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Anna Fifield

Seoul, South Korea
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About Anna
I am the Tokyo Bureau Chief for The Washington Post, covering Japan and the Koreas. 

My special interest in North Korea -- I have been there a dozen times and follow news from North Korea very closely -- but I am available to talk about all news in Japan, South Korea and North Korea. 

I really enjoy doing broadcast work and have previously appeared on NPR, BBC, Fox News, TVNZ, CNN, MSNBC, Deutsche Welle and France 24, among others.
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Fact Checking

Henry Kissinger makes surprise visit to China, meets top diplomat

19 Jul 2023  |  Stars and Stripes
Henry Kissinger, the former U.S. Secretary of State, made an unannounced visit to Beijing, where he met with China's top diplomat, Wang Yi, and Defense Minister Li Shangfu. Wang Yi expressed a desire for U.S. policy towards China to reflect the diplomatic wisdom of Kissinger and the political courage of Nixon. The visit follows recent positive interactions between U.S. and Chinese officials, despite ongoing tensions and military near misses. Kissinger advocated for eliminating misunderstandings between the two nations, emphasizing the negative consequences of potential conflict. The State Department was aware of Kissinger's visit, which was mentioned during Secretary Blinken's recent trip to China.

Henry Kissinger makes surprise visit to China, meets top diplomat

18 Jul 2023  |  Washington Post
Henry Kissinger made a surprise visit to China, meeting with top diplomat Wang Yi and Defense Minister Li Shangfu. The visit follows Secretary of State Antony Blinken's recent trip to Beijing. Wang Yi emphasized the importance of diplomatic wisdom and political courage in U.S.-China relations, while Li Shangfu expressed hope for healthy and stable development between the two countries. Kissinger highlighted the need to eliminate misunderstandings and avoid treating each other as opponents. The State Department was aware of Kissinger's visit, which he undertook as a private citizen.

Twenty-Five Million Prisoners

08 Apr 2022  |  www.almendron.com
Kim Jong-Un has managed to maintain his totalitarian rule over North Korea for a decade, defying expectations of collapse. Despite facing significant challenges, including international sanctions and the COVID-19 pandemic, Kim has used a combination of cruelty and strategic calculation to secure his control. The pandemic has exacerbated the already dire conditions in North Korea, with severe shortages in food and medical supplies. The regime's strict border controls have further isolated the country, cutting off economic lifelines and worsening the humanitarian crisis. The article questions whether this crisis could lead to significant change in North Korea, but remains cautious about predicting the regime's downfall.

Twenty-five million prisoners

08 Apr 2022  |  El País México
Kim Jong-Un has defied expectations by maintaining his grip on North Korea for over a decade, despite numerous challenges including international sanctions and internal skepticism. The COVID-19 pandemic has posed an unprecedented existential threat to his regime, exacerbating the country's already dire healthcare and economic conditions. North Korea's strict border closures have further isolated the nation, cutting off essential trade and worsening food and medical shortages. The article underscores the severe hardships faced by the North Korean population and questions whether this crisis might finally lead to significant change.

Veteran China Reporters on Increasing Restrictions on Journalists — and the Toll on Truth

19 Oct 2020  |  niemanreports.org
Veteran journalists discussed the increasing restrictions on foreign journalists in China and the implications for truth-telling during a virtual talk at the Nieman Foundation. They compared the challenges of reporting in China to North Korea, highlighted the importance of coverage on Xinjiang's internment camps, and the role of Chinese journalists in covering stories within China. The discussion also touched on the impact of Chinese nationalism and propaganda on public opinion and the difficulties of reporting from Hong Kong. Despite the challenges, the journalists emphasized the importance of foreign media presence in China for a nuanced global understanding of the country.

China is building vast new detention centers for Muslims in Xinjiang

24 Sep 2020  |  nationthailand.com
China has constructed new high-security detention facilities in Xinjiang, capable of housing over 10,000 people, despite claims of winding down its 'reeducation' efforts against the Uighur minority. The Australian Strategic Policy Institute has identified at least 60 such sites, indicating a shift to more permanent forms of detention. International condemnation, including from the United States, has labeled the treatment of Uighurs as human rights abuses, with some officials considering it a form of genocide. The Chinese government has denied these allegations, framing the camps as necessary for combating extremism. The situation in Xinjiang remains tense, with visible signs of repression and control over the Uighur population.

Top 21: Panicked About President Trump Going ‘Postal’ But Fine With ‘Peaceful’ Protests

02 Sep 2020  |  Newsbusters
The article highlights a compilation of biased media coverage against Donald Trump and conservatives, focusing on the portrayal of Trump's actions regarding mail-in ballots and the handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. It criticizes various news outlets and hosts for their negative depiction of Trump and his administration, including accusations of racism and incompetence. The piece also comments on the portrayal of protests and the Republican National Convention, suggesting a double standard in media reporting.

China vows to retaliate after U.S. orders closure of its consulate in Houston

22 Jul 2020  |  Chron
The United States has ordered the closure of China's consulate in Houston, escalating diplomatic tensions between the two largest global economies. Beijing vowed to retaliate, potentially targeting the U.S. Consulate in Wuhan. The closure is part of broader conflicts encompassing trade, technology, and espionage, with the U.S. accusing China of intellectual property theft and intimidating Chinese nationals in the U.S. The State Department cited the need to protect American intellectual property and private information. The Justice Department recently indicted two Chinese hackers for stealing from U.S. firms conducting coronavirus research. Analysts suggest bilateral relations are at their worst since 1979, and the situation could escalate into a new Cold War if tensions continue to rise.

Beijing’s summer is more oppressive than usual, but most prefer the heat over the virus

22 Jul 2020  |  Washington Post
Beijing is experiencing an unusually oppressive summer, with residents adapting to the heat in various ways, such as wearing 'Beijing bikinis' and drinking cold beer. Despite the discomfort, many prefer the heat over the threat of the coronavirus.

China Sanctions Lockheed Martin Over Taiwan Arms Sales

15 Jul 2020  |  www.realcleardefense.com
China announced it would impose sanctions on Lockheed Martin in response to the Trump administration's decision to supply arms to Taiwan. The specific measures were not detailed, and Lockheed Martin's exposure to China is minimal. This action follows sanctions against four American officials and escalates tensions between Beijing and Washington.

Kim Jong-un’s secret weapons: his wife, his sister and ‘Pyonghattan’ millennials

18 Aug 2019  |  South China Morning Post
Kim Jong-un has maintained control over North Korea by fostering both loyalty and fear, allowing limited economic freedoms and creating a sense of improved living standards among the elite. His wife, Ri Sol-ju, and sister, Kim Yo-jong, play significant roles in his regime, with Ri presenting a modern, approachable image and Kim Yo-jong managing propaganda. The elite in Pyongyang, or 'Pyonghattan', enjoy a lifestyle with access to global brands and modern amenities, reflecting Kim's strategy to keep the younger generation loyal. Despite these changes, the regime remains highly controlled and repressive.

Escape from North Korea: defectors risk all on a perilous trek

15 Sep 2017  |  South China Morning Post
North Korean defectors risk their lives to escape the oppressive regime of Kim Jong-un, undertaking perilous journeys through China, Vietnam, and Laos to reach safety in Thailand and eventually South Korea. The escapees face numerous dangers, including repatriation, harsh weather, and treacherous terrain. A network of brokers and activists, often defectors themselves, facilitate these escapes, with some financed by Christian organizations. The South Korean embassy in Bangkok plays a crucial role in processing and transferring defectors to Seoul. Despite the hardships, the defectors' determination to reach freedom underscores the severe conditions in North Korea.

The worst mass murder in Japan in 70 years has left 19 people dead and 45 injured at a facility for the disabled near Tokyo. Washington Post correspondent Anna Fifield joins Checkpoint.

We asked people on the street in Pyongyang, North Korea, about Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

06 May 2016  |  www.washingtonpost.com
During the coverage of North Korea's Workers' Party congress, reporters were only shown the exterior of the building and used the opportunity to ask Pyongyang residents about their views on American politics, specifically their opinions on Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

MSNBC's Daily Rundown Bipartisan gun bill expected to fail in Senate The Financial Times’ Anna Fifield, former RNC Chairman Michael Steele, and former Rep. Jane Harman, D-Calif., join The Daily Rundown to talk about the upcoming Senate vote on the gun bill.

Political Panel: Debt dilemma

16 May 2012  |  www.msnbc.com
Anna Fifield from The Financial Times, Patti Solis Doyle, former 2008 Hillary Clinton Campaign Manager, and Rob Johnson, former campaign manager for Rick Perry and Newt Gingrich, discuss the ongoing debt talks on Capitol Hill.

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