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Anne Macharia

Nairobi, Kenya
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About Anne
Hello there, fellow enthusiasts of the media world! I am Anne, your versatile companion in the realm of on-camera online experiences, live phoners for radio and TV, captivating audio packages, riveting interviews, and engaging documentary films. As a skilled fixer and field producer, I thrive in curating immersive content that captivates and informs audiences. With a kindled passion for crafting captivating stories, I am here to bring your vision to life, seamlessly blending creativity and expertise.
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Stop harassing men over property, Kiambu women told

01 Oct 2023  |  Nation
Men in Kabete and Kikuyu sub-counties of Kiambu County face harassment and violence from women and children over property disputes, with some cases leading to death. Deputy County Commissioner Elias Kithaura urged peaceful resolution methods and highlighted the plight of men living in deplorable conditions. During an event organized by Naitare County Empowerment Group, Kithaura called for increased government support for the elderly, while Duncan Njoroge urged the youth to assist the elderly. Aga Khan Hospital provided free medical services at the event.

Africa Matters: Kenya Cult probe widens.

When dumped in landfills, paper is one of the worst contributors to greenhouse gasses. Two brothers in Kenya are saving old newspapers from that fate by turning them into pencils that feel like they're made with real wood.

The pencil has been used to put thoughts on paper for centuries. From scribbles and doodles to ideas and inventions,the humble writing instrument has been crucial. And now a Kenyan company has found a way to make eco-friendly pencils instead of wood based

How Nelly Cheboi beat poverty to become a tech guru for Kenyan youth

01 Jul 2023  |  TRT World
Nelly Cheboi, who grew up in poverty in Kenya's Baringo County, has been recognized for her efforts to combat poverty through technology education. After receiving a scholarship and studying in the US, she founded TechLit Africa, a nonprofit organization that recycles old computers to establish computer labs in Kenyan schools and teaches digital skills to children. Her work earned her the title of CNN’s Hero of the Year in December 2022. Cheboi's motivation stems from her own experiences of poverty and her desire to provide sustainable solutions for the youth in her village.

The Kenyan company turning trash into cash

10 Apr 2022  |  modernghana.com
Kenyan entrepreneurs Mohamud Omari and Rashid Omari founded Momo Pencils, a company that manufactures pencils from recycled newspaper. The pencils, which are water-resistant and longer-lasting, are sold to schools, corporate firms, and government agencies. Despite challenges in retail distribution, the company has focused on business-to-business sales and plans to diversify into pens, crayons, eye pencils, and theft-proof road signs. Momo Pencils also educates schoolchildren on environmental issues and has been recognized for its eco-friendly initiatives, including participation in the Green Pioneer Accelerator programme.

Deadly stampedes, high praise and harsh criticism mark mourning rites for Tanzanian President

25 Mar 2021  |  AFRO American Newspapers
The article covers the mourning rites for Tanzanian President John Pombe Magufuli, marked by deadly stampedes and mixed reactions. Magufuli, a controversial figure due to his COVID-19 skepticism and repressive policies, received both high praise and harsh criticism. Vice President Samia Suluhu Hassan was sworn in as the new president. The article highlights the public's divided opinions on Magufuli's legacy, the government's handling of COVID-19, and the hope for a better future under Suluhu's leadership.

14-Year-Old Girl ‘Sold’ to 64-Year-Old Kenyan Man

01 Jun 2020  |  AFRO American Newspapers
The article highlights the plight of young girls in Kenya being forced into child marriages due to financial hardships exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. It focuses on the stories of Maria Malaso and Cynthia Seeyian, who are resisting these pressures to continue their education. The article discusses the broader issue of child marriage in Kenya, citing statistics and expert opinions, and mentions the efforts of organizations like the Narok Girls Foundation and the Kenyan government's measures to combat this practice. The narrative underscores the urgent need for protecting young girls' rights and ensuring their access to education.

Memorable time for South Sudan girl at State House

28 Jun 2015  |  Nation
Athok Abuoi Chol, a 15-year-old South Sudanese refugee, reflects on her journey from a war-torn country to meeting President Uhuru Kenyatta and First Lady Margaret Kenyatta at State House, Nairobi. As part of the Pupils Reward Scheme (Pures) mentorship program, she was among the top-performing students in Kenya's KCPE 2014 exams. Athok, who aspires to become a neurosurgeon, shares her experiences of overcoming adversity and excelling academically, with her education sponsored by a refugee agency. Her story highlights the importance of hard work and determination, regardless of one's environment.

Kikuyu Town to be accessed after road redesigned

19 Nov 2014  |  Nation
The Southern Bypass will be redesigned to allow access to Kikuyu Town, preventing potential economic decline. The Kenya National Highways Authority and the Senate roads committee, including vice chairman Judith Sijeny and Kiambu Senator Wamatangi, are addressing the issue. The redesign aims to connect the town to the bypass and the Nairobi-Nakuru highway, responding to concerns that the current design could harm local businesses, similar to the situation previously experienced by Gilgil Town.

Kajwang visited Kikuyu, Kiambu County on a working tour hours before he died

19 Nov 2014  |  Nation
Homa Bay Senator Otieno Kajwang' was photographed with Kiambu Senator Kimani Wamatangi in Kikuyu Town, Kiambu County, during a Senate Roads Committee visit to inspect the southern bypass. The committee recommended constructing a one-lane road to enter the town, addressing concerns from residents and investors. Kajwang' appeared in good health and engaged with the public and officials. His sudden death shortly after the visit shocked many, with Senator Wamatangi expressing condolences and highlighting Kajwang's leadership and humour.

I won’t appear before Senate, says Kabogo

13 Nov 2014  |  Nation
Governor William Kabogo declared he will not appear before the Senate committee to answer questions on county fund usage, suggesting that any allegations should be reported to the police. Speaking in Limuru, he emphasized his accountability to the people of Kiambu, not the Senate, and criticized county assembly members for their statements. Kabogo highlighted the challenges faced by governors in establishing devolved government structures and announced plans to move his offices back to Kiambu town from Thika.

Malawi diplomat son killed close to university

26 Oct 2014  |  Nation
Chirwa, the son of a Malawi diplomat, was found dead with stab wounds in Manjiri Village, Tigoni, Limuru. He had been stabbed seven times on the collarbone and stomach. This incident is part of a recent increase in insecurity in Limuru, which has seen at least three people killed and more than ten injured, leading to a security meeting. Prof Galgalo informed Chirwa's parents about the death, describing him as a victim of circumstances at the hands of robbers.

Youths protest against county's bizarre bill

31 Oct 2013  |  nation.africa
Youths in Kiambu protested against a county bill proposing bizarre fees for services such as county cemeteries, church crusades, and animal slaughtering. They carried a mock coffin symbolizing the death of the bill. Ndeiya Ward representative Nelson Munga reassured residents that the county assembly members would prevent exorbitant charges.

Kiambu County Assembly reject death tax Finance Bill

02 Oct 2013  |  Nation
A financial crisis is looming in Kiambu as the County Assembly rejected the Finance Bill, citing lack of public participation and proposing bizarre and draconian levies. The bill, drafted by the county executive chaired by Governor William Kabogo, faced opposition from several ward representatives. The assembly has tasked County Finance Executive Mary Nguli to draft a new bill considering public and elected leaders' recommendations. The special assembly sitting was chaired by Speaker Nick Ndichu.

Lobby marks International Day of Older Persons with free medical camp

01 Oct 2013  |  nation.africa
Naitera Community Empowerment Programme, through its program manager Duncan Njoroge, emphasized the importance of caring for the elderly, highlighting their vulnerability and the neglect and abuse they face. The organization is set to release a research report on the plight of the elderly in Kiambu County. A free medical camp was organized in collaboration with Access Kenya International for over 600 elderly individuals from Kikuyu sub-county, providing them with food and medical services to commemorate the International Day of Older Persons.

Assembly rejects finance bill saying it lacked public input

25 Sep 2013  |  Nation
The Kiambu County Assembly rejected the 2013 Finance Bill due to a lack of public participation and the inclusion of controversial levies and taxes. The bill, drafted by the county executive led by Governor William Kabogo, faced opposition from elected ward representatives who deemed it inconsiderate of public needs. Finance Executive Mary Nguli was tasked with redrafting the bill, incorporating recommendations from various stakeholders. The rejection raises concerns about the legality of revenue collection in the county.

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