan is the fifth most vulnerable country to climate change, and with government inaction, grassroots efforts like these are becoming increasingly important. Volunteers, including young students and even an 8-year-old, are motivated by the desire to make a difference and are learning about their individual impact on the environment. The movement reflects the broader engagement of youth in climate action globally.


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