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Lagos, Nigeria

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FM4 / Osterreichischer Rundfunk

Anna Cunningham

Anna Cunningham is a freelance foreign correspondent based in Lagos, Nigeria since 2014.  She has been a broadcast journalist for 19 years, previously 10 years staff with the BBC before going freelance. 

During her time in Nigeria she has reported from the restive Northeast of the country on the Boko Haram conflict and also covered the kidnap of the missing Chibok schoolgirls from day 1.  She also covered the Nigerian Presidential elections of 2015.  Anna has a solid knowledge of the political and social complexities of Nigeria as well as the Boko Haram crisis. 

As a senior broadcast journalist Anna was previously based in Paris, France (2012-2014) and also Mumbai, India (2009-2012).  

Anna is well versed at TV standups for breaking news, and has a clear signal using Skype. She can also edit TV packages using final cut pro and has previously filmed short and long term TV packages herself.  

Anna can turn around radio voicers and packages and is adept at longer form radio documentaries.

Anna has also written articles for both news and features online, newspapers and magazines.



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