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Anna Fifield

I am the Tokyo Bureau Chief for The Washington Post, covering Japan and the Koreas. 

My special interest in North Korea -- I have been there a dozen times and follow news from North Korea very closely -- but I am available to talk about all news in Japan, South Korea and North Korea. 

I really enjoy doing broadcast work and have previously appeared on NPR, BBC, Fox News, TVNZ, CNN, MSNBC, Deutsche Welle and France 24, among others.



The worst mass murder in Japan in 70 years has left 19 people dead and 45 injured at a facility for the disabled near Tokyo. Washington Post correspondent Anna Fifield joins Checkpoint.


May 6, 2016 10:56 AM EDT - We planned on covering North Korea's Workers' Party congress, but were shown only the outside of the building where it would take place. With time to kill, we asked a few residents of Pyongyang about a different sort of politics happening half a world away. (Jason Aldag, Anna Fifield / The Washington Post)



NPR's Morning Edition: North Korea Declares It Conducted A Hydrogen Bomb Test January 7, 2016 Renee Montagne talks to Washington Post reporter Anna Fifield about North Korea's claim. The announcement, which hasn't been confirmed by international experts, followed a magnitude 5.1 earthquake.



NPR's Morning Edition, February 12, 2016 Industrial Park Is A Pawn In Korea Relations Tensions between North and South Korea over the North's nuclear and missile tests shut down a joint industrial park. Mary Louise Kelly talks to Anna Fifield of The Washington Post.


MSNBC's Daily Rundown Bipartisan gun bill expected to fail in Senate The Financial Times’ Anna Fifield, former RNC Chairman Michael Steele, and former Rep. Jane Harman, D-Calif., join The Daily Rundown to talk about the upcoming Senate vote on the gun bill.


MSNBC morning show The Daily Rundown Political Panel: Debt dilemma The Financial Times’ Anna Fifield, Patti Solis Doyle, who was the 2008 Hillary Clinton Campaign Manager, and Rob Johnson, who ran both Rick Perry and Newt Gingrich’s presidential campaigns, talk about the debt talks taking place on Capitol Hill.



The controversy around The Interview is a top story in the U.S., but those in North Korea have no knowledge of the film. I went on NPR's All Things Considered to talk about that.



North Korea has a notorious reputation. I spoke to NPR's Arun Rath about my recent reporting trip to North Korea and what I was able to see.

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