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Anna Richards

Lyon, France
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About Anna
A journalist based in Lyon, France, covering travel and the outdoors in Lyon and the rest of the country.
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The Best Sports Bras for Hiking 2023

14 Jun 2024  |  outdoorsmagic.com
The article reviews the best sports bras for hiking in 2023, emphasizing the importance of proper support to prevent breast sagging and tissue damage. It categorizes sports bras by intensity levels and provides detailed reviews of ten top picks, including brands like Brooks, BAM, Patagonia, Skins, Runderwear, and Under Armour. Each review highlights the bra's material, support level, design features, and suitability for various activities. The Brooks Drive 3 Pocket Run Bra is particularly praised for its high-intensity support and practical design features.

Am I addicted to my fitness tracker? How to tell

04 Jun 2024  |  www.stylist.co.uk
Explores whether fitness tracker apps serve as motivational tools or if they have become another form of social media, potentially leading to unhealthy behaviors.

Emily In Paris: what is the reality of expat dating in France?

27 May 2024  |  www.stylist.co.uk
Explores the reality of expat dating in France, comparing it to the romanticized portrayal in the TV show 'Emily In Paris'.

The Main Street Lending Program is Now Operational for Loans to Nonprofit Organizations

16 May 2024  |  www.jdsupra.com
The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston has announced that the Main Street Lending Program is now fully operational and accepting loan submissions from eligible nonprofit organizations. This program, which has been available to for-profit businesses since July 6, 2020, offers financial assistance to small and medium-sized businesses and nonprofits that were financially stable before the COVID-19 pandemic.

What Is Ecotourism? Definition, Pros and Cons

15 May 2024  |  mpora.com
Ecotourism, distinct from sustainable travel, involves traveling to better understand and preserve ecosystems, animals, or cultures. While it can educate and fund conservation, it also poses challenges, such as the environmental impact of long-distance travel. The article emphasizes the importance of thorough research to avoid greenwashing and highlights the economic benefits ecotourism can bring to destinations like Madagascar and Costa Rica. Ecotourism can be rewarding and educational if done correctly, even without traveling far.

12 Alternative Winter Activities To Try In The French Alps

19 Apr 2024  |  mpora.com
The French Alps offer a variety of alternative winter activities beyond skiing and snowboarding, including ice diving in Val Thorens, skijoring in Ancelle, speedriding in Val d'Isère, llama sledding in Briançon, snowkiting in Champsaur, bobsleigh in La Plagne, snowshoeing in Megève, husky sledding in Chamonix, and winter mountaineering in Écrins. These activities cater to different levels of adventure and provide unique ways to experience the region during the winter season.

How To Cut Out Single-Use Waste

13 Apr 2024  |  outdoorsmagic.com
The article provides tips for zero-waste hiking, emphasizing preparation, choosing sustainable food sources, and using reusable containers. It suggests planning meals with non-perishable, lightweight, and nutritious foods, and highlights the importance of proper waste disposal and foraging with knowledge. The piece recommends resources like Eco Thrifty Living for locating zero-waste stores and John Wright's 'The Forager's Calendar' for UK hikers. It also suggests durable products like Hydro Flask and Nalgene bottles, and natural alternatives for toiletries available at Holland and Barrett.

Best Base Layers for Women 2024

12 Apr 2024  |  outdoorsmagic.com
The article reviews various women's base layers suitable for cold weather and outdoor activities. It provides detailed assessments of each product's weight, material, and performance features such as moisture-wicking, temperature regulation, and design elements like thumb loops and ventilation. The review highlights the Páramo Women’s Grid Technic as the best buy, noting its lightweight and effective temperature regulation. Other products from brands like BAM, Finisterre, Howies, Megmeister, Artilect, Jack Wolfskin, Smartwool, and Mammut are also evaluated for their performance in different conditions, with a focus on their suitability for activities like hiking, cycling, and snow sports.

Best Hiking Trails In France

04 Apr 2024  |  mpora.com
France offers over 60,000 kilometers of hiking trails, including the challenging GR 20 in Corsica, the scenic Cirque de Saint-Même in Chartreuse, and the rugged GR 54 in Écrins National Park. The coastal GR 34 in Brittany, the vineyard-rich Juliénas Loop in Beaujolais, and the diverse trails in Jura Regional Park provide varied hiking experiences. The Cirque de Gavarnie in the Pyrénées, the limestone cliffs of Les Calanques de Cassis, the Tour du Mont Pourri in Vanoise National Park, and Le Moucherotte in Vercors Regional Park are other notable trails. The article highlights the unique features of each trail, including the potential for wildlife encounters, the availability of refuges, and the need for proper equipment and planning.

Paris is heading for an Olympic-sized disaster

01 Mar 2024  |  ca.style.yahoo.com
Paris faces multiple challenges ahead of the 2024 Olympic Games, including a bed bug infestation, strikes by bin collectors and SNCF workers, a rat problem, farmer protests, climate protests, and a housing crisis exacerbated by landlords evicting tenants to rent out properties at inflated prices. The city's homeless population is growing, and there are concerns about the transport system's ability to handle the influx of visitors, with Metro upgrades causing disruptions and ticket prices set to double. Efforts to clean up Paris's image include hotels hiring sniffer dogs to detect bed bugs and police addressing crack cocaine dealing, but there is a risk that the Olympics could damage Paris's reputation further.

Paris is heading for an Olympic-sized disaster

01 Mar 2024  |  yahoo.com
Paris faces multiple challenges as it prepares for the 2024 Olympic Games, including a bed bug infestation, strikes by bin collectors and SNCF workers, a rat problem, farmer protests, climate protests, and a housing crisis exacerbated by landlords evicting tenants to inflate rental prices. The city's high cost of living and homelessness are also concerns, with 44% of France's homeless population in Paris. The French government's advice to work from home during the Olympics to ease transport strain and the potential doubling of Metro ticket prices highlight the city's inadequate infrastructure. With recent riots and discontent among various groups, there's a risk that the Olympics could tarnish Paris's reputation rather than enhance it.

Where to stay during the Paris Olympics 2024

05 Oct 2023  |  ca.news.yahoo.com
Paris is preparing to host the Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2024, with events scheduled across France and its overseas territories. The article provides a guide to 12 recommended accommodations in Paris, highlighting their proximity to Olympic venues and unique features. From urban chic hotels to budget-friendly hostels, the options cater to various preferences and budgets, ensuring visitors can enjoy the Olympics comfortably.

Paris is heading for an Olympic-sized disaster

05 Oct 2023  |  sg.style.yahoo.com
Paris is facing numerous challenges as it prepares for the 2024 Olympic Games, including a bed bug infestation, strikes by bin collectors and transport workers, and a housing crisis exacerbated by short-term rentals. Protests by farmers and climate activists, along with concerns about the city's transport system and public health issues, add to the turmoil. Efforts to clean up the city's image are underway, but there are fears that the Games could harm Paris's reputation rather than enhance it.

How to wash your clothes while hiking and the 7 things you need

01 Oct 2023  |  Inverse
The article provides practical advice on how to wash clothes while hiking, emphasizing the importance of quick-drying fabrics and the use of biodegradable washing products. It recommends specific products like the Sea to Summit Lite Line for drying clothes, the Scrubba Portable Wash Bag for effective cleaning, and Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap for its versatility. Additional suggestions include the Sea to Summit Travelling Light Laundry Bag for storing dirty laundry, Gear Aid ReviveX Odor Eliminator for eliminating unpleasant smells, The Laundress Activewear Freshener as a temporary fix, and Nikwax Tech Wash for maintaining waterproof gear.

Lyon city guide: Where to eat, drink, shop and stay in France’s gastronomic capital

01 Oct 2023  |  The Independent
Lyon, France's gastronomic capital, offers a rich blend of historical and modern attractions, from its Baroque cathedral and Michelin-starred restaurants to vibrant street art and contemporary galleries. Visitors can explore the city's art scene, enjoy its parks, and experience its unique culinary offerings, including traditional bouchons and fine dining at Paul Bocuse. The city also boasts a variety of accommodations, from budget hostels to chic suites, and numerous shopping opportunities, including silk scarves and vintage clothing. Lyon's efficient public transport and cycling options make it easy to navigate, and its festivals, such as the Festival of Lights, provide additional cultural experiences.

How The Naughty Victorians Fuelled Our Interest in Spanking

01 Oct 2023  |  FrolicMe
The article explores the intersection of spanking and erotic literature in the Victorian era, highlighting how cultural norms and societal pressures influenced the creation of such works. It delves into the contributions of notable figures like Algernon Charles Swinburne and George Augustus Sala, and their provocative writings that often masked real-life experiences. The narrative also examines fictional characters and scenarios from these works, illustrating the complex relationship between punishment and sexual desire in Victorian society.

The strange intimacy of flat-sharing

01 Oct 2023  |  The Spectator
The article reflects on the challenges and societal shifts experienced by young professionals in the context of flat-sharing and the housing crisis. It critiques the illusion of individualism and highlights the importance of community and permanence amidst the chaos of modern life. The narrative underscores the dissonance between societal values and fundamental human needs, advocating for the cultivation of lasting relationships and community as a response to the transient nature of contemporary living.

Les Assembleurs Review

09 Sep 2023  |  The Infatuation
Les Assembleurs in Lyon offers an evening experience with tapas and a variety of wines on tap, encouraging patrons to mix their own blends. The menu features infographics and illustrations to guide on origins and tasting notes, with bartenders available to assist. The lively atmosphere, both indoors and on the terrace, complements the lavish cheese boards and other lactose-heavy options available until closing time.

La Mère Brazier Review

09 Sep 2023  |  The Infatuation
La Mère Brazier, established in 1921 and once awarded six Michelin stars, currently holds two and is a cornerstone of Lyon's gastronomy. The restaurant's multi-course menus pay homage to the city's culinary heritage, featuring dishes such as cervelle de canut, artichokes with foie gras, and a protected breed of marbled chicken cooked in a nutty yellow wine.

How to organize a trek along the Transcaucasian Trail

01 May 2023  |  Lonely Planet Italia
The article provides a detailed guide on how to organize a trek along the Transcaucasian Trail, which spans 1500 km through Georgia and Armenia, with an extension to Azerbaijan planned. The author shares personal experiences and tips for trekking the Armenian section, emphasizing the need for preparation, including downloading maps and GPS files, carrying sufficient water, and being self-sufficient with food and camping gear. The article also highlights the importance of choosing the right time of year, the warmth of Armenian hospitality, and the mental challenges of the trek.

How I Stay Safe While Hitchhiking Solo as a Woman

02 Dec 2022  |  fodors.com
The author discusses her experiences with hitchhiking solo as a woman, emphasizing the practicality, cost-effectiveness, social benefits, and environmental friendliness of hitchhiking. She shares safety tips such as planning the starting spot, dressing appropriately, making a sign, and always informing someone about travel plans. The author acknowledges the risks involved but provides strategies to minimize them, such as trusting one's gut and avoiding hitchhiking in the dark. For those not ready to hitchhike, she suggests carpooling sites like Blablacar, Share Your Ride, and Waze Carpool as alternatives.

Mon Dieu! These Are the Most Haunted Châteaux in France

02 Sep 2022  |  www.fodors.com
The article describes various haunted châteaux in France, detailing the ghost stories and legends associated with each location. These include Château de Fougeret, where ghosts are said to interact with guests; Château de Veauce, haunted by the ghost of a servant girl named Lucie; Versailles, with its royal specters; Château de Commarque, haunted by the ghost of a horse; Château de Trécesson, with its eternal card players and a White Lady; Château d'Olhain, where a pilgrim's ghost appears; Château de Brissac, haunted by the green lady Charlotte de Brézé; Château de Blandy-Les-Tours, which becomes haunted on All Saints' Day; and the ruined Château des Noyers, which experienced poltergeist activity and a mysterious fire.

The 8 essential gadgets every festival-goer needs in their bag

01 Aug 2022  |  inverse.com
The article lists eight essential gadgets for festival-goers, including earplugs, a handheld fan, a portable Bluetooth speaker, light-up shoes, a solar-powered battery pack, a portable shower and sink, a portable espresso machine, and a mesh network device for communication. It also recommends the Tent Finder app for locating one's tent. These products are suggested to enhance the festival experience by addressing common challenges such as noise, heat, device charging, hygiene, and communication.

How to choose a smartwatch for cycling and 7 of the best to buy

13 Jun 2022  |  Inverse
Smartwatches are valuable tools for cyclists, offering features like heart rate monitoring, GPS routing, and fitness tracking. The article provides guidance on choosing a smartwatch, emphasizing the importance of battery life, comfort, and specific cycling features. It reviews seven top smartwatches: Garmin Fenix 6x Pro, Apple Watch Series 7, Polar Vantage V2, Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, Amazfit T-Rex 2, Garmin Forerunner 745, and Fitbit Charge 4, highlighting their unique features and benefits for cycling enthusiasts.

Anna Richards

19 Apr 2022  |  Anna Richards
The author of the article shares a personal narrative about achieving their childhood dream of becoming a published writer. They recount moving to Lyon, France, with the goal of writing about travel and outdoor adventures, including a significant solo hike along the Armenian Transcaucasian Trail. The author humorously mentions unfulfilled 'dream jobs' but also highlights their accomplishments in the field of travel writing. These include receiving a Silver Award for Young Writer of the Year 2023 by AITO, being highly commended for a Specialist Travel Feature, and being shortlisted for other awards. They also announce the upcoming publication of their first guidebook, 'Paddling France,' with Bradt Guides, set to be published in March 2024.

The 9 best trekking poles for any hiking adventure

18 Mar 2022  |  inverse.com
Trekking poles are essential for reducing stress on legs and knees during backcountry adventures. They are useful for balance, especially on steep descents, river crossings, or unstable terrain. Poles should be adjustable to the hiker's height, made from durable materials like aluminum or lightweight carbon fiber, and come with grips that wick moisture. The article reviews nine trekking poles, highlighting their features, materials, and suitability for different hiking conditions. Brands like Black Diamond, Leki, and Decathlon are recommended for their quality and value, with specific models suited for various hiker preferences and terrains.

The 8 best hammocks for camping

11 Mar 2022  |  Inverse
Camping often involves sacrificing comfort, but hammocks offer a lightweight and practical alternative to tents, especially in rough or uneven terrain. The article reviews eight top hammocks, highlighting their features, benefits, and suitability for different camping needs. Sea to Summit's Pro Hammock Set is noted for its strength and light weight, while the Hennessy Hammock Ultralite Backpacker Asym Zip Hammock is praised for its versatility. The Lawson Blue Ridge Camping Hammock offers comfort but is heavier, and the Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest Hammock is lightweight and moisture-wicking. Ticket to the Moon's customizable hammocks, Tentsile's durable Safari Connect 2-Person Tree Tent, Decathlon's value-for-money Quechua Basic 1-Person Hammock, and Robens' lightweight Trace Ultimate Hammock Set are also recommended.

Why Are All the Streets in France Named After Men?

04 Mar 2022  |  www.fodors.com
In France, over 60% of streets are named after men, with only 6% honoring women. Lyon is addressing this gender imbalance, with 90% of new streets named after women since 2020. The city's history and expansion provide opportunities to honor notable women. Efforts include adding explanatory plaques to controversial street names and constructing statues of significant women. Campaigns like #NousToutes highlight gender violence and the underrepresentation of women in street names. Despite progress, achieving gender parity in street naming may take 100 years.

How to choose a water purifier or filter: These are the 7 you need for camping

24 Feb 2022  |  Inverse
Water is crucial for any adventure, and choosing the right water purifier or filter is essential. The article explains the differences between water filters and purifiers, highlighting the importance of understanding the water quality at your destination. It reviews various types of water filters, including bottle filters, straw filters, pump filters, and gravity filters, as well as purifiers like UV water purifiers and chemical purification tablets. The article recommends specific products such as the Sawyer Squeeze Water Filtration System, Platypus QuickDraw Microfilter, Katadyn BeFree Gravity Water Filtration System, MSR Guardian Purifier, Aquatabs, CrazyCap 2, and LifeStraw Go, detailing their features, advantages, and ideal use cases.

The 7 best camping stoves for every trip

04 Feb 2022  |  Inverse
Camping stoves are essential for outdoor cooking, offering various options like small canister stoves, integrated canister systems, liquid fuel stoves, and wood-burning stoves. The article reviews top picks, including the BioLite CampStove 2+, Jetboil MiniMo, MSR PocketRocket, and Optimus Nova, highlighting their features, suitability for different conditions, and user experiences. Each stove is praised for specific attributes, such as efficiency, compactness, and versatility, catering to different camping needs and preferences.

Cooking with wine grapes in Beaujolais, France

27 Jan 2022  |  thetakeout.com
In Beaujolais, France, wine is not only a drink but a staple ingredient in local cuisine. Restaurants like La Maison des Beaujolais offer wine-themed menus featuring dishes such as veal sweetbread mille-feuille and pike in Fleurie wine. Local products like Tomme du Beaujolais cheese, covered in grape skins, and saucisson au gène, a sausage also rolled in grape skins, showcase the region's tradition of using every part of the grape harvest. Sustainable winegrower Aurélien Burgaud emphasizes the importance of minimizing waste by incorporating oxidized wine into food. The region's culinary practices reflect a deep connection between the local produce and gastronomy.

STAT3 Signaling in Breast Cancer: Multicellular Actions and Therapeutic Potential

15 Jan 2022  |  MDPI
The review discusses the role of STAT3 signaling in breast cancer, highlighting its activation by IL-6 and IL-11 cytokines and its contribution to cancer progression, metastasis, and immune evasion. The authors examine pre-clinical studies and clinical trials targeting STAT3 signaling, including the use of small molecule inhibitors and monoclonal antibodies. They suggest that targeting the IL-6/IL-11/STAT3 axis could be a promising therapeutic strategy, particularly for triple-negative breast cancer, and call for further research to explore its clinical benefits.

Four Reasons Why Whistler is Our Favourite Spring Ski Destination

01 Jan 1970  |  suitcasemag.com
Whistler is highlighted as an ideal spring ski destination with extensive skiable terrain, convenient access from Vancouver, and a variety of amenities including the Scandinave Spa, boutique hotels like Summit Lodge and Fairmont Chateau Whistler, and diverse dining options such as Harajuku Izakaya and The Green Moustache Organic Café. The article emphasizes the relaxed atmosphere, reduced prices, and fewer crowds later in the season, making it a perfect time for skiing and enjoying the local après-ski culture.

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