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Annabella Stieren

Annabella is a multimedia journalist from Berlin with a background in politics and psychology. She has lived and worked as a journalist in Europe and the Middle East mostly reporting about conflict, politics, migration, human rights and global economy. 

In 2016, Annabella was selected for the Reporters in the Field Fellowship from Robert Bosch Foundation and produced a multimedia story about bedtime stories for children refugees which was published in Der Spiegel. She has been awarded the Grenzgänger fellowship in 2016 to direct her first feature documentary in China.


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Tourists are pushing students and locals out of Amsterdam´s city centre. Universities claim that the city is already facing a shortage of 12,000 student homes. Private Student Hotels are offering new solutions, hosting students and tourists under one roof. But not everybody is convinced.


Eviction of the Calais Refugee Camp poses threat for unaccompanied minors


CCTV Documentary Channel: Maritime Silk Road with Guao Chuan.


A feature story about a British banker who joined the Kurdish YPG to fight ISIS.


Syrian Children in Europe


SPIEGEL: Bedtime Stories for Refugees: "PLÖTZLICH ERSCHIEN EIN SEHR GUTER MANN" Part 1 out of 4 - Multimedia story with bedtime stories for children refugees collected in camps across Europe.

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